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International Network for Social Network Analysis

Subject: Multidisciplinary - Social Sciences


ISSN: 0226-1766



Strategic and Genetic Networking: Relational Endowment in a Local Cultural Offer
A Visual Data Collection Method: German Local Parties and Associations

VOLUME 39 , ISSUE 1 (Mar 2019) - List of articles

Networks of Canadian Business Elites: Historical Corporate Interlock Networks circa 1912

Jon MacKay

Abstract This paper provides details about a historical dataset of Canadian corporations and business elites who served on corporate boards circa 1912. The source of this corporate interlock data is the Directory of Directors in Canada, 1912, a public domain volume listing Canadian public companies in Canada. Because these data are thought to be of interest not only to network researchers, but also to business historians and management scholars, an attempt has been made to make the data as easy (..)

DOI: 10.21307/connections-2019-001

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