Redefinition of Genus Malenchus Andrassy, 1968 (Tylenchomorpha: Tylenchidae) with Additional Data on Ecology


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Redefinition of Genus Malenchus Andrassy, 1968 (Tylenchomorpha: Tylenchidae) with Additional Data on Ecology


Keywords : Duosulcius, Filenchus, morphology, Ottolenchus, taxonomy, Tylenchomorpha, Zanenchus.

Citation Information : Journal of Nematology. Volume 49, Issue 2, Pages 189-206, DOI:

License : (CC BY 4.0)

Received Date : 23-March-2017 / Published Online: 21-July-2017



Malenchus is the second specious genus in Tylenchidae. In the presented study, we examined 22 populations including 12
type/paratype species. Detailed morphology was recovered using light microscopy, scanning- and transmission- electron microscopy. All population and type slides were recorded as picture and video vouchers, which are available online. We have compared inter- or intraspecific variations and extracted taxonomically informative traits. Amended definitions of the Malenchus as well as the closely related Ottolenchus were given based on a combination of morphology and recent molecular data, and their phylogeny were analyzed in a context of Tylenchidae. Furthermore, we test different fungi and moss as a food resource of Malenchus and their feeding behavior is also discussed.

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