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23-August-2016 ,  Press Room - Press Room

We are pleased to announce that the journals published by Exeley were added to JournalTOCs database.

Exeley Announces Partnership with Polish Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (PTMST)

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22-August-2016 ,  Press Room - Press Room

Polish Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (PTMST) is a Polish society devoted to the field of theoretical and applied mechanics. Originally created in 1958, the society currently cooperates with various research organizations, broadening research in such areas as mathematics, biomechanics and electrotechnics. Exeley will publish the flagship quarterly issue of PTMST, The Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics. The journal has a long publication history, being announced for the first time in 1963 when it started to publish under the title of Mechanika Teoretyczna i Stosowana.

The cooperation between PTMST and Exeley aims to provide the audience with new technology and services such as live links and article alerting, thereby promoting the continuation of its research mission and augmenting the distribution of its scientific findings.