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Journal of Epileptology

Foundation of Epileptology

Subject: Medicine


ISSN: 2299-9728
eISSN: 2300-0147



The interrelationship between clinical and immunity variables in epilepsy

VOLUME 27 (2019) - List of articles

Ictal asystole with reduced cardiac sympathetic function in new-onset symptomatic epilepsy

Julia Matzen/ Friedhelm C. Schmitt/ Michael C. Kreissl/ Jürgen Voges/ Hans-Jochen Heinze/ Imke Galazky

Introduction. Introduction. So far, cardiac sympathetic dysfunction, demonstrated in pharmacoresistant epilepsy patients with ictal bradycardia or asystole by I-123 metaiodobenzylguanidine (I-123 MIBG) imaging has been attributed to repeated occurrence of seizure activity. Aim. Aim. Discussion of the mechanisms of cardiac sympathetic dysfunction associated with ictal asystole under consideration of a case with new onset epilepsy. Materials and methods. Materials and methods. We describe the occu(..)

DOI: 10.21307/jepil-2019-0001

Published Online: 16-February-2019

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