Exeley Invites Early Adopters to Test Its Technology at No Cost

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30-June-2016 ,  Press Room - Press Room

Exeley is delighted to announce a launch of new Early Adopter Program as of the 1st of July 2016. The Program will last until the end of the year and all of the editors, societies and journal owners are invited to join and take advantage of the program.  

The Exeley Early Adopter Program enables participants to test Exeley’s platform and services free of charge, allowing them to benefit from the most advantageous technology currently available on the market. Exeley will provide each of the collaborating journals with a website profile for the period of 3 months, and publish one full, editor-selected issue on the platform. Additionally, a special marketing campaign will be introduced in order to promote a nominated article through social media and newswire sites.

In exchange for the complimentary service, Exeley appreciates feedback regarding our tested solutions and services, and your recommendation to industry peers and colleagues using your network and social media channels.

The Early Adopter Program gives a unique opportunity to access Exeley’s technology and services, for an exchange of ideas and assistance in further development of the product. The cooperation with Exeley will enhance authors' and readers' experience by introducing a responsive web design, article alerting service, live links and statistical data (including altmetrics service from Plum Analytics), and most importantly - increasing the visibility of the journal’s content.

Please contact Exeley (http://www.exeley.com/contactUs) in order to learn more about the program and sign up now!

Exeley Announces A New Partnership With The Operations Research Society Of Taiwan

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29-June-2016 ,  Press Room - Press Room

The Operations Research Society of Taiwan was created in 2003 in order to promote the advancement and practice of operations research in Taiwan, and to provide more services for professionals, academics, and the industry. Its engagement in operations and management science covers a broad spectrum of topics including engineering, information management, civil engineering, architecture, mathematics, business administration, management and transportation science.

Exeley will provide the Society with a professional publishing platform as well as advanced technology, in order to increase the visibility of its flagship journal, The International Journal of Operations Research, by integrating content with Abstracting and Indexing databases, world-wide libraries and social media sites.

Exeley Presents “PlumX”, The Most Comprehensive Metrics Product On The Market

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16-June-2016 ,  Press Room - Press Room

PlumX, provided by Plum Analytics in collaboration with EBSCO, is the first altmetrics tracking product that moves beyond article metrics and records all scientific output, regardless of its form.

Altmetrics data was originally proposed as an alternative to more traditional citation impact metrics in order to deliver a more complete picture of the research that is being produced and published. Compared to the different tracking products available today, PlumX stands out as an innovative tool, bringing a new era of scholarly data analysis.

Not all metrics are created equal. For that reason, PlumX collects information across five groups—usage, mentions, captures, social media and citations. The data goes beyond measuring the statistics for downloaded articles, but also reports on blog and media posts, datasets, letters, interviews, and webpages. PlumX collects information on clicks, likes, comments, views, downloads, citation indexes and much more.

The information gathered is presented in the form of a colorful widget embedded directly on the article page. The widget gives a broad overview of the calculated results in a simple and easy to understand format.

PlumX is a truly powerful tool for categorizing and augmenting traditional metrics for scientific journals and research. Exeley is honored to work with Plum Analytics to enhance the service offered to authors, editors, librarians, and scientists alike.

Exeley and Polish Histochemical and Cytochemical Society Announce Partnership

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13-June-2016 ,  Press Room - Press Room

Exeley is pleased to debut Folia Histochemica et Cytobiologica, a scientific quarterly publication by the Polish Histochemical and Cytochemical Society.

The Society was created in 1957 as an initiative of Prof. Henry Godlewski in order to promote research conducted with the use of advanced morphological and molecular techniques. In 1961 the Editorial Committee of Folia Histochemica et Cytochemica was announced and Prof. Joseph Niweliński became its Editor-in-Chief. As a direct result of his efforts, in 1974 the journal was accepted to Thomson Reuters’ Current Contents (Life Sciences) database. In 1983 the journal’s title was changed to Folia Histochemica et Cytobiologica in order to accommodate papers dealing with cell and tissue biology.

The cooperation between the Polish Histochemical and Cytochemical Society and Exeley aims to provide the audience of the quarterly with newest technology and features, such as such as an article alerting service, and live links and advanced statistical data that enable both editors and readers to track the development and increasing visibility of the published papers.

Featured Technology University in the Baltics States begins cooperation with Exeley

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10-June-2016 ,  Press Room - Press Room

Exeley is proud to announce a collaboration with Kaunas University of Technology – a university that was founded in 1922 as the first independent higher education institution in Lithuania. The University is currently one the largest technological universities in the Baltics States, well known for its linkages with business as well as cutting-edge developments in various scientific fields.

Together with KTU Exeley is going to publish three peer-reviewed journals:

- European Integration Studies

- Journal of Sustainable Architecture and Civil Engineering

- Studies About Languages

Exeley will provide the journals with a professional publishing platform as well as advanced technology, which will increase their visibility by integrating content with Abstracting and Indexing databases, world-wide libraries and social media sites.

New medical titles join Exeley's platform

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09-June-2016 ,  Press Room - Press Room

Medical Communications is a Polish medical publisher of scientific journals, present on the market since 1998. It aim is to bring to practitioners the latest research results, news is theory and practice and enable them to share their knowledge and experience with international scientific community.

Exeley is going to publish three renowned titles in cooperation with Medical Communications:

- Current Gynecologic Oncology

- Pediatria i Medycyna Rodzinna

- Journal of Ultrasonography

taking care of their growing visibility and position within scholarly market of scientific publications.

