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South Australian Geographical Journal

Royal Geographical Society of South Australia

Subject: Environmental Studies , Geography , Geosciences , Planning & Development , Political Science , Urban Studies


ISSN: 1030-0481



South African migrants in Australia: an overview
Climate change adaptation for peri-urban horticulture: a case study of the Adelaide Hills apple and pear industry
Disintegration of cattle hoof prints in cracking-clay soils of the arid South Australian Stony Plains region during a wet period
Community gardens as pathways to community resilience? Reflections on a pilot study in Adelaide, South Australia

VOLUME 112 (2013) - List of articles

Terroir—towards a new perspective

Alex Martin

Terroir is the idea that the geographical area in which grapes are grown—its climate, geography, soil structure and mineral composition, vine adaptations, and so on—is manifest in the physical composition of wine. This paper presents a new perspective on the concept of terroir. It does so by reviewing traditional understandings of the idea, and a recent interpretation by Warren Moran, which is elaborated upon in a case study of the Coonawarra wine region. Key themes characterising the growth of (..)

DOI: 10.21307/sagj-2013-001

Iga—the tree that walked

Bob Ellis

The distribution of the native orange (Capparis mitchellii) in the Northern Flinders Ranges of South Australia is limited generally to a narrow corridor running from Moolawatana Station in the north, to Baratta Springs in the south, on the eastern side of the Ranges. The association of this favoured ‘bush tucker’ species with Aboriginal occupation sites within that area, and an Adnyamathanha narrative tradition which attributes the origin of the tree in this area to direct human intervention, su(..)

DOI: 10.21307/sagj-2013-002

Landform terminology—some problems addressed

Rowl Twidale/ Jennie Bourne

Landform geography or geomorphology lacks an agreed system of terminology. As a result the meaning of many familiar terms has changed over time, some in response to new interpretations, others because of misuse, and yet others for etymological reasons. Attention is drawn to examples and improvements suggested.  

DOI: 10.21307/sagj-2013-003

The River Torrens—friend and foe

Richard Venus

DOI: 10.21307/sagj-2013-004

Naming places—on and around Kangaroo Island

Joshua Nash

DOI: 10.21307/sagj-2013-005

Classics of South Australian geography

DOI: 10.21307/sagj-2013-006


DOI: 10.21307/sagj-2013-007

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