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International Journal of Advanced Network, Monitoring and Controls

Xi'an Technological University

Subject: Computer Science , Software Engineering


eISSN: 2470-8038



Quadrotor Formation Control Method Based on Graph and Consistency Theory
Advanced Dynamic Autonomous Knowledge Learning Method for Distance Learning

VOLUME 1 , ISSUE 2 (December 2016) - List of articles

Research on Aorbco Model

Luo Junmin/ Lu Wenhua

The characteristics of human mind are summarized up after the structure, functions and the working procedure of the eight consciousnesses and the human knowledge structure in consciousness-only psychology have been introduced. The limit of artificial intelligence, processing the formalized partial information, is proposed based on the analysis of elements of human intelligence simulated with computers and the development tendency of programming languages. The digital world model and the relation(..)

DOI: 10.2991/mcei-16.2016.239

The H-index and First-author H-index of Chinese Scholars in LIS

Chen Yuecong/ Liu Zongqi

Based on the journals of JCR Social Sciences Edition--INFORMATION SCIENCE & LIBRARY SCIENCE category from 2003 to 2014, the Chinese authors’ 2793 articles in Library and Information Science (LIS) were collected and analyzed on Web of Science (WOS). First, it ranked the first Chinese authors, and selected 76 authors with more than 5 articles as sample authors. Then it collected the sample authors’ articles on WOS, and the h-index and first author h-index were listed and analyzed.

DOI: 10.2991/mcei-16.2016.233

Embedded Fault Diagnosis Expert System on Weapon Equipment

Geng Chaoyang/ Gao Fenli

In order to improve the work performance and mobility of the fault diagnosis expert system, a portable diagnostic client for embedded Linux operating system is developed. The data acquisition module is embedded in the device by analyzing fault-tree based troubleshooting process, using the fault symptom table for fault diagnosis. Maintenance staff determine whether the equipment is working properly in accordance with the output signal of the diagnostic Agent which is embedded in weapons equipment(..)

DOI: 10.2991/mcei-16.2016.234

A Disparateness-Aware Scheduling using K-Centroids Clustering and PSO Techniques in Hadoop Cluster

E. Laxmi Lydia/ M.Ben Swarup

Big data storage management is one of the most challenging issues for Hadoop cluster environments, since large amount of data intensive applications frequently involve a high degree of data access locality. In traditional approaches high-performance computing consists dedicated servers that are used to data storage and data replication. Therefore to solve the problems of Disparateness among the jobs and resources a “Disparateness-Aware Scheduling algorithm” is proposed in the cluster environment(..)

DOI: 10.21307/ijanmc-2016-014

Comparative Analysis and Evaluation of Common Spectrum Correction Methods

Liu Meichen/ Liu Xu/ Li Mei/ Wei Wei

Although there are many spectrum correction theories and implementations, they are individual to specific problem and lack of a comprehensive comparison. This brings down their practical value in engineering applications. To solve this problem, we hereby establish a spectrum analysis and correction system. Each method i.e. Energy BaryCenter Method, Ratioing, Phase Difference Method, Continuous Zoom and All-Phase Spectrum Analysis. Meanwhile summarizing their accuracy,universality,practicability (..)

DOI: 10.2991/mcei-16.2016.235

An Analog Circuit Fault Diagnosis Method Based on SVM Optimized with BQPSO

Wang Zhongsheng/ Yang Sen/ Huang Shujuan

In order to improve the correct rate of analog circuit fault diagnosis, a method based on SVM optimized with BQPSO is put forward. Firstly, BQPSO algorithm and its steps are presented; Then the performance impact factors of SVM are analyzed, and the steps of SVM parameters optimized with BQPSO are given; Finally, a filter circuit is taken as an example to simulate. The result shows that this method is effective.

DOI: 10.2991/mcei-16.2016.241

Aircraft Design Analysis, CFD and manufacturing

Haifa El-Sadi

Aircraft design, manufacturing and CFD analysis as part of aerodynamic course, the students achieve sizing from a conceptual sketch, select the airfoil geometry and the tail geometry, calculate thrust to weight ratio and wing loading, use initial sizing and calculate the aerodynamic forces. The students design their aircraft based on the geometrical dimensions resulted from the calculations and use the model to build a prototype, test it in wind tunnel and achieve CFD analysis to be compared wit(..)

