Short-term treatment effects of the quad-helix appliance on dentofacial morphology of hyperdivergent patients


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Short-term treatment effects of the quad-helix appliance on dentofacial morphology of hyperdivergent patients

Saori Endo / Wataru Yamada / Isao Shundo / Yoshiki Kobayashi / Akira Komatsuzaki / Toshiya Endo *

Citation Information : Australasian Orthodontic Journal. Volume 32, Issue 2, Pages 211-220, DOI:

License : (CC BY 4.0)

Published Online: 30-July-2021



Objectives: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of short-term expansion treatment using the quad-helix appliance on dentofacial morphology in orthodontic patients presenting with a hyperdivergent facial pattern.

Methods: The treatment group consisted of 40 patients with a hyperdivergent facial pattern, who were treated for maxillary incisor crowding with a quad-helix appliance during the mixed dentition period. Lateral cephalograms taken at the start (T0) and end (T1) of the treatment were obtained as a course of care. A similar number of patients, who possessed the same type of facial pattern and who remained untreated, were assigned to a control group. Two consecutive lateral cephalograms of each untreated patient were taken at the same time points as T0 and T1. All cephalograms were traced, analysed and compared between the two groups.

Results: The treatment changes as a result of the quad-helix appliance were expressed in an upward rotation of the mandible (2.34°) and distal tipping and impeded mesial movement of the maxillary first molars. Significant differences were evident between the treatment and control groups.

Conclusion: Quad-helix appliance treatment can be appropriate for significantly decreasing the mandibular plane angle in hyperdivergent patients presenting with moderate maxillary incisor crowding and a positive overjet and overbite.

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