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Polish Journal of Microbiology

Polish Society of Microbiologists

Subject: Microbiology


ISSN: 1733-1331
eISSN: 2544-4646



Differentially Marked IncP-1β R751 Plasmids for Cloning via Recombineering and Conjugation
Colistin Resistance in Enterobacterales Strains – A Current View
Antibiotic Resistance Among Uropathogenic Escherichia coli

VOLUME 65 , ISSUE 4 (December 2016) - List of articles

Viral Infection of the Heart: Pathogenesis and Diagnosis

Mateusz Kuffner/ Agnieszka Pawlak/ Maciej Przybylski

Viral infections of the heart cause serious clinical problems, either as infectious myocarditis, which usually is a consequence of acute infection or as idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy, resulting rather from a chronic infection. This minireview presents an up-to-date view on patho­mechanisms of viral infection of the heart tissues, the role of immune system in controlling infectious process at its various stages and current possibilities of recognizing viral infection of the heart with use of (..)

DOI: 10.5604/17331331.1227664

Published Online: 28-December-2016

Gas Gangrene of Different Origin Associated with Clostridium perfringens Type A in Three Patients Simultaneously Hospitalized in a Single Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology in Poland

Monika Brzychczy-Włoch/ Dorota Ochońska/ Anna Piotrowska/ Małgorzata Bulanda

The objective of the study was to perform a comparative analysis of phenotypic and genetic similarity, determination of resistance profiles, detection of toxin-encoding genes and molecular typing of Clostridium perfringens isolates originating from patients with gas gangrene. The study encompassed three patients with a clinical and microbiological diagnosis of gas gangrene who were hospitalized in one of the hospitals of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie province in the same period of time between 8th Apri(..)

DOI: 10.5604/17331331.1227665

Published Online: 28-December-2016

Study of Acid Phosphatase in Solubilization of Inorganic Phosphates by Piriformospora indica

Seshagiri Swetha/ Tallapragada Padmavathi

Phosphorus is an essential plant macronutrient present in the soil. Only a small portion of phosphorus in soil is taken up by plants and the rest of it becomes unavailable to plants as it is immobilized. Phosphate solubilizing microorganisms play a vital role in converting the insoluble form of phosphates to the soluble form. The present paper reports the solubilization of tricalcium phosphate, rock phosphate, single super phosphate, zinc phosphate and aluminum phosphate by Piriformospora indica(..)

DOI: 10.5604/17331331.1227666

Published Online: 28-December-2016

Characterization of Endolithic Culturable Microbial Communities in Carbonate Rocks from a Typical Karst Canyon in Guizhou (China)

Yuan Tang/ Jian-Zhong Cheng/ Bin Lian

The endolithic environment is a ubiquitous habitat for microorganisms and a critical interface between biology and geology. In this study, a culture-based method and the phylogenetic analysis based on 16S rRNA and internal transcribed spacer (ITS) sequences were used to investigate the diversity of endolithic bacteria and fungi in two main types of carbonate rocks (namely dolomite and limestone) from Nanjiang Canyon in Guizhou karst area, China. The results of bacterial diversity indicated that (..)

DOI: 10.5604/17331331.1227667

Published Online: 28-December-2016

High Seroprevalence of CMV Among Women of Childbearing Age Implicates High Burden of Congenital Cytomegalovirus Infection in Poland

Joanna Siennicka/ Milena Dunal-Szczepaniak/ Agnieszka Trzcińska/ Paulina Godzik/ Magdalena Rosińska

Cytomegaloviruses are common worldwide, with variable frequency of infections. The infection in pregnancy may lead to pregnancy loss or serious sequelae for the child. To understand the risk posed by CMV in Poland we conducted cross-sectional study on women aged 15–49 basing on existing serum bank. Age dependent CMV incidence, the rates of congenital infection and sequelae were modelled from sero-prevalence, literature and demographic data. The overall anti-CMV IgG prevalence was 81.9% increasin(..)

DOI: 10.5604/17331331.1227668

Published Online: 28-December-2016

Genotyping and Clinicoepidemiological Characterization of Rotavirus Acute Gastroenteritis in Egyptian Children

Niveen Saudy/ Walaa Othman Elshabrawy/ Ahmed Megahed/ Mona F. Foad/ Aly F. Mohamed

Group A rotavirus (RVA) acute gastroenteritis (AGE) is a common cause of severe childhood diarrhea. The dominant circulating RVA genotypes in a given region may vary between and within the geographic regions and from year to year. Our cross-sectional study was designed to determine the burden of RVA genotypes among children with AGE admitted to referral Children Hospital at Egypt prior to implementation of the vaccine. Stool samples with clinico-epidemiological data were collected from 92 childr(..)

