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International Journal of Advanced Network, Monitoring and Controls

Xi'an Technological University

Subject: Computer Science , Software Engineering


eISSN: 2470-8038



Quadrotor Formation Control Method Based on Graph and Consistency Theory
Advanced Dynamic Autonomous Knowledge Learning Method for Distance Learning

VOLUME 2 , ISSUE 4 (December 2017) - List of articles

Design and Implementation of the Comprehensive Information Platform for Smelting Enterprises

Ma Dandan/ Bai Jing

According to the development of information technology and the management of metallurgical enterprises, the paper puts forward the design scheme of the information platform for metallurgical enterprises, introduces the structure and function of the new type of metallurgical information platform. It realize loop online collection, hierarchical data computation, distributed database management and global WEB publishing capability. And improve the level of production automation, reduce energy consu(..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.67

Design of Monitoring System for Rural Drinking Water Source Based on WSN

Zexin Lin/ Weixing Wang/ Huili Yin/ Sheng Jiang/ Guohui Jiao/ Jieping Yu

In order to solve the existing traditional rural drinking water monitoring in a lot of manpower, material resources, real-time, this paper introduces a WSN based on the rural drinking water source monitoring system design, the system consists of five parts: water quality monitoring, soil monitoring node node, node, routing node and gateway server. Water quality monitoring node, soil monitoring nodes send the collected data to the gateway node through the wireless module sent directly, or through(..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.106

Single Image Dehazing Based on Deep Neural Network

Dewei Huang/ Kexin Chen/ Jianqiang Lu/ Weixing Wang

This paper proposes a single image dehazing based on deep neural network that is to deal with haze image. In this paper, we build up a deep neural network to restore the hazy image.We test our method both objective and subjective and compare with classical method for dehazing. Our test shows that our method works better than the others in reducing Halo effect and also our method does well in restore colorful of input image. Finally, our method process faster.

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.107

Research on Balanced Energy Consumption of Wireless Sensor Network Nodes Based on Clustering Algorithm

Jie Huang

A multi-cluster-head based clustering routing algorithm is researched and realized in order to achieve better balance the energy consumption of wireless sensor network nodes as well as promote the stability and extend the service life of the network. By taking cluster as the basic unit, it divides the wireless sensor network into multiple clusters, each of which includes a main cluster head node, an assistant cluster head node, a cluster management node and several ordinary nodes. The article el(..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.74

Research on Wireless Sensor Network Coverage Based on Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Li Changxing/ Zhang Qing/ Zhang Long-yao

In order to improve the network coverage, this paper presents the research on wireless sensor network coverage based on improved particle swarm optimization algorithmfor wireless sensor nodes that are randomly deployed in a certain area.In this paper, we use the regional network coverage as the target objective function, and combine various improved particle swarm optimization algorithms to optimize the deployment location of all nodes to enhance the area coverage. The experimental results show (..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.76

Improved Statistical Analysis Method Based on Big Data Technology

Hongsheng Xu/ Ganglong Fan/ Ke Li

Big data technology refers to the rapid acquisition of valuable information from various types of large amounts of data. It can be divided into 8 technologies: data acquisition, data access, infrastructure, data processing, statistical analysis, data mining, model prediction and results presentation. The paper presents improved statistical analysis method based on big data technology. A statistical analysis model in big data environment is designed to extract useful information features from lar(..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.46

Evaluating Performance of Broadband NetworkBased on Indexes of TCP Messages

Xin Wang/ Yali Liu/ Keguang Yang/ Yi Gao

Qos of broadband network is important. ISPs have some methods for evaluate it. But they are not efficient enough. This paper present a new method in which delay and scale of windows of TCP messages are used for evaluating performance of broadband. Comparison between delay or scale of window s of samples is the core idea of the method. There are two kinds of comparison.One is absolute terms of above-mentioned indexes,another is score,that is relative term. We can grade samples according to their (..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.40

