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International Journal of Advanced Network, Monitoring and Controls

Xi'an Technological University

Subject: Computer Science , Software Engineering


eISSN: 2470-8038



Quadrotor Formation Control Method Based on Graph and Consistency Theory
Advanced Dynamic Autonomous Knowledge Learning Method for Distance Learning

VOLUME 3 , ISSUE 4 (Oct 2018) - List of articles

Research and Realization on the key technology of Motion Image Matching Based on UAV

Yuri Shebzukhov/ Wang Yubian

Abstract With the development of communication network and computer software and hardware technology, especially the emergence of high-precision and high-resolution image sensors, the photography and measurement technology of aerial image have played an increasingly important role in today's geological survey. The traditional aeronautical measurement is carried out by a large manned aircraft. The collected measurement information has a large capacity and a wide shooting range, which is suitable (..)

DOI: 10.21307/ijanmc-2019-014

Incremental Association Rule Mining Algorithm Based on Hadoop

Zhu Ying/ Wang Jianguo

Abstract Aiming at the problems of low efficiency, low cost of time and space, this paper proposes an incremental association rule mining algorithm based on Hadoop load balancing. In combination with the tree structure, when the data in the database is constantly updated, it does not need to scan the original database to generate frequent item sets, and use the load balancing in the data distribution so that the master node distributes the data to the child nodes evenly. In the experiment of con(..)

DOI: 10.21307/ijanmc-2019-015

Anfis Coordination of Changes In Power Oscillation Damper Parameters with Variation In Power System Operating Point

Dr I. I. Alabi/ Dr A. I. Araga/ Mr Sabo Aliyu

Abstract In this paper an Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Controller was designed to adaptively adjust the parameters of a power Oscillation Damper as the power system operating point changes due to change in operating point in a large interconnected Network fitted with FACTS device and Power Oscillation Damper. As a foundational work the generalized mathematic model of multi-machine power system with embedded FACTS was developes. The results obtained clearly reveals the effectiveness of this approach.

DOI: 10.21307/ijanmc-2019-016

Analysis and Design of Image Segmentation Algorithm Based on Super-pixel and Graph Cut

Feng Xiao/ Hao Sun

Abstract Image segmentation has always been a research hotspot in computer vision. Traditional image segmentation is based on pixels, and it is difficult to achieve the desired target effect. The manual segmentation method is too cumbersome and has limited precision. There is a certain degree of instability in the selection of interactively segmented pixels, which will affect the final segmentation results to a large extent. In this paper, the superpixel block generated by the SLIC algorithm is (..)

DOI: 10.21307/ijanmc-2019-017

Remote ECG System Data Encryption Scheme

Liu Xin/ Wei Zhiqiang

Abstract The remote ECG communicates over the public Internet, and the public Internet security is not sufficient to ensure the information security of the remote ECG system. User data disclosure poses a security threat to the system. The ECG information security solution proposed in this paper adopts the method of preset multi-key-per-machine at the factory to avoid leakage caused by personnel factors, and uses the hash function to generate a secondary password for communication encryption duri(..)

DOI: 10.21307/ijanmc-2019-018

Solutions for Governance and Suppression of Power Harmonic in Cities

Li Xiangchu/ Zhang wei

Abstract Based on the current status of cities’ power supply and distribution system, this paper conducts theoretical and experimental investigations over the generation, harzards as well as the restraining and suppression techniques of power harmonics. A solution of scheme selection for controlling and suppressing power harmonics suitable for the current power supply and distribution system of big and medium-sized cities is proposed. This study not only provides important implications for big a(..)

DOI: 10.21307/ijanmc-2019-019

Implementation of Pan-Tilt System for Locating Based on ARM

Xu Shuping/ Chen Yiwei/ Zhang Zhiyong/ Li Hao

Abstract The purpose of this paper was to implement a cheaper Pan-Tilt System than the traditional one which based on servo. The hardware platform consisted of the module of locating perception, the s3c2440 controller and the driver of stepper, and the Pan-Tilt System could stabilize at positions at arm/Linux circumstances controlled by software we programmed. The Pan-Tilt System had higher stability of dynamic under the condition of low frequency of pulse or high subdivision, and higher precise(..)

