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Research Article | 26-September-2018

First Report of Cactodera estonica in Canada

1,363 bps, respectively, were deposited in Genbank with accession numbers MF774482 and MF774483. When blasted in to the NCBI database (August 2017), the ITS sequence was 99% similar to sequences of AF274417, a population of C. estonica from Belgium and of KX579922 from Turkey, and the D2/D3 sequence was 99% similar to sequences of HM560797 and HM560796, populations of C. estonica from China. This is the first reported case of this nematode species in Canada and the second for the western hemisphere


Journal of Nematology, Volume 49 , ISSUE 4, 403–403

Article | 24-July-2017

First Report of the Fig Cyst Nematode, Heterodera fici Kirjanova, on Fig Tree, Ficus carica, in Ontario, Canada

Although fig trees are a popular ornamental fruit tree in subtropical regions, some hardy species, such as Ficus carica, have been grown in the west coast of British Columbia and southern Ontario in Canada. The fig cyst nematode, Heterodera fici Kirjanova, is a pest on fig plants, and the heavy infestation can cause retarded growth and yellowing of leaves (Maqbool et al., 1987). In the spring of 2016, a sample of rhizosphere from a potted fig (F. carica) seedling was submitted to the


Journal of Nematology, Volume 49 , ISSUE 2, 131–132

research-article | 30-November-2019

The effectiveness of changes to drug policy, regulation and legislation for reducing harms associated with opioids and supporting their medicinal use in Australia, Canada and the UK: A systematic review

medically appropriate, for fear of legal consequences (Wang and Christo, 2009). Time and effort may be better spent on other preventative work, such as more investment in access to pain management clinics and services (Larance et al., 2018). Generally, there is a major gap in knowledge about which drug policy changes in Australia, Canada and the UK may or may not work best, and researchers have called for greater understanding of their impact (National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction

Ben O’Mara

Evidence Base, Volume 2020 , ISSUE 2, 79–110

Article | 11-March-2021

Creative Sovereignties and Fiscal Relations

In 2019 I completed my Master of Arts degree at the Faculty of Native Studies, University of Alberta, exploring the topic of fiscal relations between Canada and Treaty 6 First Nations in Alberta: historically; contemporaneously; and what, optimistically, they might look like in the future. I am merely a ‘part-time’ academic, and my interest in this topic stems from my professional engagement with the contemporary realities of these fiscal relationships on a day-to-day basis as a bureaucrat


Borderlands, Volume 19 , ISSUE 2, 97–129

Article | 11-March-2021

Generative Refusal: Creative Practice and Relational Indigenous Sovereignty


Borderlands, Volume 19 , ISSUE 2, 157–171

Research Article | 03-September-2018

Molecular Characterization and Phylogeny of Ditylenchus weischeri from Cirsium arvense in the Prairie Provinces of Canada

Ditylenchus weischeri that parasitizes the weed Cirsium arvense (L.) Scop., 1772, (creeping thistle) was described in 2011 from Russia based on their morphology, ITS-RFLP analysis, and Hsp90 gene sequence of a few individuals and one field collection of the plant. More recently, we found C. arvense parasitized by D. weischeri in the Prairie Provinces of Canada. Plant host preference for D. weischeri was also distinct from D. dipsaci (Kühn) Filipjev, 1936. In the current study, a comprehensive

Mehrdad Madani, Mario Tenuta

Journal of Nematology, Volume 50 , ISSUE 2, 163–182

research-article | 30-November-2019

First report of a gastropod parasitic nematode Phasmarhabditis californica (Nematoda: Rhabditidae) in Alberta, Canada

that can complete its life cycle without a host; however infective stages can penetrate and infect slugs and snails. The larvae feed on the host and develop into adults, which are hermaphrodites and primarily oviparous (Maupas, 1900). The nematodes kill the host within 4 to 21 days and eventually produce a new generation (Glen and Wilson, 1997; Tan and Grewal, 2001). To date, no Phasmarhabditis species has been found in Canada, though a few species have been discovered in the United States

Taylor Brophy, Dana K. Howe, Dee R. Denver, Lien T. Luong

Journal of Nematology, Volume 52 , 1–3

research-article | 30-November-2020

Integrative taxonomy, distribution, and host associations of Geocenamus brevidens and Quinisulcius capitatus from southern Alberta, Canada

The soil, climate, and well-developed irrigation system in the southern region of the province make Alberta one of the most productive places in Canada to grow potatoes, with 20.4% of the country’s total yield reported in 2019 (Statistics Canada, 2020). Alberta also hosts the world’s leading potato processors. Planted areas and crop yields in this province have been increasing steadily to meet the growing demand for potato products. However, disease incidence remains a major limiting factor in

