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Journal of Social Structure

International Network for Social Network Analysis

Subject: Social Sciences


eISSN: 1529-1227



Do People Who Identify as Popular Become Popular in a New Network? A 9-Month Longitudinal Network Analysis
The Structure of Node and Edge Generation in a Delusional Social Network*

VOLUME 14 , ISSUE 1 (December 2013) - List of articles

Open Access

Hierarchy in Mixed Relation Networks: Warfare Advantage and Resource Distribution in Simulated World-Systems

Jacob Apkarian/ Jesse B. Fletcher/ Christopher Chase-Dunn/ Robert A. Hanneman

DOI: 10.21307/joss-2019-023

Open Access

A Family of Affiliation Indices for Two-Mode Networks

Frank Tutzauer

DOI: 10.21307/joss-2019-024

Open Access

An Analysis of the 'Failed States Index' by Partial Order Methodology

Lars Carlsen/ Rainer Brüggemann

DOI: 10.21307/joss-2019-025

Open Access

Using Visualizations to Explore Network Dynamics

Kar-Hai Chu/ Heather Wipfli/ Thomas W. Valente

DOI: 10.21307/joss-2019-026

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