Designing of Intelligent Parking Lot Based On MQTT

Zhongsheng Wang/ Zhichao Lian/ Kang Han

With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standards,people's lives are getting inseparable from cars, the contradiction between the number of parking spaces and the increasing demand for parking is becoming more and more outstanding. It is necessary to design a intelligent parking system. This paper analyzes the drawbacks of the traditional parking system ,and design the main functions and solutions of the intelligent parking. This paper present the whole architectur(..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.83

BOOST Inductor Optimizing Design Based on Finite Element Simulation

Qi Wang/ Tian Gao

As the role of energy storage and filtering in DC/DC converter, the inductor is widely applied in switching power supply designs. BOOST inductor affects the input/output ripple voltage and current. Improper parameter design can cause inductor saturation easily, so the inductor design is the emphasis and difficulty in the Boost circuit design. In this paper, combining the traditional parameter calculation and finite element simulation, a design process of the BOOST inductor is given in detail, an(..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.29

Research on Stability of Power Carrier Technology in Streetlight Monitoring System

Zhang Liguang/ Tong Xiaolong

Based on the analysis of low voltage power line carrier network topology and the characteristics of the communication channel, the concept of splitting the data bus is proposed in streetlight monitoring system. The secondary network bus strategy is adopted to solve the problem of signal relay in the control of streetlights. Because the network topology of the streetlamp control system is a complex and strong transition diagram, the traditional bus monitoring scheme is easily invalidated in the n(..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.27

Fuel Cell Test System Based on AVR Single-chip Computer

Wei Zhang

Fuel cell technology is considered to be the 21st century of choice for clean and efficient power generation technology, due to a fuel cell itself is a very complex physical and chemical process, the input output are different kinds of physical quantities, so a practical fuel cell must have accurate monitoring and control the performance of these physical quantities. Are briefly introduced in this paper the characteristic and principle of the fuel cell, the function of fuel cell system and the f(..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.86

Design of Temperature Sensitive Structure for Micromechanical Silicon Resonant Accelerometer

Heng Li/ Libin Huang/ Qinqin Ran/ Songli Wang

A micromechanical silicon resonant accelerometer (MSRA) is a potential micro accelerometer with high accuracy. One of the most important factors affecting its performance is temperature. To research the effect of temperature on micromechanical silicon resonant accelerometer, this study based on the original micromechanical silicon resonant accelerometer, designs a chip-level temperature-sensitive structure which a pair of temperature resonators is arranged on both sides of the force resonator of(..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.91

Separating Signals with Specific Temporal Structure

Yongjian Zhao/ Haining Jiang/ Bin Jiang/ Meixia Qu

Blind signal extraction is particularly attractive to solve signal mixture problems while only one or a few source signals are desired. Many desired biomedical signals exhibit distinct periods. A sequential method based on second order statistics is introduced in this paper. One can choose to recover one source signal or all signals in a specific order. The validity and performance of the proposed method are confirmed by computer simulations.

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.93

Study on The Mechanical Properties of Hydrostatic Guide-way

Enxiu Shi/ Rongshen Zhang/ Hailong Wang

Hydrostatic guide-way is used on CNC machine tools because of its advantages. In order to meet the requirements of ultra-precision CNC machine tool for precision and high speed, a new type hydrostatic guide-way with high liquid resistance is put forward. The simulation has been done how the position, width and depth of the ring on oil seal edge of hydrostatic guide-way effect on the oil chamber pressure. It is verified that the chamber’s pressure of hydrostatic guide-way can be enhanced signific(..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.63

Multi - point Cooperative Multicast Video Design and Research

Wang Tao

Internet era in the context of increasing popularity of mobile terminals, network video browsing has become an indispensable feature of wireless terminals. However, in order to improve the reliability of video multicast, this paper increases the gain system from the overlapping access points in the coverage area, because of the low reliability of the inter-link interference between the wireless networks. Improve the fairness of the system, and propose and design a multi-point broadcast scheme ba(..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.36

