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Vision Rehabilitation International

Former title: International Journal of Orientation & Mobility

Guide Dogs NSW/ACT

Subject: Health Care Sciences & Services , Medicine , Rehabilitation


eISSN: 2652-3647



The ROAM Project Part 1: Exploring new frontiers in video conferencing to expand the delivery of remote O&M services in regional Western Australia

VOLUME 11 , ISSUE 1 (Jun 2020) - List of articles

Survey-Based Learning of Interns in Orientation and Mobility Program

Nora Griffin-Shirley/ Jaehoon Lee/ The Nguyen/ Vitalis Othuon/ Anita Page

Abstract Background: This study examined how students enrolled in a university orientation and mobility personnel preparation program in the Southwestern part of the United States perceived their competency levels regarding their knowledge of orientation and mobility principles and applications. This graduate master’s degree or certification program includes students with various backgrounds (e.g., special education teachers, social workers, general education teachers). Method: To enter this Ori(..)

DOI: 10.21307/vri-2020-001

Eye tracking and virtual reality in the rehabilitation of mobility of hemianopia patients: a user experience study

Birte Gestefeld/ Jan Koopman/ Anne Vrijling/ Frans W. Cornelissen/ Gera de Haan

Abstract Purpose: To test the usability of eye tracking and virtual reality during vision rehabilitation training of hemianopia patients. Methods: Individuals with hemianopia (n = 13) and normal-sighted controls (n = 4) performed various exercises that are commonly used in vision rehabilitation for mobility, while wearing a head-mounted eye tracker or a head-mounted virtual reality (VR) display. Occupational therapists (n = 4) guided them through the exercises. All participants (including therap(..)

DOI: 10.21307/vri-2020-002

A Need for Interdisciplinary Personnel to Serve Students with DeafBlindness: A Literature Review

Phoebe Okungu/ Nora Griffin-Shirley/ Charity Gamboa Embley/ The Nguyen/ Vitalis Othuon

Abstract This article presents a narrative review of research revealing a need for professionals trained to serve students with DeafBlindness. The synthesis was conducted to glean evidence from the literature and to answer questions regarding the need for professionals to serve children with DeafBlindness. Twelve articles provided the needed evidence under the following identified themes: the need for resources and services for students with low-incidence disabilities including DeafBlindness, th(..)

DOI: 10.21307/vri-2020-003

Learning to scan for approaching vehicles efficiently with a visual impairment

Dona Sauerburger/ Eugene Bourquin

Abstract Detection of vehicles is a critical skill for students learning to cross streets. Some people with visual impairments who can see approaching vehicles well while attending for them may have difficulty doing so when looking from side to side to check for sufficient clearance to cross. People with severely restricted visual fields may miss seeing vehicles that are very close to them unless they scan sufficiently slowly, and people with severe visual acuity loss may miss seeing vehicles th(..)

DOI: 10.21307/vri-2020-004

Rehabilitative effect of the patterned stimulation with MP1 microperimeter in homonymous hemianopia

Francesca de Rossi/ Margherita Guidobaldi/ Umberto Moscato/ Camillo Marra/ Filippo Amore

Background: Background: MP-1 microperimeter (NIDEK Technologies) is equipped with a visual rehabilitation tool used until now to rehabilitate patients with low visual acuity. Because the patterned stimulation might activate surviving neurons in areas of residual vision, in our work we want to verify the possibility to rehabilitate patients with visual field defects and foveal sparing, to obtain vision restoration and visual field enlargement. Methods: Methods: Ten consecutive patients (7 females(..)

DOI: 10.21307/vri-2020-005

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