Maria Munawar, Dmytro P. Yevtushenko, Pablo Castillo

Journal of Nematology, Volume 53 , 1–17

Article | 21-July-2017

Morphological and Molecular Characterization of Gracilacus wuae n. sp. (Nematoda: Criconematoidea) Associated with Cow Parsnip (Heracleum maximum) in Ontario, Canada

Gracilacus wuae n. sp. from soil associated with cow parsnip in Ontario, Canada is described and illustrated. Morphologically, females have a long stylet ranging from 80 to 93 mmlong, the lip region not offset from the body contour, without lateral lips but with large and flat submedian lobes, the mouth opening slit-like elongated laterally and surrounded by lateral flaps, the excretory pore is anterior to the knobs of the stylet; males without stylet and the pharynx degenerated. The fourth


Journal of Nematology, Volume 48 , ISSUE 3, 203–213

Original Research | 18-July-2017

Deladenus posteroporus n. sp. (Nematoda: Neotylenchidae) Isolated from Packaging Wood from Canada and White Pine (Pinus monticola) Lumber from the United States and Intercepted in Ningbo, China

Abstract Deladenus posteroporus n. sp. isolated from packaging wood originated from Canada and from white pine lumber from the United States, both intercepted in the port of Ningbo, China, is described and illustrated. Both mycetophagous and infective forms were recovered from the Canadian sample, whereas only the mycetophagous form was found in the U.S. sample. The new species is characterized by the posteriorly positioned excretory pore relative to the hemizonid in both mycetophagous and

Qing Yu, Jianfeng Gu, Weimin Ye, Rusong Li, Jie He

Journal of Nematology, Volume 49 , ISSUE 2, 168–176

Article | 27-December-2020

Investigation of transfusion reactions through microcomputer education software

The purpose of this study was to develop educational software to simulate laboratory investigation of transfusion reactions. An interactive, branching-style program was developed using a 256K Personal Computer (International Business Machines, Boca Raton, FL). Over 75 institutions in the United States and Canada are currently using the software in preprofessional and continuing professional education programs.

Patrick K. Hardman, Jill T. Hardman, Malcolm L. Beck, Peggy J. Brown, Deborah A. Borek

Immunohematology, Volume 5 , ISSUE 2, 40–44

research-article | 30-November-2018

Networks of Canadian Business Elites: Historical Corporate Interlock Networks circa 1912

The dataset presented in this paper offers a unique view into the relationships of business elites in Canada in the early part of the last century. Canadian business was marked by the existence of powerful families that occupied the boards of many corporations. Also present, but less common, were more widely held firms with more entrepreneurial owners. At that time, Canadians considered themselves very much a part of the British Empire. The major financial and business centers at the time were

Jon MacKay

Connections: The Quarterly Journal, Volume 39 , ISSUE 1, 1–3

Research Article

Social Structural Analysis of Street-Involved Youth in Winnipeg, Canada

Laura H. Thompson, John Schellenberg, Margaret Ormond, John L. Wylie

Journal of Social Structure, Volume 12 , ISSUE 1, 1–17

Research Article | 27-February-2017

Regulation of alcohol advertising: Policy options for Australia

A systematic search of academic databases was conducted to identify all refereed papers published between 1990 and 2012 on the regulation of alcohol advertising in Australia and three comparison countries (New Zealand, Canada and the UK). This paper reviews the codes that apply to alcohol advertising in each of the four countries, research into the effectiveness of these codes, and the small body of research into consumer attitudes towards alcohol advertising regulation. This review adduces

Sandra C. Jones

Evidence Base, Volume 2013 , ISSUE 2, 1–37

Report | 12-March-2020

Consortium for Blood Group Genes (CBGG): 2009 report

The Consortium for Blood Group Genes is a worldwide organization whose goal is to have a vehicle to interact, establish guidelines, operate a profi ciency program, and provide education for laboratories involved in DNA and RNA testing for the prediction of blood group, platelet, and neutrophil antigens. Currently, the consortium operates with representatives from Brazil, Canada, and the United States. Membership is voluntary with the expectation that members actively contribute to discussions

Gregory A. Denomme, Connie M. Westhoff, Lilian Maria de Castilho, Maryse St-Louis, Vagner Castro, Marion E. Reid

Immunohematology, Volume 26 , ISSUE 2, 47–50

Article | 15-February-2021

Serologic problems associated with administration of intravenous immune globulin (IVIg)