AGH University of Science and Technology - a new partner of Exeley

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08-June-2016 ,  Press Room - Press Room

AGH University of Science and Technology, one of the oldest and most renowned technical universities in Poland, located in Cracow, will publish one of its leading journals, Managerial Economics, in partnership with Exeley.

Managerial Economics is a semi-annual publication that focuses on the area of economic analysis and optimal decision-making. Papers investigate functioning mechanisms of modern economies and factors necessary for implementation of a given economic project. In 2015 Managerial Economics received a high number of 13 points in the Journal Ranking Index published by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, becoming one of the top publications on this list.

Exeley will provide the journal with a well-designed and technologically advanced publishing platform as well as number of services, which will increase its visibility and impact by integration of content with social media sites, Abstracting and Indexing databases and world-wide libraries.

Exeley partners with Silesian University of Technology

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07-June-2016 ,  Press Room - Press Room

Transport Problems is a journal owned by the Faculty of Transport at Silesian University of Technology, located in Poland. The Faculty carries out different research projects every year, implements new designs and proposes communication solutions for the region. Its area of research concentrates on transport logistics and safety, dynamics of vehicles, alternative fuels usage and vehicle exploitation.

Transport Problems focuses on all aspects related to various means of transport, such as: transport law, investigation of accidents, infrastructure maintenance and costs, technologies and operational patterns, technical inspection systems and rationality in transport planning.

Cooperation with Exeley aims to enhance authors' and readers' experience by introduction of responsive web design, article alerting service, live links and statistical data. Exeley's objective is to ensure journal's constant development and increased visibility through access to the most advanced publishing technology.

Exeley partners with Vlokh Institute of Physical Optics

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06-June-2016 ,  Press Room - Press Room

Exeley is pleased to announce that in cooperation with Vlokh Institute of Physical Optics it will publish in an Open Access format its renowned journal - Ukrainian Journal of Physical Optics.

The journal was founded by the Institute of Physical Optics of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in 2000. It is a scientific, referred publication that focuses on operation of optoelectronic devices and systems, optical properties and various aspects related to optic science. Since its birth it has gained international recognition, became included in major indexing databases (such as SCOPUS and Thomson Reuters), and received its first Impact Factor in 2010.

Exeley will provide Ukrainian Journal of Physical Optics with technologically advanced platform and a number of publishing services, such as graphical abstracts, live links and responsive web design, assisting the journal in its mission to support fundamental and application research in physical optics.

Sample of Science Joins Exeley

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01-June-2016 ,  Press Room - Press Room

We are pleased to announce that Exeley has partnered with Sample of Science, a scholarly publication platform that allows researchers to publish and share scientific samples in physics, chemistry and the material sciences.

Exeley and Sample of Science have united in order to provide an enhanced service in an increasingly expanding Open Access market. Exeley will take care of allocation of DOI numbers, metadata and content distribution as well as creation of live links in order to promote easy sharing of materials. Researches will also benefit from such solutions as an article alert service, live links, and social media integration, assuring the continuation of their research based on the results already published.

Exeley begins collaboration with a renowned psychiatric journal from Scandinavia

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01-June-2016 ,  Press Room - Press Room

The Scandinavian Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychology (SJCAPP) is an international scientific journal focused on research findings in the field of child and adolescent psychiatry and psychology.

The journal is aimed at practitioners from all disciplines relevant to the field who publish high-quality articles on diagnosis, assessment, treatments, cognition, genetics, and other aspects related to mental disorders in children, adolescents and families.

Exeley and the Scandinavian Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychology aim to provide an enhanced experience to the journal’s audience by introducing such services as: registration of DOI numbers, creation of live links or social media integration, promotion of the continuing research, and popularization of its scientific findings.


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01-June-2016 ,  Press Room - Press Room

Exeley Inc., a newly incorporated publishing start-up specialized in the publication of Open Access journals, is announcing its official launch as of the 1st of June 2016. The New York based company combines expertise and best practices with the most advanced technological solutions currently available on the market. In cooperation with the biggest players in the publishing industry, Exeley offers societies innovative solutions that will transform the way scholarly content is brought to the world.

Exeley works in close tandem with MPS Technologies, a leading software and platform provider that brings solutions focused on making e-content and digital delivery processes more efficient. The professional publishing platform designed by MPS Technologies reflects its extensive knowledge in the challenges of the industry, enabling Exeley to offer its clients unique software solutions that make digital delivery processes more efficient, and content easily available.

Amongst the technological solutions delivered, the functionalities include responsive webpage design and social media integration and performance metrics. The performance metrics are available for each article and record citations as well as track Internet traffic that each article receives.

 “We believe that when it comes to online publication of scientific content, today’s market expects something more than only high-quality papers. Users, both readers and journal editors, expect accessible websites that present the content in a functional and aesthetic way,” said Dawid Cecula, CEO of Exeley. “Therefore, we deliver technology-driven solutions that are capable of addressing the specific requirements and needs of our clients”.

In addition to providing technology that enhances the readers’ experience, Exeley enables editors to track the development of their publication to ensure its increasing visibility. In cooperation with Aries Systems, the company provides online systems that allow editors to monitor the whole peer review and production process - from manuscript submission to final composition tracking.

Exeley offers journals and their owners an innovative range of services that integrate publications with online content, social media, databases and libraries. The launch of the company was supported by a number of society publications, including journals indexed by Thomson Reuters.