Face Recognition of the Rhinopithecus Roxellana QinlingensisBased on Improved HOG and Sparse Representation


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International Journal of Advanced Network, Monitoring and Controls

Xi'an Technological University

Subject: Computer Science, Software Engineering


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VOLUME 2 , ISSUE 4 (December 2017) > List of articles

Face Recognition of the Rhinopithecus Roxellana QinlingensisBased on Improved HOG and Sparse Representation

Cuan Ying / Shi Yaojie

Keywords : Rhinopithecus roxellana qinlingensis, Face recognition, Histogram of Oriented Gradient, Sparse Dictionary, Sparse Representation

Citation Information : International Journal of Advanced Network, Monitoring and Controls. Volume 2, Issue 4, Pages 194-198, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1109/iccnea.2017.42

License : (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

Published Online: 24-April-2018



With the researches on face recognition of Rhinopithecusroxellanaqinlingensis, this thesis comes up with some methods that refining traditional HOG and Sparse Representation in order to improve the efficiency in recognizing golden monkeys. As we know, improved HOG is an optimal way to show partial information of an image. Besides, it can also plays an crucial role in staying stability in both optical and geometric distortion, which means the changes in expressions, postures and angles of golden monkeys can also be ignored. By using these characteristics as a alternation of original images to be a part of Sparse dictionary, and make a facial recognition on golden monkey with Sparse Representation, which can be a ideal method to erase many unnecessary messages and improve the accuracy on facial recognition of golden monkeys. Compared with mainstream method in recognition, this method is more reliable and effective and has a higher efficiency in recognition.

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