Optimization of Matching on Torque Converter with Engine Based on Improved Radar Chart Method

Zhenbao Wang/ Sicheng Qin

In order to comprehensively evaluate the performance of matching between engine and torque converter, a series of matching evaluation indexes were developed according to the ideal matching principle and a standardized treatment for every index was put forward. Considering the different importance of each indexes in different applications, weight of each index was given by using comprehensive method, The evaluation method of the hydraulic torque converter and engine matching was established based(..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.98

Optimal Waveform Design for Smart Jamming Focused on CA-CFAR

Xia Xingyu/ Yan Li/ Hao Daoliang/ Wang Xiaoyang

Focused on CA-CFAR anti-jamming mechanism, the method of optimal waveform design is studied to increase detection threshold for reducing true target detection, which can also improve the detection rate of false targets. Based on the relationship of signal to interference (ISR) and reference distance, the amplitude of jamming waveform is designed to follow Rayleigh distribution and finite interval random, and the interval is designed as random interval based on minimum interval. In addition, the (..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.108

Research and Implementation for a class of Large-Scale Full-Range Power System Real-Time Simulator

Gu Wei/ Zhang Yan/ Wang JiHua/ Gui JunGuo/ Xu MeiMei

In order to realize intensive research and analysis of the whole bulk power system, which contains all electronic elements not only includes generator, electronic grid system, but also includes power generation system, based on the thermodynamics and dynamics theory in power generation system and the electromechanical and electromagnetic transient theory in electronic grid system, we established a class of Large-Scale Full-Range Power System Real-Time Simulator (LFPSRS). The definition of LFPSRS(..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.104

The Design and Research of Intelligent Search and Rescue Device Based on Sonar Detection and Marine Battery

Zhao Jian/ Zhang Liang/ Zheng Li-nan/ Li Nan

With the increasing number of Marine accidents, the task of maritime search and rescue is increasingly difficult. This paper studies a fast, accurate and scientifically valid intelligent equipment which breakthrough maritime search and rescue capability and level for maritime search and rescue. Using sonar detection technology combined with GPS navigation systems and Marine battery energy technology, intelligent search and rescue devices which we designed can quickly search for victims of life i(..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.73

Design of Low Voltage Power Line Carrier Communication System Simulation

Cheng Xiaoming/ Ye Jun/ Li songnong/ Sun Hongliang

Noise power line channel is the largest low-voltage power line interference sources, it is not a simple additive white Gaussian noise, but a time-varying noise, and with different environments and change, which is mainly the work of each of the grid kinds of electrical equipment generates, including instant asynchronous impulse noise such as background noise switching power supply or generation of amateur radio and frequency synchronization with the grid and grid-cycle pulse noise generated by t(..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.77

Simulation Study Low Voltage Power Line Carrier Communication in Noisy Environments

Ye Jun/ Sun Hongliang/ Li songnong/ Hou Xingzhe

Studies have shown that there are a lot of low-voltage power line is one of the main obstacles to strong noise limit for data transmission quality. Power line noise can be divided into steady background noise, narrowband interference noise, sudden impulse noise and periodic noise. Background noise is distributed throughout the communication band, low-voltage power line up white Gaussian noise 22dB [133 or more. Sudden noise is generated by the random access or disconnect electrical equipment pro(..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.79

Modeling of High-Frequency Low Voltage Power Line Carrier Communication Channel

Li songnong/ Liu Dong/ Sun Hongliang/ Hou Xingzhe/ Zheng ke/ Meng Xin/ Luo Zhishu

Low-voltage power line channel characteristics are designed for low voltage power line carrier communication system foundation. The paper used to design and develop a system for measuring the electrical characteristics of the low voltage power line communication network used to do high, including the noise characteristics of the input impedance characteristics, signal attenuation characteristics and systems, etc., a lot of experimental research. On this basis, the establishment of a low-voltage (..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.80

Design of Remote Eater Conservancy Information Monitoring System Based on Embedded Technology

