Vibration Analysis of Cantilever Smart Structure by using Piezoelectric Smart Material


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International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems

Professor Subhas Chandra Mukhopadhyay

Exeley Inc. (New York)

Subject: Computational Science & Engineering, Engineering, Electrical & Electronic


eISSN: 1178-5608



VOLUME 4 , ISSUE 3 (September 2011) > List of articles

Vibration Analysis of Cantilever Smart Structure by using Piezoelectric Smart Material

K. B. Waghulde * / Dr. Bimlesh Kumar *

Keywords : Smart structure, Smart materials, vibration analysis, vibration control, cantilever beam, cantilever plate.

Citation Information : International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems. Volume 4, Issue 3, Pages 353-375, DOI:

License : (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

Received Date : 21-June-2011 / Accepted: 12-August-2011 / Published Online: 01-September-2011



The field of smart structures and smart materials has been an emerging area of research for last few decades. A smart structure would be able to sense the vibration and generate a controlled actuation to it, so the vibration can be minimized. For this purpose, smart materials are used as actuators and sensors. In this paper, some literature review is given about smart structure and smart material. Piezoelectric material is used as smart material and cantilever beam is considered as a smart structure. Different positions are considered for the model analysis. In this case, the modal analysis are found out by using ANSYS and MATLAB.

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