Exeley Presents “PlumX”, The Most Comprehensive Metrics Product On The Market

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26-September-2016 ,  Press Room - Press Room

PlumX, provided by Plum Analytics in collaboration with EBSCO, is the first altmetrics tracking product that moves beyond article metrics and records all scientific output, regardless of its form.

Altmetrics data was originally proposed as an alternative to more traditional citation impact metrics in order to deliver a more complete picture of the research that is being produced and published. Compared to the different tracking products available today, PlumX stands out as an innovative tool, bringing a new era of scholarly data analysis.

Not all metrics are created equal. For that reason, PlumX collects information across five groups—usage, mentions, captures, social media and citations. The data goes beyond measuring the statistics for downloaded articles, but also reports on blog and media posts, datasets, letters, interviews, and webpages. PlumX collects information on clicks, likes, comments, views, downloads, citation indexes and much more.

The information gathered is presented in the form of a colorful widget embedded directly on the article page. The widget gives a broad overview of the calculated results in a simple and easy to understand format.

PlumX is a truly powerful tool for categorizing and augmenting traditional metrics for scientific journals and research. Exeley is honored to work with Plum Analytics to enhance the service offered to authors, editors, librarians, and scientists alike.

Exeley Introduces Advanced Platform Functionalities

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22-September-2016 ,  Press Room - Press Room

At Exeley we are committed to offering the most advanced technological solutions that are currently available on the market. Our platform delivers the popular and well-known functions that many editors and readers may be accustomed to and is enhanced with a range of pioneering options and novelties that bring a modern perspective to scientific publishing.

ALERTING - Exeley provides free automatic notifications about newly published issues directly to the email box of anyone who has subscribed.

CONTENT SHARING AND SEARCHING – The platform offers various searching and sorting options allowing users to find the content in a fast and convenient way and to share it with the peers through email and social media sites. What is more, the articles can be easily cited by using the “Export Citation” button that provides citation data in the three most common referencing styles.

EXTRA FILES AND GRAPHICAL ABSTRACTS – The published materials can be enhanced by a number of additional materials as well as graphical abstracts that boost citability and help scientists to identify which papers are most relevant to their research.

LIVE REFERENCE LINKS – Exeley offers extensive linking services from material published on its platform to the cited data in abstracting and indexing services and other publishers’ websites via CrossRef linking system and allocation of DOI numbers.

FULL-TEXT XML – at Exeley, we firmly believe that content should be freely available to anyone interested, without additional restrictions such as a need to download the full-text version of an article separately. As a result, we provide a full-text XML service that offers maximum freedom to the readers, who can now can read any paper directly on their preferred devices.

ARTICLE METRICS – Exeley provides a broad range of various metrics and statistical data that facilitate the performance measurement of published content. The metrics are divided into three groups: Real Time Stats, PlumX, and Social Media and give an overview of visits and page views, report on blog and media posts and collect information on clicks, likes, and comments.

RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN – At Exeley, we know that data accessibility and smooth navigation of content are paramount. Our platform provides you with responsive web design so that you can read content on the go on any smartphone or tablet, and benefit from fast and easy web browsing. Our technology adjusts automatically, optimizing the look and performance of the website so that you may view content that is optimized for your preferred device.