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Eat, Sleep, Work

Subject: Education, Multidisciplinary - Social Sciences


ISSN: 2205-0612
eISSN: 2206-5369





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Volume 2 (2017)
Volume 1 (2016)
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VOLUME 1 , ISSUE 1 (December 2016) - List of articles

Open Access

Behavioural Observation as a Means of Assessing Sleepiness Related Driving Impairment in Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Andrew Vakulin/ Jillian Dorrian/ Tristan R Duggan/ Carla A Litchfield/ Katherine J Cobb/ Nick A Antic/ Doug McEvoy/ Stuart D Baulk/ Peter G Catcheside

DOI: 10.21913/JDRSSesw.v1i1.981

Open Access

The impact of returning to a daytime schedule on sleep, performance and mood after simulated fixed and rotating split shift schedules

Stephanie Centofanti/ Michelle Short/ Cassie J Hilditch/ Jillian Dorrian/ Mark Kohler/ Siobhan Banks

DOI: 10.21913/JDRSSesw.v1i1.1224

Open Access

Can pregnant women accurately report snoring? A pilot study

Jane Warland/ Jacinta Carpentieri/ Jillian Dorrian

DOI: 10.21913/JDRSSesw.v1i1.1219

Open Access

Napping on night shift: Powerful tool or hazard?

Siobhan Banks/ Cassie Hilditch/ Stephanie Centofanti/ Jillian Dorrian

DOI: 10.21913/JDRSSesw.v1i1.1042

Open Access

The art of train driving: Flexing the boundaries to manage risk within an inflexible system

Anjum Naweed/ Valerie O’Keeffe/ Michelle R Tuckey

DOI: 10.21913/JDRSSesw.v1i1.1228

Open Access

Special Abstract Supplement, PhD Electronic Poster Evening, School of Psychology, Social Work and Social Policy, University of South Australia

John Mingoia/ MD S.R Jabin/ Cassie Hilditch/ Stephanie Newton Webb/ Sarah Mellish

DOI: 10.21913/JDRSSesw.v1i1.1109

Open Access

Special Abstract Supplement, Adelaide Sleep Retreat, 6th Annual Meeting, 2015

Emily Duncanson / Binh Truong / Justyna Pollok / Scott Coussens / Charlotte Gupta/ Zachariah Reuben Cross / Emily Watson / Yaroslava King / Bradley Smith / David Stevens

DOI: 10.21913/JDRSSesw.v1i1.1305

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