Xiaoqing Shi/ Qianhua Huang/ Gangyu Gu

This paper studies the application of embedded system in water conservancy information remote monitoring, structured, modular scheme is adopted to improve the system of software and hardware design, debugging and implementation, and puts forward a set of embedded control, data acquisition and transmission, friendly interface in the integration of monitoring information management system design. This system based on the wide coverage of the GSM short message service provided mobile communication (..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.41

Design of the Automatic Generative System of Examination Papers Based on ARM

Liancheng Guan

With the development of network technology, the design for the automatic generative system of examination papers that is based on web has become a trend. In order to reduce the burden on teachers and avoid duplication of work, we design the system to automatically generate test papers. It is based on a constantly updated examination question bank system, according to the teachers' demands, which can automatically generate the test paper with a certain degree of difficulty, the number and value. (..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.43

Research on Image Denoising Adaptive Algorithm for UAV Based on Visual Landing

Pengrui Qiu/ Xiping Yuan/ Shu Gan/ Yu Lin

UAV autonomous landing refers to the UAV lands on only depending on airborne navigation equipment and flight control system, and ultimately achieves a safe landing. To achieve self-landing, UAV must have the ability to self-navigation and positioning, so that the high-precision visual navigation positioning technology is the key to achieve UAV self-landing technology.This paper concentrating on the noise effects on the pictures obtained during visual landing process of UAV, it has introduced the(..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.49

Design of Multi-channel Temperature Control Inspection System Based on PLC

Bi Xueqin/ Zhang Liguang/ Ma Xiaohui

The temperature control system is widely used in the field of industrial control, such as the boiler’s temperature control system in Steel, chemical plants and thermal power plants. For the requirements of remote centralized management and security monitor in temperature control system, a temperature control inspection system consisted by down-computer clew and up-computer , is designed in this paper. In this system, a programmable logic controller (PLC) is use as up-computer, multiple AI smart (..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.25

Motion Simulation of Bionic Hexapod Robot Based on Virtual Prototyping Technology

Zhenyu Lei/ Daxin Xin/ Jin Hua

Based on the principle of bionic hexapod, a 3D virtual prototype model of the bionic hexapod robot and the contact model between its feet and the ground are established by using MSC.ADAMS mechanical dynamics software to study the motion of the bionic hexapod robot on the horizontal ground. And then, the kinematics analysis of a single leg of the robot is made to realize the overall motion control of the robot. This paper analyzes the gait principle of the bionic hexapod robot and introduces the (..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.28

Research of Petroleum Well Fuel Pump Measurement & Control System Based on Internet of Things Technology

Shengquan Yang/ Ceng Gong

In order to realize remote automatic measurement and control of all petroleum well fuel pumps which are located in different regions of the crude oil production enterprises, this paper discusses and designs a petroleum well fuel pump measurement & control system based on internet of things technology. The measurement & control system uses a three-tier (perception layer, network layer and application control layer) form of the IOT (Internet of Things) structure, and then the function and feature (..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.111

Design of Control System for Dust - collecting Robot Based on DSP

Zhang Wei

With the rapid increase of labor cost in domestic service industry, it provides a powerful driving force for rapid development of service robot. Vacuum cleaner Robot as a service robot, you can replace the people to clean rooms, workshops, walls and so on. In this paper, the structure and function of the robot's measurement and control system, the type and function of the selected sensor are introduced. The structure of the motor control system and the driving principle of the motor are introduc(..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.85

Prediction of the Heat Load in Central Heating Systems Using GA-BP Algorithm

Bingqing Guo/ Jin Xu/ Ling Cheng/ Lei Chen

This paper presented the research on heat load prediction method of central heating system. The combined simulation data at Xi'an in January was used as the samples for training and predicting. This paper selected the daily average outdoor wind speed, the daily average outdoor temperature, date type, sunshine duration as input variables and the heating load value as output variable. After preprocessing of the historical data, the BP neural network algorithm and the GA-BP algorithm were employed (..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.90

