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Evidence Base

A journal of evidence reviews in key policy areas

Australia and New Zealand School of Government

Subject: Management


eISSN: 1838-9422



Effective and efficient committee work: A Systematic overview of multidisciplinary literatures
Cessation for smokers seeking treatment and advice from health care professionals in the hospital setting
Evaluations of post-disaster recovery: A review of practice material

VOLUME 2016 , ISSUE 3 (December 2016) - List of articles

Review of the effectiveness of predictive models for mesothelioma to identify lessons for asbestos-related policy

Alison Reid

Predictions of future cases of asbestos-related disease have been undertaken at a national level to inform government policy and planning for future health needs. In general, we can separate the methods used to predict future cases of mesothelioma into models that use a) direct or b) indirect estimates of asbestos exposure. Direct estimates are those that have been derived mostly for occupationally exposed cohorts, where airborne fibre levels were measured over time. Indirect estimates tend to b(..)

DOI: 10.21307/eb-2016-004

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