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Statistics in Transition New Series

An International Journal of the Polish Statistical Association

Polish Statistical Association

Central Statistical Office of Poland

Subject: Economics , Statistics & Probability


ISSN: 1234-7655
eISSN: 2450-0291




VOLUME 21 , ISSUE 1 (March 2020) - List of articles

Estimation of finite population mean using two auxiliary variables under stratified random sampling

Rohini Yadav/ Rajesh Tailor

This paper addresses the problem of an alternative approach to estimating the population mean of the study variable with the help of the auxiliary variable under stratified random sampling. The properties of the suggested estimator have been studied under large sample approximation. It has been demonstrated that the suggested estimator is more efficient than other considered estimators. To judge the merits of the proposed estimator, an empirical study has been carried out to support the present (..)

DOI: 10.21307/stattrans-2020-001

Published Online: 18-March-2020

Parametric prediction of finite population total under Informative sampling and nonignorable nonresponse

Abdulhakeem Eideh

In this paper, we combine two methodologies used in the model-based survey sampling, namely the prediction of the finite population total, named T, under informative sampling and full response, see Sverchkov and Pfeffermann  (2004), and the prediction of T with a noninformative sampling design and the nonignorable nonresponse mechanism, see Eideh (2012). The former approach involves the dependence of the first order inclusion probabilities on the study variable, while the latter involves the dep(..)

DOI: 10.21307/stattrans-2020-002

Published Online: 18-March-2020

Horvitz-Thompson estimator based on the auxiliary variable

J. Al-Jararha/ Mazen Sulaiman

In this paper, the Horvitz and Thompson (1952) estimator will be modified; so that, the modified estimators will use the availability of the auxiliary variable. Furthermore, the modified estimators are extended to be used in stratified sampling designs. Empirical studies are given for comparison purposes.

DOI: 10.21307/stattrans-2020-003

Published Online: 18-March-2020

Predicting parity progression ratios for young women by the end of their childbearing life

Agnieszka Rossa/ Agnieszka Palma

Parity progression ratios (PPR’s) have been extensively described in literature on demography and have played an important role in fertility, unlike the idea of calculating projected parity progression ratios proposed by Brass (1985). However, we decided to use this method in our paper to analyse future fertility trends, firstly by assessing age-specific parity progression ratios for women in childbearing ages, and then by comparing these ratios with ratios at the end of women’s reproductive lif(..)

DOI: 10.21307/stattrans-2020-004

Published Online: 18-March-2020

Using the ICAPM to estimate the cost of capital of stock portfolios: empirical evidence on the Warsaw Stock Exchange

Stanisław Urbański/ Jacek Leśkow

The aim of this paper is to present the method for estimating the cost of capital of typical portfolios available on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The authors introduce the three factor Fama-French model and its two modifications. They also apply the bootstrap method to evaluate the variability of their estimation method. The cost of capital they refer to is related to portfolios of real options linked to projects. The market returns are generated both by stock companies running such projects and b(..)

DOI: 10.21307/stattrans-2020-005

Published Online: 18-March-2020

KLEMS growth accounting implemented in Poland

Dariusz Kotlewski/ Mirosław Błażej

The aim of the article is to present the main body of the KLEMS growth accounting recently implemented in Poland. The works on the KLEMS productivity accounting in Poland started in 2013 and focused on areas such as the development of methodology and the availability and assessment of data. These efforts enabled  preparing KLEMS data sets pertaining to the Polish economy and moreover proved that unavailable data can be effectively estimated. Additionally, interesting but complex and debatable re(..)

DOI: 10.21307/stattrans-2020-006

Published Online: 18-March-2020

Change-point detection in CO2 emission-energy consumption nexus using a recursive Bayesian estimation approach

Olushina Olawale Awe/ Abosede Adedayo Adepoju

This article focuses on the synthesis of conditional dependence structure of recursive Bayesian estimation of dynamic state space models with time-varying parameters using a newly modified recursive Bayesian algorithm. The results of empirical applications to climate data from Nigeria reveals that the relationship between energy consumption and carbon dioxide emission in Nigeria reached the lowest peak in the late 1980s and the highest peak in early 2000. For South Africa, the slope trajectory o(..)

DOI: 10.21307/stattrans-2020-007

Published Online: 18-March-2020

Robust estimation of wages in small enterprises:  the application to Poland’s districts

Grażyna Dehnel/ Łukasz Wawrowski

The paper presents an empirical study designed to test a small area estimation method. The aim of the study is to apply a robust version of the Fay-Herriot model to the estimation of average wages in the small business sector. Unlike the classical Fay-Herriot model, its robust version makes it possible to meet the assumption of normality of random effects under the presence of outliers. Moreover, the use of this version of the Fay-Herriot model helps to improve the precision of estimates, especi(..)

DOI: 10.21307/stattrans-2020-008

Published Online: 18-March-2020

Generalized exponential estimators for the finite population mean

Tolga Zaman

This study proposes a new class of exponential-type estimators in simple random sampling for the estimation of the population mean of the study variable using information of the population proportion possessing certain attributes. Theoretically, mean squared error (MSE) equations of the suggested ratio exponential estimators are obtained and compared with the Naik and Gupta (1996) ratio and product estimators, the ratio and product exponential estimator presented in Singh et al. (2007) and the r(..)

DOI: 10.21307/stattrans-2020-009

Published Online: 18-March-2020

Alternative approach to moments of order statistics from one-parameter Weibull distribution

Piyush Kant Rai/ Anu Sirohi

The Weibull distribution is used to describe various observed failures of phenomena and widely used in survival analysis and reliability theory. Sometimes it is very difficult to compute moments of such distributions due to various reasons for e.g. analytical issues, multi parameter cases etc. This study presents the computation of the moments and the expected value of the product of order statistics in the sample from the one-parameter Weibull distribution. An alternative approach in connection(..)

DOI: 10.21307/stattrans-2020-010

Published Online: 18-March-2020

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