Research on Intelligent Monitoring Technology of Micro Hole Drilling

Yanhong Sun/ Mei Tian

Aiming at the problem that the micro drills is easy to be broken in the process of drilling; it is difficult to detect the drill bit. The drilling torque signal is taken as the monitoring object. A new method for the on-line monitoring the micro-drill breakage based on BP neural network is proposed. After the three layer wavelet decomposition of the drilling torque signal, the energy feature vector is used as the input layer of the BP network, and the mapping model of the working state and the d(..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.94

A Diagnosis and Localization Method of Slime Pipe Blockage which Pressure Wave based on Wavelet Transform

Yuanbin Hou/ Jiao Dang/ Dong Li/ Hongxia Li

Aiming at the problem of blocked pipe in coal slurry pipeline transportation process, in the two phase of the project of 50MW unit in Shanxi Huangling coal gangue power generation company, the method of pressure wave slime pipeline blockage location is proposed based on wavelet transform, which is the analysis of the pipeline positioning principle based on the pressure wave method, the pressure wave is collected by the pressure sensor installed on the pipeline. Next, the abrupt change of the pre(..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.61

A New High-Precision Mode Acceleration Method for Calculating Frequency Response of Non-Classically Damped Systems

Jingfang Shen/ Peng Wang

The modal truncation problem of non-classically damped systems is constantly encountered in the dynamic analysis of engineering. The present study is designed to calculate the frequency response functions of the non-classically damping systems accurately on account of the Neumann expansion theory and the frequency shifting technique. Considering the first and the second term influence of the Neumann expansion equations in the frequency response analysis of the viscoelastic systems, we could corr(..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.64

Homotopy Analysis for Periodic Motion of Time-delayed Duffing system

You Xiangcheng

In this paper, the periodic motions of local dynamics of time-delayed oscillators near a single Hopf bifurcation have been investigated by means of the homotopy analysis method (HAM). With this technique, analytical approximations with high accuracy for all possible solutions are captured, which match the numerical solutions in the whole time regions. Two examples of dynamic systems are considered, which focus on the periodic motions near a Hopf bifurcation of an equilibrium point. It is found t(..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.34

An Efficient Density-Based Clustering Algorithm for the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem

Jiashan Zhang

The capacitated vehicle routing problem (CVRP) is one of the most challenging problems in the optimization of distribution. Most approaches can solve case studies involving less than 100 nodes to optimality, but time-consuming. To overcome the limitation, this paper presents a novel two-phase heuristic approach for the capacitated vehicle routing problem. Phase I aims to identifying sets of cost-effective feasible clusters through an improved density-based clustering algorithm. Phase II assigns (..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.96

Research on A Quantitative Assessment Model Based on Visual Perception in Low-Altitude Remote Sensing

Jianqiang Lu/ Weixing Wang/ Kexin Chen/ Bing Jiang

In order to evaluate the recovery effect of the visible light band in the low-altitude remote sensing, the sensitivity and significance of the visual perception of the restored image are selected and optimized by the perceptual characteristics of the human visual system. Finally, the effective detail retention ability, Structure information, multi - scale similarity and visual fidelity. A kind of image - based image fog quantification evaluation model QAMVP is proposed based on visual perception(..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.109

Design of Control System of Physical Fitness Treadmill Based on Embedded Technology

Jiujian Cui/ Yan Wu

Treadmill is the commonest method to get a good health, but traditional treadmill has limited functions and low intelligence. While embedded technology implements special function and is controlled by internal computer system. Putting embedded technology into treadmill can enhance the intelligence and add extra functions. In this paper, system structure and work way of treadmill were analyzed scientifically through embedded technology and the design of controlling system. The system hardware str(..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.105

