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Research Article

Samplings of Millipedes in Japan and Scarab Beetles in Hong Kong result in five new Species of Pristionchus (Nematoda: Diplogastridae)

The authors describe five new species of Pristionchus from Japan and Hongkong. Scarab beetle samplings in Hongkong identified P. hongkongensis sp. n. and P. neolucani sp. n., representing the first beetle-associated Pristionchus species from China. Surprisingly, samplings of millipedes in Japan revealed a previously unknown association of Pristionchus nematodes with these arthropods. Specifically, the authors found three previously known Pristionchus species, P. arcanus, P. entomophagus, and P

Natsumi Kanzaki, Matthias Herrmann, Kohta Yoshida, Christian Weiler, Christian Rödelsperger, Ralf J. Sommer

Journal of Nematology , ISSUE 4, 587–610


Two new Species of Pristionchus (Nematoda: Diplogastridae) include the Gonochoristic Sister Species of P. fissidentatus

. was isolated from Holotricha sp. (Coleoptera: Melolonthinae) in Japan and belongs to the lheritieri-species-complex. P. paulseni sp. n. was isolated from Taiwan and represents the gonochoristic sister species of P. fissidentatus. This species exhibits a mouth dimorphism found in many Pristionchus species, suggesting that mouth-form plasticity is an ancestral character in the genus. Most importantly, P. paulseni sp. n. and P. fissidentatus form a new species group of the genus that represents the

Matthias Herrmann, Natsumi Kanzaki, Christian Weiler, Kohta Yoshida, Christian RÖdelsperger, Ralf J. Sommer

Journal of Nematology , 1–14


Biodiversity of Bacteria Associated with Eight Pleurotus ostreatus (Fr.) P. Kumm. Strains from Poland, Japan and the USA

zones (PB63S, PBo6S, PxS, P234, P112 – Poland; PB7’96, PB8 – Japan, PUSAS – the USA) of P. ostreatus were analyzed. All strains were shared by the Department of Fruit, Vegetable and Mushroom Technology at the University of Life Sciences in Lublin. According to our knowledge, the strains analyzed were never cultivated on media containing antibiotics. Before experiments the fungal strains were cultivated for seven days in 28°C on Petri dishes with onion medium (onion extract 1000 ml (150 g of chopped


Polish Journal of Microbiology , ISSUE 1, 71–81

Research Article

Two nematodes (Nematoda: Diplogastridae, Rhabditidae) from the invasive millipede Chamberlinius hualienensis Wang, 1956 (Diplopoda, Paradoxosomatidae) on Hachijojima Island in Japan

Millipedes may cause unexpected damage when they are introduced to new locations, becoming invaders that leave behind their old parasites and predators. Therefore, it was interesting to find numerous rhabditid nematodes within the gut of the invasive phytophagous millipede Chamberlinius hualienensis Wang, 1956 (Diplopoda, Paradoxosomatidae) from Hachijojima (Japan) in November, 2014. This millipede originated in Taiwan but was discovered in Japan in 1986. The nematodes were identified as

L. K. Carta, W. K. Thomas, V. B. Meyer-Rochow

Journal of Nematology , ISSUE 4, 479–486

Research Article

High Mitochondrial Genome Diversity and Intricate Population Structure of Bursaphelenchus xylophilus in Kyushu, Japan

Mitogenomic diversity and genetic population structure of the pinewood nematode (PWN) Bursaphelenchus xylophilus inhabiting Kyushu, Japan were analyzed. A method for performing long PCR using single nematodes and sequencing nematode mitochondrial genomes individually is presented here. About 8 kb (∼55%) of the complete mitochondrial genome was successfully obtained from 285 individuals collected from 12 populations. The 158 single nucleotide polymorphisms detected corresponded to 30 haplotypes

Hanyong Zhang, Erika Okii, Eiji Gotoh, Susumu Shiraishi

Journal of Nematology , ISSUE 3, 281–302

Research Article

Description of Xiphinema parachambersi sp. n. (Nematoda: Longidoridae) from Imported Ornamental Plants in Japan with a Key to Xiphinema Species in Group 1