DOI: 10.5604/17331331.1227669

Published Online: 28-December-2016

Molecular Characterization of Enteroviruses Isolated from Acute Flaccid Paralysis Cases in Poland, 1999–2014

Magdalena Wieczorek/ Arleta Krzysztoszek

Enteroviruses (EVs) are among viral pathogens that can cause acute flaccid paralysis (AFP). This study represents an overview of EVs isolated through AFP surveillance in Poland between 1999 and 2014. The presence of enteroviruses was studied in stool samples that were collected from 747 AFP cases and their asymptomatic contacts. Fifty five (6.12%) cases of AFP were associated with enterovirus isolation. Out of the 55 positive cases, 40 were associated with detection of enterovirus in patient, an(..)

DOI: 10.5604/17331331.1227670

Published Online: 28-December-2016

Antistaphylococcal Activity of Selected Thiourea Derivatives

Joanna Stefańska/ Karolina Stępień/ Anna Bielenica/ Małgorzata Wrzosek/ Marta Struga

Five of thiourea derivatives were prepared using as a starting compound 3-(trifluoromethyl)aniline, 4-chloro-3-nitroaniline, 1,3-thiazol-2-amine, 2H-1,2,3-triazol-4-amine and commercial isothiocyanates. All compounds were evaluated in vitro for antimicrobial activity. Derivatives 2 and 3 showed the highest inhibition against Gram-positive cocci (standard and hospital strains). The observed MIC values were in the range of 0.5–8 μg/ml. The products effectively inhibited the formation of biofilms o(..)

DOI: 10.5604/17331331.1227671

Published Online: 28-December-2016

Expiration Date Prediction of Biocontrol Agent Prepared with Bacillus subtilis B579 Using the Accelerated Aging Method

Yu Zheng/ Xiaoyang Jiao/ Fang Chen/ Xuelian Wang/ Min Wang

The expiration date of biopesticidal products is an essential feature of their use and storage. In the present work, the expiration date of biocontrol agent was predicted using the accelerated aging method. The available bacteria in Bacillus subtilis B579 biocontrol agent were 3.7 ± 0.2 × 1011 CFU/g. It is calculated that the expiration date of the agent was about 17 months at 25°C. During this period, the available bacteria retained more than 90% of the value in the initial product. Thus, this (..)

DOI: 10.5604/17331331.1227672

Published Online: 28-December-2016

Evaluation of the Levels and Quality of Microbial Contamination in Medical Emergency Departments in Comparison to Other Workplaces

Agata Bielawska-Drózd/ Bożena Wlizło-Skowronek/ Piotr Cieślik/ Izabela Winnicka/ Ewa Skopińska-Różewska/ Leszek Kubiak/ Dorota Żakowska/ Aleksandra Brewczyńska/ Janusz Kocik

Work in Hospital Emergency Departments (HEDs) exposes both the emergency ward staff and patients to infectious and in other way harmful biological agents. The results of this study shows the presence of pathogenic bacteria isolated by three different methods. It revealed 9.8% of pathogens detected by imprint method, 10.5% of pathogens by swabbing method, 17.6% and 22% in HEDs corridors and rooms, respectively, by air sampling method. In control workplaces (offices) pathogenic bacteria reached th(..)

DOI: 10.5604/17331331.1227673

Published Online: 28-December-2016

The Usefulness of Biosynthetic Vascular Graft Omniflow II and Autologous Veins for the Treatment of Massive Infection of Dacron Vascular Graft with Enterococcus faecalis HLAR

Witold Woźniak/ Robert Bajno/ Michał Świder/ Piotr Ciostek

Infections of vascular grafts are the most severe complications in vascular surgery. We present the case of a 73-year-old male with infection of a dacron prosthesis with a strain of Enterococcus faecalis. The patient was treated with replacement of a full prosthesis with a combined graft constructed from Biosynthetic Vascular graft Omniflow and autologous veins. This graft is recommended for implantation in patients with a higher risk of infection. Our case is one of the first reported usage of (..)

DOI: 10.5604/17331331.1227674

Published Online: 28-December-2016

Survival of Bacteria in Respiratory Protective Filters

Ewa B. Miaśkiewicz-Pęska/ Tomasz Słomczyński

The aim of this study was to estimate the susceptibility of Staphylococcus hominis bacteria to the bacteriostatic agent in respiratory pro­tective filters. Four types of filter media of different characteristics were tested. The number of bacteria was estimated by a culture-based method. It was proved that in treated filters the number of S. hominis was significantly reduced, even below the detection limit, while in untreated material bacteria were able to grow and multiply up to 100-fold within(..)

DOI: 10.5604/17331331.1227675

Published Online: 28-December-2016

Detection of Polioviruses in Sewage Using Cell Culture and Molecular Methods

Agnieszka Figas/ Magdalena Wieczorek/ Bogumiła Litwińska/ Włodzimierz Gut

The work presented here demonstrates the utility of a two-step algorithm for environmental poliovirus surveillance based on: preselection of sewage samples tested for the presence of enteroviral genetic material-RT-PCR assay and detection of infectious viruses by cell culture technique (L20B for polioviruses and RD for polio and other non-polio enteroviruses). RD and L20B cell lines were tested to determine their sensitivity for isolation of viruses from environmental samples (sewage). Finally, (..)

DOI: 10.5604/17331331.1227676

Published Online: 28-December-2016

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