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Research Article


during stressful conditions, among others. H. pylori OMV mediate transfer of virulence factors such as toxins and immunomodulatory compounds. They contribute to avoiding a response from the host immune system and inducing chronic gastritis. OMV secretion also affects the formation of cell aggregates, microcolonies and biofilm matrix. Enhanced OMV production is connected to maintenance of direct contact through cell-cell and cell-surface interactions. A key component of OMV, which determines their

Paweł Krzyżek

Postępy Mikrobiologii - Advancements of Microbiology , ISSUE 3, 316–325

Original Paper

Non-invasive Diagnostic of Helicobacter pylori in Stools by Nested-qPCR

followed by qPCR of the ureC gene of H. pylori was carried out. We evaluated the presence of H. pylori, in 103 females and 40 males, mean (± SD) age of 56.5 ± 14.18. The sensitivity of RUT to detect the infection was 67.0% (95% C.I.: 57.2 – 75.8) and specificity was 92.3% (95% C.I.: 76.5 – 99.1). Histology by Giemsa stain, commonly used as a reference for H. pylori detection, showed a sensitivity of 98.6% (95% C.I.: 92.5 – 100.0) and a specificity of 89.7% (95% C.I.: 72.7 – 97.8). In contrast

María I. Taborda, Gisela Aquea, Yenny Nilo, Karla Salvatierra, Nicolás López, Sergio López, Gustavo Bresky, Juan A. Madariaga, Vittorio Zaffiri, Sergio Häberle, Giuliano Bernal

Polish Journal of Microbiology , ISSUE 1, 11–18

Original Paper

Relationship between ureB Sequence Diversity, Urease Activity and Genotypic Variations of Different Helicobacter pylori Strains in Patients with Gastric Disorders

Association of the severity of Helicobacter pylori induced diseases with virulence entity of the colonized strains was proven in some studies. Urease has been demonstrated as a potent virulence factor for H. pylori. The main aim of this study was investigation of the relationships of ureB sequence diversity, urease activity and virulence genotypes of different H. pylori strains with histopathological changes of gastric tissue in infected patients suffering from different gastric disorders

Hossein Ghalehnoei, Alireza Ahmadzadeh, Nastaran Farzi, Masoud Alebouyeh, Hamid Asadzadeh Aghdaei, Pedram Azimzadeh, Mahsa Molaei, Mohammad Reza Zali

Polish Journal of Microbiology , ISSUE 2, 153–159

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