Xiphinema parachambersi n. sp. recovered in Ningbo, China, from the rhizosphere of ornamental plants (Gardenia jasminoides and Euonymus hamiltonianus) imported from Japan is described. The new species is characterized by a long female body 1,830 to 2,109 μm long, odontostyle 105 to 116 μm long, reproductive system mono-opisthodelphic, vulva located anteriorly at 25.2 to 27.7% of total body, long ovary 119 to 292 μm with simple uterus and Z-organ absent, female tail elongated conoid with a

Munawar Maria, Weimin Ye, Qing Yu, Jianfeng Gu

Journal of Nematology , ISSUE 3, 369–386


Rare donor program in Japan

Yoshihiko Tani

Immunohematology , ISSUE 2, 49–50


Nematicidal activity of fipronil against Pratylenchus zeae in sugarcane

Sugarcane (Saccharum spp. hybrids) is an economically important crop in subtropical and tropical regions. Okinawa is located in the subtropical region in Japan and half of its farmland acreage is used for sugarcane cultivation. Many remote islands in Okinawa are economically reliant on sugarcane-related industries. Plant-parasitic nematodes are one of the major yield limiting factors of sugarcane production (Cadet and Spaull, 2005). Previous studies revealed that 20 to 30% sugarcane yield

Masanori Kawanobe, Koki Toyota, Takashi Seko, Koshi Gunjima

Journal of Nematology , 1–14


A draft genome for a species of Halicephalobus (Panagrolaimidae)

), parthenogenesis may have evolved twice independently in these two genera. Consequently, the genome for a Halicephalobus species may reveal illuminating parallelisms in how asexuality influences genomic evolution. Here, we have sequenced the genome of a Halicephalobus strain (NKZ332) isolated from termites in Japan. Because of the paucity of reliable diagnostic morphology for the genus (Anderson et al., 1998), combined with the inability to test species boundaries through crossing experiments, assignment of a

Erik J. Ragsdale, Georgios Koutsovoulos, Joseph F. Biddle

journal of nematology , 1–4


Developing a real-time PCR diagnostic method for a potential threat to chrysanthemum, Paratylenchus dianthus

One of the most popular flowers in Japan is chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat.), that is used on ornamental purposes in many occasions especially for new year’s and religious ceremonies, and even recognized as an edible plant in Japan. The total production of chrysanthemum in Japan in 2016 was 68bn yen (ca. $620m), which consisted one-third of the total cut-flower production and was the number one product of all the cut-flower categories (Statistics by the Japanese Ministry of

Masanori Kawanobe, Koki Toyota, Hidehito Uchihara, Mikoto Takae

Journal of Nematology , 1–11


Japanese People with Vision Disabilities Rate their Experiences with Information Resources Pertaining to Guide Dogs

This study investigated the experiences of men and women with vision disabilities knowing about and participating in information programs provided by guide dog organisations; and investigated the way information programs affect people’s perceptions and attitudes towards guide dogs in Japan where people are hesitant to acquire a guide dog. The results suggest that the information programs had been widely publicised and were familiar to participants. Younger women were the most experienced

Mariko Yamamoto, Lynette A. Hart, Koji Matsumoto, Mitsuaki Ohta, Nobuyo Ohtani

International Journal of Orientation & Mobility , ISSUE 1, 70–82

Original Paper

Ultrasonographic study of the incidence of pyramidal lobe and agenesis of the thyroid isthmus in Nnewi population

subjects resident in Nnewi, including 167 males and 154 females, were randomized. A written consent was obtained from all patients. The subjects were aged between 18 and 35 years. This was a prospective cross-sectional study. Thyroid glands were scanned using a 2-dimensional ultrasound machine with a 7.5 MHz transducer; model Siemens Sonoline Prima which was made in Japan for Siemens Medical System Incorporated, ultrasound Group, Issaquah, WA, 98029-7002, USA. Results: The study revealed no incidence