D.R. Branch

Immunohematology, Volume 35 , ISSUE 1, 13–15

research-article | 02-November-2021

Embedded Bordering

especially important for settler states such as Canada, whose sovereign authority over its recognized territory is contingent on erasing Indigenous nationhood and competing claims to authority. Such authority is further generative of wealth and capital accumulation through the dispossession of Indigenous peoples and the exploitation of colonized lands and resources. Nevertheless, the colonial project of Indigenous erasure has never been realized, and instead remains contested. Though the settler state


Borderlands, Volume 20 , ISSUE 1, 140–170

research-article | 30-November-2019

Influences of nitrogen inputs on nematode populations under highbush blueberry

Highbush blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum L.) is an economically important crop in British Columbia (BC) and the Pacific Northwest of North America. In BC, over 12,000 ha of blueberry fields yielded an average of 76,750 tons of marketable fruit over the 2014 to 2015 period (Statistics Canada, 2019). Several groups of plant-parasitic nematodes have been found to be associated with highbush blueberry in the region, with Pratylenchus and Paratrichodorus nematodes being the most frequently found

Thomas Forge, David Ehret, Aime Messiga, Martine Dorais

Journal of Nematology, Volume 52 , 1–14

Article | 15-September-2020

Applying data synthesis for longitudinal business data across three countries

United States, for data from two different countries: Canada (Longitudinal Employment Analysis Program (LEAP)) and Germany (Establishment History Panel (BHP)). We assess utility and protection, and provide an assessment of the feasibility of extending such an approach in a cost-effective way to other data.

M. Jahangir Alam, Benoit Dostie, Jörg Drechsler, Lars Vilhuber

Statistics in Transition New Series, Volume 21 , ISSUE 4, 212–236

Research paper | 13-December-2017

Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Toronto,5 King’s College Road, Toronto, ON, M5S 3G8, Canada

Sang-Ho Kim, Kosuke Sekiyama, Toshio Fukuda

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems, Volume 1 , ISSUE 3, 572–591

research-article | 02-November-2021


southwest Canada, and Gunditjmara in southern Australia. Some readers may prefer to read this last section first for context. Many elements of the middle four sections cover familiar ground to Indigenous/decolonial and humanities scholars, but are presented here to introduce them to a wider audience. Specifically, those social and natural science scholars that do not use, or only have a limited use of, reflexivity and positionality. My audience includes non-Indigenous scholars who have a keen sense that


Borderlands, Volume 20 , ISSUE 1, 171–206

Original Paper | 02-April-2015

The ILAE definition of drug resistant epilepsy and its clinical applicability compared with “older” established definitions

course of disease were extracted from patients' charts. Drug resistant epilepsy was classified according to four definitions and the time until fulfillment of criteria compared. Results. Mean time to fulfillment of criteria of drug resistant epilepsy ranged from 11.8 (standard deviation (SD) 9.8) to 15.6 years (SD 11.3). Time to drug resistance was significantly longer applying the only definition, requiring failure of three antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) (Canada definition), whereas time to

Alexandra Rohracher, Judith Dobesberger, Claudia A. Granbichler, Julia Höfler, Giorgi Kuchukhidze, Martin Ortler, Iris Unterberger, Gerald Walser, Aljoscha Thomschewski, Eugen Trinka

Journal of Epileptology, Volume 23 , ISSUE 1, 39–44

Research Article | 27-February-2017

Class size and academic results, with a focus on children from culturally, linguistically and economically disenfranchised communities

. The review draws on a wider range of studies, starting with Australian research, but also includes similar education systems such as England, Canada, New Zealand and non-English speaking countries of Europe. The review assesses the different measures of class size and how they affect the results, and also whether other variables such as teaching methods are taken into account. Findings suggest that smaller class sizes in the first four years of school can have an important and lasting impact on

David Zyngier

Evidence Base, Volume 2014 , ISSUE 1, 1–24

Article | 15-September-2020

An evaluation of design-based properties of different composite estimators

; for a complex setting like the CPS. We have not discussed this problem in this paper. Instead, we adapted the regression composite estimator used by Statistics Canada in the CPS setting. Unlike the estimated optimal estimators, the regression composite estimator does not require estimation of Σ and is less sensitive to the rotation group bias in our simulation study. Our study indicates that there is a great potential for regression composite estimation technique in improving estimation of

Daniel Bonnéry, Yang Cheng, Partha Lahiri

Statistics in Transition New Series, Volume 21 , ISSUE 4, 166–190

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