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North American Journal of Medicine and Science

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Subject: Medicine


ISSN: 1946-9357
eISSN: 2156-2342



Concomitant 1q42.13-q44 Duplication and 14q32.33 Deletion: A Case Report and Review of Literature
Screening Genetic Alterations of Biomarkers BRAF, ROS-1, and HER2 by Immunohistochemistry in Ovarian Carcinomas for Targeted Therapy



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Volume 11 (2018)
Volume 10 (2017)
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VOLUME 10 , ISSUE 2 (April 2017) - List of articles

Fatigue Influence Factors and Coping Strategies among Cancer Patients’ Spouses: A Quantitative Study in China

Dazhi Yao/ Yanping Guo/ Shuai Yuan/ Quanzhi Zhang

The objective of this study aimed to: 1) identify how demographic variables, coping style, and psychological symptoms affect fatigue in Cancer Patients’ Spouses, and 2) explore the relationship between fatigue and coping style in cancer patients’ spouses. The methods used in this study include cross-sectional study design. 314 cancer patients’ spouses were recruited from the northeast part of China. Participants completed a socio-demographic form, Symptom Checklist-90, Trait Coping Style Questio(..)

DOI: 10.7156/najms.2017.1002045

Published Online: 25-May-2017

Screening Genetic Alterations of Biomarkers BRAF, ROS-1, and HER2 by Immunohistochemistry in Ovarian Carcinomas for Targeted Therapy

Xiaobing Deng/ Jian-Jun Wei/ Shengle Zhang

Ovarian neoplasms are group of aggressive and lethal diseases. Surgical and radiochemical therapies on ovarian neoplasm are conventional approaches but with limited progress in years. Targeted therapy with drugs targeting specific genetic alterations and/or protein molecules have brought new hope fighting against ovarian neoplasms. Targeted therapy on genetic alterations of BRAF, ROS-1 and HER2 have been carried out in melanoma, lung cancer and breast cancer with promising results. However, know(..)

DOI: 10.7156/najms.2017.1002053

Published Online: 17-July-2017

Concomitant 1q42.13-q44 Duplication and 14q32.33 Deletion: A Case Report and Review of Literature

Fang Xu/ Wei Fengxiang/ Brittany Grommisch/ Hui Z. Zhang/ Peining Li

Duplications of 1q concomitant with other chromosomal deletions are rare conditions in association with compound phenotypes. We present a case with a duplication of 1q42.13-q44 and a deletion at 14q32.33 and perform a comprehensive review on relevant cases of simple or concomitant duplications involving distal 1q42-qter region. The patient was a 1-year-old boy with delayed mental development, relative macrocephaly, brain and facial deformities, hypotonia, and minor dilation of ascending aorta. C(..)

DOI: 10.7156/najms.2017.1002056

Published Online: 17-July-2017

Transient Visual Loss Associated with the Factor V Leiden Mutation

Richard E Frye

Transient visual loss may be a manifestation of reduced ophthalamic or cortical perfusion or related to migraine or migraine equivalent phenomenon. Although transient and permanent loss of vision has been described in several hypercoagulable states, transient visual loss has not been described in patients with the Factor V Leiden mutation. In this report, we describe two patients this hypercoagulability state that presented to the emergency department with transient visual disturbance. Although (..)

DOI: 10.7156/najms.2017.1002061

Published Online: 25-May-2017

Nail Lacquer: A Common Artifact That May Go Unrecognized

Alexandra E. Reis/ Ajay N. Amarnani/ Christopher A. D’Angelis/ Thomas N. Helm

Nail specimens are being submitted with increased frequency to confirm a diagnosis of onychomycosis, diagnose an inflammatory dermatosis, or identify clues to an underlying neoplasm. Samples often are associated with a variety of lacquers (aka polish, varnish, enamel) or gels that may vary in their appearance. Some lacquers or gel polishes add challenges to maintaining an even plane of sectioning, obscure underlying findings, or separate from the nail in processing and be misinterpreted as terra(..)

DOI: 10.7156/najms.2017.1002065

Published Online: 11-May-2017

Porokeratosis Concurrent and Coexistent with Psoriasis Vulgaris

Melissa M. Helm/ Robert E. Kalb/ Mazin Dhafir

Disseminated superficial actinic porokeratosis is a rare photodistributed disorder that has occasionally been reported in association with psoriasis. Treatment of psoriasis with phototherapy may trigger the onset of porokeratosis in some cases. In other cases, the coexistence of these disorders may be coincidental. Clinical inspection of lesions of coexisting porokeratosis and psoriasis reveals increased erythema, diffuse and thickening of cornoid lamellae, as well as increased scale. These subt(..)

DOI: 10.7156/najms.2017.1002070

Published Online: 25-May-2017

Food Environment, Policy and Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Consumption in U.S. Adolescents

Liwei Chen

Increased consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) is a critical nutrition problem in the U.S. and has been identified as a key contributor to the current epidemic of obesity among adolescents. Up to date, little is known on how this high level of SSBs consumption can be reduced. Recently, environmental and policy interventions have been advocated as powerful strategies to address the epidemic. While there is a growing consensus that food environments and policies play important roles in (..)

DOI: 10.7156/najms.2017.1002073

Published Online: 25-May-2017

Adverse Effects and Safety of SGLT2 Inhibitor Use among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes: Findings from RCT Evidence

Huilin Tang/ Jingjing Zhang/ Yiqing Song

Sodium-glucose cotransporter 2 (SGTL2) inhibitors, a novel class of glucose-lowering agents, act in an insulin-independent manner by increasing urinary glucose excretion. In addition to reduce hyperglycemia, SGTL2 inhibitor exerts beneficial effects on cardiovascular risk factors (e.g., lower blood pressure and enhance weigh loss), which may confer additional health benefits for type 2 diabetes patients. The EMPA-REG OUTCOME trial showed that empagliflozin not only reduced the risk of major adve(..)

DOI: 10.7156/najms.2017.1002078

Published Online: 25-May-2017

Paradoxical Associations of Diabetes and Obesity with Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

Lu Wang/ Xi Zhang/ Yiqing Song

Abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA), defined as a localized dilatation of abdominal aorta, is a significant cause of morbidity and mortality in aging populations. AAA is a life-threatening disease mainly because of the high fatality rates associated with aneurysm rupture. Early detection of AAAs will provide patients an opportunity to receive medical therapy and undergo elective repair before aneurysm rupture. Historically, AAA is considered a macrovascular atherosclerotic disease. Classic risk fact(..)

DOI: 10.7156/najms.2017.1002083

Published Online: 25-May-2017

Associations of Phthalate Metabolites and Obesity-Related Metabolic Factors

Lu Wang/ Xi Zhang/ Yiqing Song

Diabetes and obesity have reached epidemic rates in most developed and developing countries. Over-nutrition and physical inactivity are established risk factors with key roles in the etiology of type 2 diabetes. However, these factors alone cannot fully account for either the rate or the magnitude with which diabetes has increased worldwide. Research on whether exposure to environmental endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) may be a preventable risk factor for diabetes development has attracted (..)

DOI: 10.7156/najms.2017.1002088

Published Online: 25-May-2017

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