Adrenal abscess in a 3-week-old neonate – a case report


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Journal of Ultrasonography

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Subject: Medicine


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VOLUME 15 , ISSUE 63 (December 2015) > List of articles

Adrenal abscess in a 3-week-old neonate – a case report

Małgorzata Rumińska * / Ewelina Witkowska-Sędek / Stanisław Warchoł / Teresa Dudek-Warchoł / Michał Brzewski / Beata Pyrżak

Keywords : adrenal abscess, adrenal hematoma, neonates, US, CT

Citation Information : Journal of Ultrasonography. Volume 15, Issue 63, Pages 429-437, DOI:

License : (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

Received Date : 23-October-2015 / Accepted: 28-October-2015 / Published Online: 13-September-2016



The authors present a case of a 6-year-old boy operated on in the 4th week of life because of adrenal abscess. The diagnosis of an adrenal abscess in the neonatal period is challenging due to its rare occurrence and non-specifi c signs. Adrenal abscesses can develop via two mechanisms: as a result of a hematogenic infection and a spread of bacteria to “normal” adrenal glands or, which is much more common, a complication of an adrenal hematoma. Early and accurate diagnosis is crucial for appropriate therapeutic management. Imaging, including ultrasound, can be problematic. The fi nal diagnosis is frequently established on the basis of a histological examination of a surgical specimen.

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