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Vision Rehabilitation International

Former title: International Journal of Orientation & Mobility

Guide Dogs NSW/ACT

Subject: Health Care Sciences & Services , Medicine , Rehabilitation


eISSN: 2652-3647



The ROAM Project Part 1: Exploring new frontiers in video conferencing to expand the delivery of remote O&M services in regional Western Australia

VOLUME 9 , ISSUE 1 (June 2017-2018) - List of articles

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Desiree Gallimore/ Mike Steer

DOI: 10.21307/ijom-2018-001

The impact of functional vision changes on independent travel for individuals with adult-onset visual impairment

Kimberly Avila

Abstract This study explored experiences with functional vision changes resulting from adult-onset vision conditions. The impact of glare, light-to-dark adaptation, depth perception, night blindness, and contrast sensitivity are examined for the way participants perceive their effects on willingness to engage in independent travel. Two interviews were conducted with 13 participants. These consisted of structured and semi-structured, open-ended questions to determine the impact of functional visi(..)

DOI: 10.21307/ijom-2018-002

Development and Initial Validation of the O&M VISSIT for Orientation and Mobility Specialists to Determine Service Intensity

Heather R. Munro/ Shannon Darst/ Rona L. Pogrund

Abstract The purpose of this study was to provide initial validation of the Orientation & Mobility Visual Impairment Scale of Service Intensity of Texas (O&M VISSIT) intended for use by orientation and mobility (O&M) specialists to determine a recommended type and amount of O&M services for students on their caseloads based on each student’s identified needs. The validity and reliability of the scale were calculated using a mixed-methods survey research design, with purposive expert sampling. Th(..)

DOI: 10.21307/ijom-2018-003

Acceptability of fall prevention strategies for older people with vision impairment

Lisa Dillon/ Patricia Duffy/ Anne Tiedemann/ Lisa Keay

Abstract Despite the high risk of falls for older people with vision impairment, adherence to exercise-based fall prevention programs is low. We investigated the attitudes of older people with vision impairment to fall prevention programs as well as home modifications. This was completed through focus group and semi-structured interviews with 19 community-dwelling people aged ≥63 years with vision impairment. The results indicated that participants did not attribute falls to vision impairment, n(..)

DOI: 10.21307/ijom-2018-004

Virtual O&M: A far north queensland innovation

Katrina Blake/ Helen Kinnane/ Melinda Whipp

Abstract Transition programs for students with vision impairment require the facilitation of more than navigational orientation and mobility (O&M) skills. Facilitating the student with vision impairment to interpret and gather information about the socio-cultural and learning spaces of the new school is a key component of regional O&M specialist programs. Transition from a primary to a secondary school campus separated by approximately 800 km (490 miles) requires a re-imagining of O&M. The autho(..)

DOI: 10.21307/ijom-2018-005

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