Antiviral Resistance of Splenocytes in Aged Mice


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Antiviral Resistance of Splenocytes in Aged Mice

Ewa Zaczyńska * / Jolanta Artym / Maja Kocięba / Timo Burster / Marian Kruzel / Maria Paprocka / Michał Zimecki

Keywords : immune ageing, lactoferrin, mice, splenocytes, viral resistance

Citation Information : Polish Journal of Microbiology. Volume 66, Issue 1, Pages 131-134, DOI:

License : (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

Received Date : 03-December-2015 / Accepted: 04-January-2017 / Published Online: 30-March-2017



We compared the susceptibility to viral infection of splenocytes, isolated from young versus old CBA mice, and evaluated the antiviral actions of lactoferrin in splenocytes infected with Encephalomyocarditis virus (EMCV). Recombinant mouse lactoferrin (rmLF) and bovine lactoferrin (bLF) were used. There were no differences in the susceptibility to EMCV infection in the studied age categories. Both types of lactoferrins were protective in young and old mice. The study confirmed the undisturbed viral resistance in old mice and the protective actions of lactoferrin in viral infection. The antiviral action of the homologous mouse lactoferrin was demonstrated for the first time.

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