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International Journal of Advanced Network, Monitoring and Controls

Xi'an Technological University

Subject: Computer Science , Software Engineering


eISSN: 2470-8038



Quadrotor Formation Control Method Based on Graph and Consistency Theory
Advanced Dynamic Autonomous Knowledge Learning Method for Distance Learning

VOLUME 2 , ISSUE 2 (June 2017) - List of articles

Optimal Pricing for Service Provision in an IaaS Cloud Market with Delay Sensitive Cloud Users

Gang Fang/ Xianwei Li

Cloud computing has received a significant amount of attentions from both engineering and academic fields. Designing optimal pricing schemes of cloud services plays an important role for the success of cloud computing. How to set optimal prices of cloud resources in order to maximize these CSPs’ revenues in an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud market while at the same time meeting the cloud users’ demand satisfaction is a challenging problem that CSPs should consider. However, most of the(..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.112

Improved K-means Algorithm Based on optimizing Initial Cluster Centers and Its Application

Xue Linyao/ Wang Jianguo

Data mining is a process of data grouping or partitioning from the large and complex data, and the clustering analysis is an important research field in data mining. The K-means algorithm is considered to be the most important unsupervised machine learning method in clustering, which can divide all the data into k subclasses that are very different from each other. By constantly iterating, the distance between each data object and the center of its subclass is minimized. Because K-means algorith(..)

DOI: 10.21307/ijanmc-2017-005

Research and Implementation of Load Balancing Technology for Cloud Computing

Sun Hong/ Wang Weifeng/ Chen Shiping/ Xu Liping

This article selects load balancing system technology to analyze, combines the live migration technology of virtual machine, and studys the frame of virtual machine live migration as well as the mathematical model applied to concrete process of the migration. The article presents that the process of combining the specific strategies of load balance to the frame of live migration, that the simulation experiment and conclusion to this total process. The study takes Eucalyptus as experimental platf(..)

DOI: 10.21307/ijanmc-2017-006

Research of Virtual Network Classroom Collaborative Mechanism Based on Petri Net

Shengquan Yang/ Shujuan Huang

In order to keep multi-role communication action of virtual network classroom orderly and correctly at the same time, this paper proposes and studies its communication collaborative relationship based on Petri Net. Firstly, it introduces the basic theory and the system state change graph of the roles in virtual classroom, and discusses in detail the collaborative relationship between students and teacher in network environment. Especially by taking advantage of Petri Net tool, this paper in virt(..)

DOI: 10.21307/ijanmc-2017-007

A DCT Domain Image Watermarking Method Based on Matlab

Wu He-Jing

In the text, A method of image watermarking based on DCT (Discrete Cosine Transform) domain algorithm is proposed and verified in experiment by Matlab. The experimental result shows that the current method can achieve embedding with sound robustness and invisibility. From the experimental results, the quality of the watermarked image is almost no decline relative to the original.

DOI: 10.21307/ijanmc-2017-008

A Mobile Terminal Security Strategy Based On the Cloud Storage

Wang Hui/ Tang Junyong

With the emergence of mass storage systems and the development of the Distributed File System, Cloud storage system has become the focus of the industry. The cloud storage services on mobile terminal have been putted on the agenda based on the rapid development of intelligent mobile terminal. Based on the analysis of the architecture of HDFS and Dynamo, a mobile Terminal Security strategy is presented in this paper. The database technology and the dynamic consistent hashing algorithm are adopted(..)

DOI: 10.21307/ijanmc-2017-009

Optimal Pricing Strategies for Resource Allocation in IaaS Cloud

Zhengce Cai/ Xianwei Li

In cloud computing environment, pricing is an effective method for resource allocation and it provides efficient incentive for cloud providers to provide cloud services. In this paper, we investigate two pricing schemes for the allocation of cloud resources in a monopoly cloud market subject to constrained capacity of the cloud provider. There are two main pricing schemes, on-demand and reserved pricing mechanisms adopted by leading cloud providers, i.e., Amazon and Gogrid. We analyze how cloud (..)

DOI: 10.21307/ijanmc-2017-010

Research on Optimization of memory pool management for high concurrent service requests

Liu Pingping/ Lu Zhaopan

In order to quickly and accurately return the information to the user after the keyword are entered, and to effectively reduce the effect on the performance of the program when the search system allocates and deal locates memory frequently under the high concurrency, the Recoverable Fixed Length Memory Pool, Recoverable Variable Length Memory Pool and Allocate Not Free Memory Pool were designed. According to the different scenes features of the search engine. The result shows that, compared with(..)

DOI: 10.21307/ijanmc-2017-011

Image Watermarking Encryption Scheme Based on Fractional Order Chaotic System

Dawei Ding/ Zongzhi Li/ Shujia Li

Now the chaotic system and wavelet transform are more and more widely used in the watermarking technology. At the same time, the fractional order chaotic system has more complex dynamic characteristics than the integer order system. So a new image watermarking scheme based on the fractional order Chen chaotic system and discrete wavelet transform is proposed. Chaotic sequences generated by chaotic system are used to encrypt the watermark image, and the processed watermark information is embedded(..)

DOI: 10.21307/ijanmc-2017-012

The Design of Two Phase Chopping Regulation Voltage Soft Starter

Jingwen Chen/ Hongshe Dang

As for the complexity of the trigger pulse control method for the generally-used thyristor soft starter, The poverty of the continuity of the stator current, the shortage of the waveform distortion and the higher harmonic content. A type with IGBT to realize AC chopping regulation voltage soft starter has been designed,using the two-phase AC power control to achieve the aim of three-phase AC power control,ensuring the effect and saving the costs. The paper makes use of the MATLAB to analyze of t(..)

DOI: 10.21307/ijanmc-2017-013

Development of Levenberg-Marquardt Method Based Iteration Square Root Cubature Kalman Filter ant its applications

Jing Mu/ Changyuan Wang

Levenberg-Marquardt(abbr. L-M) method based iterative square root cubature Kalman filter (ISRCKFLM) is proposed to improve the low state estimation accuracy of nonlinear state estimation due to large initial estimation error and nonlinearity of measurement equation. The measurement update of square root cubature Kalman filter (SRCKF) is transformed to the problem of nonlinear least square error, then we use L-M method to solve it and obtain the optimal state estimation and covariance, so the ISR(..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.22

The Prediction of Haze Based on BP Neural Network and Matlab

Ma Limei/ Wang Fangwei

In this paper, the neural network theory is used to establish the BP neural network prediction system for the occurrence of haze. The corresponding parameters are determined by MATLAB language, and the effect of the model is tested by the prediction of Shijiazhuang area. The result shows the feasibility of the predictive model. So it’s valuable and has a bright future.

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.21

Multi Objective Optimization of Virtual Machine Migration Placement Based on Cloud Computing

Sun Hong/ Tang Qing/ Xu Liping/ Chen Shiping

How to improve the resource utilization of the cloud computing system has been one of the key content of the research of the cloud computing. The traditional multi-objective ant colony optimization was improved, studied the virtual machine live migration framework, combined with the elimination method to solve virtual machine migration and placement of multi-objective optimization problem, the load balanced specific strategies are integrated into the framework of a dynamic migration, simulation (..)

DOI: 10.21307/ijanmc-2017-014

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