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Vision Rehabilitation International

Former title: International Journal of Orientation & Mobility

Guide Dogs NSW/ACT

Subject: Health Care Sciences & Services , Medicine , Rehabilitation


eISSN: 2652-3647



The ROAM Project Part 1: Exploring new frontiers in video conferencing to expand the delivery of remote O&M services in regional Western Australia

VOLUME 3 , ISSUE 1 (April 2010) - List of articles


Desirée Gallimore

DOI: 10.21307/ijom-2010-001

A Client Driven Information Resource for Second Time Guide Dog Applicants

Katherine Ward, B.Sc., M.Spec.Ed./ Kerry Peirce, Grad.Dip., M.HSc., O&M

A need was identified to enhance the service to clients of Guide Dogs NSW/ACT who were in the transition from their first to their second guide dog. A questionnaire was devised to obtain feedback from clients who had trained with their second dog in the three years ending 30 June 2009. The data were analysed and formed the basis for an audio CD. Topics covered included: the decision to retire your guide dog; grief associated with this decision; where your dog will retire; the unique relationship(..)

DOI: 10.21307/ijom-2010-005

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