The Disease Assessment of Cucumber Downy Mildew Based on Image Processing

Jingzhu Li/ Peng Wang/ Changxing Geng

Cucumber downy mildew is a kind of disease which spreads very fast and isdangerous, in order to prevent the disease, peoplealways spray plenty of pesticides indiscriminately. Accurate assessment of the level of cucumber downy mildew is very important to the disease prevention and control. In a cucumber growing season, this paper collected the typical cucumber downy mildew leaf samples, and developed the downy mildew spot extraction algorithm by using leaf image scanning method, calculated the in(..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.65

Evaluation on Traffic Guidance Plan during Construction Period based on Vissim Simulation

Zheng Huimin/ Chen Xuan/ Sun Zhanxian

With the urbanization process speeding up, the construction of City Road increased rapidly. So limited road resource is often occupied during the road construction, which makes road capacity of construction affected area greatly decrease. Then the contradiction of city original transport supply becomes more prominent. Therefore, it is very important to make a reasonable traffic organization plan. At first According to the present traffic investigation and construction site management program, co(..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.72

Research on Localization Vehicle Based on Multiple Sensors Fusion System

Xiaogang Zhu/ Wei Tian/ GuiZhong Li/ Jun Yu

In the implementation and verification of multi sensor fusion of vehicle positioning, we built a verification platform positioning algorithm combined simulation of Car Sim-Simulink to Car Sim, the vehicle model and the sensor output as the data source, and the noise, then in the simulink environment to build the fusion localization algorithm, and the real vehicle experiment using inertial laboratory navigation equipment, to the actual sensor data validation algorithm. Simulation and experimental(..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.75

Research on Low Voltage Power Line Carrier Communication Test Environment

Sun Hongliang/ Li songnong/ Ye Jun/ Hou Xingzhe/ Zheng ke/ Liu Dong/ Zhou Quan

Low voltage power line carrier communication simulation software and simulation test system is analog carrier communication channel environment in different ways, the two systems complement each other, the former design stage for communications equipment, flexible and comprehensive simulation of the channel complex transmission characteristics; the latter stages of a communication device for debugging, you can be more effective and intuitive reflect any change in the characteristics of the load.(..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.81

Face Recognition of the Rhinopithecus Roxellana QinlingensisBased on Improved HOG and Sparse Representation

Cuan Ying/ Shi Yaojie

With the researches on face recognition of Rhinopithecusroxellanaqinlingensis, this thesis comes up with some methods that refining traditional HOG and Sparse Representation in order to improve the efficiency in recognizing golden monkeys. As we know, improved HOG is an optimal way to show partial information of an image. Besides, it can also plays an crucial role in staying stability in both optical and geometric distortion, which means the changes in expressions, postures and angles of golden (..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.42

Study on Modeling and Simulation of Logistics Sorting System Based on Flexsim

Fan Zhang/ Chun Tian

Applying Flexsim system simulation software to build the simulation model of logistics sorting system. Before the introduction of automatic sorting equipment and technology in the sorting system, through the establishment of the Flexsim simulation model to simulate, analyze and evaluate the design scheme.

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.44

A Study and Simulation on Thermal Cycling System of CFB Boiler

Yingtao Hou/ Xiuhua Jiang

Energy is the main resource for our country to survive. However, in recent years, the excessive consumption of energy has made the environment worse and worse, and made the development of our country restricted. Technology of circulating fluid-bed boiler is the main way of general clean coal at present, and is a hot topic for each country in the world. However, the experimental process of the technology often spend a great cost, therefore is not suitable in practice. So simulation technology of (..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.45

Fine-grained Access Control Scheme Based on Cloud Storage

Xiaojie Niu

Cloud storage originates from cloud computing, and brings new model of data sharing and storage, which provided great convenience for users. However, cloud environment confronts with many problems, and one of the most important problems is the security problem. This paper researched on security problem based on encryption, and proposed a secure and efficient scheme according to system characteristics of data storage on cloud platform, and applied it in cloud storage system with fine-grained acce(..)

DOI: 10.1109/iccnea.2017.48

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