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Evidence Base

A journal of evidence reviews in key policy areas

Australia and New Zealand School of Government

Subject: Management


eISSN: 1838-9422



Effective and efficient committee work: A Systematic overview of multidisciplinary literatures
Cessation for smokers seeking treatment and advice from health care professionals in the hospital setting
Evaluations of post-disaster recovery: A review of practice material

VOLUME 2017 , ISSUE 2 (June 2017) - List of articles

Putting one-stop-shops into practice: A systematic review of the drivers of government service integration

Cosmo Howard

Abstract One-stop-shops (OSSs) are not a recent invention, but they are currently popular as governments attempt to address complaints about fragmentation in public service delivery. OSSs often struggle with multiple implementation problems. This review assesses ten years of research into government one-stop-shops, and seeks to determine drivers and barriers relevant to the adoption and implementation of OSSs in the public sector. OSS reforms are frequently promoted as win-win solutions, alleged(..)

DOI: 10.21307/eb-2017-002

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