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South Australian Geographical Journal

Royal Geographical Society of South Australia

Subject: Environmental Studies , Geography , Geosciences , Planning & Development , Political Science , Urban Studies


ISSN: 1030-0481



South African migrants in Australia: an overview
Climate change adaptation for peri-urban horticulture: a case study of the Adelaide Hills apple and pear industry
Disintegration of cattle hoof prints in cracking-clay soils of the arid South Australian Stony Plains region during a wet period
Community gardens as pathways to community resilience? Reflections on a pilot study in Adelaide, South Australia

VOLUME 115 , ISSUE 1 (December 2019) - List of articles

The Use of Travel Time to Measure Geographic Accessibility to Breast Screening Services in New South Wales, Australia Short Paper

Deborah van Gaans/ Neil Coffee/ Theo Niyonsenga/ Catherine Miles/ Matthew Warner-Smith/ Mark Daniel/ David Roder/ Daniel J. Weiss

Abstract In 2018, the World Health Organization set a goal to increase the proportion of breast cancers identified at an early stage. Early detection allows for more effective treatment and a reduction in the risk of death from breast cancer. Poor access may restrict participation in screening, diagnostic and treatment services, with flow-on effects on stage at diagnosis and survival. This paper presents spatial analysis of travel time to breast screening services in New South Wales, Australia t(..)

DOI: 10.21307/sagj-2019-001

Understanding Singaporean migrants in South Australia

Hannah Barbour

Abstract Australia attracts skilled migrants from a wide range of countries. Using a quantitative approach, the study aims to explore why Singaporeans have chosen to live and work in South Australia. The migration histories of 45 Singaporeans in South Australia were documented, which were disaggregated by temporary and permanent settlement. The reasons for migration varied across both populations, but it was found that religion was identified as the main factor for strong and ongoing ties to bot(..)

DOI: 10.21307/sagj-2019-002

Painted Records of Place: a return to lived experience and systematics

Sue Michael

Abstract Explorers in earlier centuries utilised visual artists’ skills in drawing and painting geographical records. A particular branch of Visual Art was melded with Geography and constituted the early transdisciplinary relationships that this paper now draws inspiration from, to supplement the recent forays geographers have taken into installations, video and digital representations. This paper explores the ways in which art and geography as two disciplines can work together. Using the system(..)

DOI: 10.21307/sagj-2019-003

Towards sustainability: The feasibility of a sustainability hub in Clare and the Mid North, South Australia

Bridie Meyer-McLean/ Simon Millcock

Abstract Sustainability is an increasing focus for local governments and communities, especially regional areas in Australia and internationally. Climate change impacts are increasingly significant and adaptation agendas are required to meet the social, economic, and environmental needs of existing and future generations without exhausting natural resources or degrading the quality of the natural environment. Sustainability hubs and centres are being advanced as one mechanism to educate the broa(..)

DOI: 10.21307/sagj-2019-004

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