DOI: 10.21307/ijanmc-2019-020

Traveling Route Generation Algorithm Based On LDA and Collaborative Filtering

Peng Cui/ Yuming Wang/ Chunmei Li

Abstract With the rapid development of China’s economy and the increase in tourism consumption, the number of people in traveling in domestic tourism has increased rapidly each year, and more travelers choose privately customized travel routes, so reasonable travel route is generated based on the actual users’ needs has become a hot research spot in the current industry and academia. However, as far as practical application is concerned, the planning of travel routes is a comprehensive and compl(..)

DOI: 10.21307/ijanmc-2019-021

Research of Oil Pump Control Based On Fuzzy Neural Network PID Algorithm

Chen Gong/ Shengquan Yang

Abstract In view of the fact that oil pumps exist in the more complex mountains and plains, external temperature, humidity, crude oil characteristics and other adverse factors make the oil pumps control system appear the problem of drift, Fuzzy neural network PID algorithm is studied and designed to realize controling the oil pump system in this paper, combined with the advantages of conventional PID control, fuzzy control and neural network control, the composition and structure of the oil pump(..)

DOI: 10.21307/ijanmc-2019-022

Research on Digital Modeling and Optimization of Virtual Reality Scene

Wenjing Xu/ Pingping Liu/ Zhaopan Lu

Abstract The research about the modeling simulation and optimization in virtual campus roaming system is based on virtual reality technology, VC+ + platform and OpenGL and 3D Max modeling technology, which has achieved the roaming system of virtual campus with a good feeling of realism and real-time interactivity. Users can roam in 3D virtual campus scene, which achieves the interactive operation of campus reality and meets the requirements of digital education training.

DOI: 10.21307/ijanmc-2019-023

One Novel Control Strategy for AC-DC-AC Converter Without DC Link Electrolytic Capacitor

Shihong Xie/ Yanjing Meng

Abstract A novel control strategy for ac-dc-ac converter without electrolytic capacitor is proposed to settle the disadvantage of the traditional converter caused by large electrolytic capacitors. This study is developed in four parts: first, after analyzing for the large electrolytic capacitor defect, one novel electrolytic capacitor-less converter and its control strategy are proposed; second, the efficiency of voltage conversion for the novel converter is deduced and compared with the convent(..)

DOI: 10.21307/ijanmc-2019-024

Application of Improved BP Neural Network in Hybrid Control Model of Lime Quality

Lingli Zhu/ Tingzhong Wang

Abstract In this paper, a method of combining neural network with expert system is proposed, which can realize the control model of real time feedback and control parameters. The model is based on the parameters of production condition, and the current lime quality is predicted. Through the quality of lime and control parameters, using association rule base of expert system, reasoning that lime control parameter adjustment, timely feedback to the lime production control system, to achieve the pu(..)

DOI: 10.21307/ijanmc-2019-025

Research on Noise Removal in Fiber Grating Sensing Signal

Xiaobo Zhou

Abstract Signal processing is one of the key technology of fiber grating sensor, noise interference on signal transmission, influence of fiber grating sensor practical application effect, in order to solve the noise problem of fiber grating sensing signal, design a denoising method of fiber grating sensing signal based on improved contourlet transform. The acquisition of fiber grating sensing signal firstly, and remove the unwanted signal, select the useful signal, then using contourlet transfor(..)

DOI: 10.21307/ijanmc-2019-026

Application of AGC Technology in Software Radio

Wu Hejing

Abstract The characteristics of software radio are flexibility, openness, scalability. The hardware platform of software radio should be a general platform. This paper discusses automatic gain control(AGC) technology in software radio receiver and introduces an AGC algorithm applicable for DSP implement. This algorithm is tested in matlab and simulation results are provided.

DOI: 10.21307/ijanmc-2019-027

Improvement and Realization of CamShift Algorithm Based MotionImage Tracking

Wang Yubian/ Yuri Shebzukhov

Abstract The detection and tracking technology of moving object image is one of the key technologies of computer vision, and is widely used in many fields such as industry, transportation, and military. The detection and tracing of moving object in the motion scenes based on the UAV platform is a technical difficulty in this field. In practical applications, the characteristics of complicated environment, small target object and moving platform require higher real-time performance and reliabilit(..)

DOI: 10.21307/ijanmc-2019-028

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