DOI: 10.21307/ijanmc-2016-017

3D Modeling of the Relievo Based on the Computer Active Vision

Wu Gui/ Tao Jun

At present, the 3D modeling of the small relievo which is lack of real texture or no real texture is a huge difficulty and challenge. The paper provides a good way based on the computer active vision. The slide projector as an active sensor is steered in the principle of the traditional binocular vision. The slide projector could supply the designed texture features to the small relieve, which is easy to be extracted out and matched well because they are clear and stable. The space forward inter(..)

DOI: 10.2991/mcei-16.2016.240

Study on the Control Strategy of Matrix Converter Motor System

Xu Shuping/ Li Erdong/ Su Xiaohui

To overcome the defects of pure integrator initial value of the integral, the cumulative error and DC offset, permanent magnet synchronous motor stator flux observer method is proposed based on full-order state observer. The stator flux as state vector to construct the system state equation, the current as output vector to construct the system output equation, configuration observer poles proportional to the motor model pole, and use of the robust pole assignment algorithm in Matlab for calculat(..)

DOI: 10.1109/icecc.2011.6067725

Research on the Evaluation Method of Cognitive Electronic Equipment Information Acquisition Ability

Liu Xinhai/ Ma Yanheng/ Zong Zijian

Cognitive testability is an inherent attribute of the modern electronic equipment. The information acquisition ability of cognitive testability was described in details and an evaluation model was built upon the basic construction of the index system of the cognitive testability. First of all, the idea and contents of the information acquisition ability of the modern electronic equipment was stated. Second, based on this, a mathematical model of weight calculation with the use of entropy weight (..)

DOI: 10.2991/mcei-16.2016.243

Design of high precision time synchronization system based on GPS/BD dual mode

YU Fan/ MA Xing/ Wang Zhongsheng

In this paper, a new method of clock disciplining based on GPS/BD dual-mode receiver is proposed, which can improve the estimation accuracy of clock bias by fusing the GPS clock bias data and the BD clock bias data. In addition, the use of unbiased FIR filtering algorithm to filter the clock bias data to improve the accuracy of the clock filter. According to the experimental results, the time synchronization precision of the proposed method is 50ns, which is better than that based on single mode(..)

DOI: 10.2991/mcei-16.2016.231

Mechanical And Thermal Stresses Anylsis In Diesel Engine Poiston With And Without Different Thermal Coating Layer On Piston Head

Nabeel Abdulhadi Ghyadh/ Maher A.R. Sadiq Al-Baghdadi/ Sahib Shihab Ahmed

The main goal of this paper are equate behavior of the piston with and without different thermal coating layer on the piston head under thermal and mechanical loads that arise in the piston due to its operating. Three dimensional model of a piston heavy diesel engine has been presented. The governing equations have been discretized using a finite-volume method (FVM) and solved using multi-physics COMSOL package version 5. The results of the numerical model are showing the distribution of tempera(..)

DOI: 10.21307/ijanmc-2016-018

Function Block Applications FOR Process Control System BASED ON Fieldbus Technology

Zhuang Xia

Present and future digital process control systems need to many requirements,for example,increase security and safety,reduce time to market, minimize training costs,support integrated methodology for implementation,and so on. Process control systems are required to fulfil these requirements in terms of their architecture and their operation during all the phases of the life cycle. The accepted basic concept for the design process control system is to describe all necessary implementation-specifi(..)

DOI: 10.2991/mcei-16.2016.245

Analysis and Study the Correlation of Genetic Loci

Liu Yang1,/ Bai Xiaojun2/ Kang Xiaofeng3

Based on information of 1000 samples provided by single nucleotide polymorphisms, analyzing the existing SNP data, using the optimized linear mixed model for data screening of correlation analysis, the coding mode of each given locus bases (A, T, C, G) are encoded into numerical encoding, with correlation analysis of collection of evolutionary algorithms, the corresponding figure in Manhattan and risk point and the position of the gene are obtained for further operations of the transferred numer(..)

DOI: 10.2991/mcei-16.2016.237

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