Lotanna Somtoo Akudu, Ukoha Ukoha Ukoha, Jervas Ekezie, Chinwe Clarice Ukoha

Journal of Ultrasonography , ISSUE 75, 290–295

Research Article

The Three-Dimensional Temperature Indication for the Reactor Core by Using Multiple Thermocouples

containment building and the cooling of the core meltdown in the reactor. Confirming the progressive state of diagnosis and the cooling of the reactor core when the serious accident occurs is a very important factor in the development of response strategies after the accident. Japan has taken various measures to deal with accidents after the nuclear accident of Fukushima. Strengthening the reliability of the instrumentation system is also included in the counterstrategies. Therefore, this paper presents

Song Hae Ye, Sooill Lee, Heetaek Lim, Joon Lyou, Sungjin Kim

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems , ISSUE 5, 1–4



the variation in the mean length of life while the changes in within-country inequality reduced this effect. At the same time, huge alterations in the within-country mortality rankings can be observed. Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Austria and Luxembourg may be said to be the “winners” while most of the post-communist countries are among the “losers”.

Adam Szulc

Statistics in Transition New Series , ISSUE 3, 467–496

Research Article

Xiphinema japonicum n. sp. (Nematoda: Longidorinae) from the Rhizosphere of Japanese Podocarpus macrophyllus (Thunb.), a Cryptic Species Related to Xiphinema bakeri Williams, 1961

Xiphinema japonicum n. sp., isolated in Ningbo, China, from the rhizosphere of Podocarpus macrophyllus (Thunb.) imported from Japan is described. The new species belongs to Xiphinema non-americanum group 7 and is characterized by medium body length (3.0–3.7 mm), total stylet length 190–201 μm, vulva located anteriorly (V = 30.5%–35.3%), two equally developed female genital branches without uterine differentiation (no Z or pseudo-Z organ and/or spines in the uteri), short tail, convex-conoid


Journal of Nematology , ISSUE 4, 404–417

Research Article

Two New Species of Pristionchus (Nematoda: Diplogastridae) from Taiwan and the Definition of the pacificus Species-Complex Sensu Stricto

Asia has emerged as a hotspot of Pristionchus speciation and recent samplings have therefore focused on Islands and mainland settings in East Asia. Here, we describe in a series of three publications the results of our sampling efforts in Taiwan, Japan, and Hongkong in 2016 and 2017. We describe a total of nine new species that cover different phylogenetic species-complexes of the Pristionchus genus. In this first publication, we describe two new species, Pristionchus sikae sp. n. and Pristionchus

Kohta Yoshida, Matthias Herrmann, Natsumi Kanzaki, Christian Weiler, Christian Rödelsperger, Ralf J. Sommer

Journal of Nematology , ISSUE 3, 355–368


Comparing Gender Homophily among the Multilayer Media Social Networks of Face-to-Face, Instant Messenger and Social Networking Services: A Case Study of a High School Classroom

segregation is important because it creates gender stereotypes and strengthens traditional gender roles. Second, it prevents people from understanding each gender and makes romantic relationships more complex. Third, interactions of both genders enhance the social capital of women. Based on fieldwork in a high school classroom in Japan, the present study examines differences in the degree of gender homophily among various social network layers of communication media, considering, as mentioned above

Naoki Maejima

Connections , ISSUE 1, 1–21

Original Paper

Echogenicity of benign adrenal focal lesions on imaging with new ultrasound techniques – report with pictorial presentation

Aim:The aim of the research was to assess the echogenicity of benign adrenal focal lesions using new ultrasound techniques.Material and method:34 benign adrenal masses in 29 patients were analyzed retrospectively. The examinations were conducted using Aplio XG (Toshiba, Japan) ultrasound scanner with a convex probe 1–6 MHz in the B-mode presentation with the combined use of new ultrasound techniques: harmonic imaging and spatial compound sonography. The size of the adrenal tumors, their

Rafał Z. Słapa, Anna A. Kasperlik-Załuska, Bartosz Migda, Maciej Otto, Katarzyna Dobruch-Sobczak, Wiesław S. Jakubowski

Journal of Ultrasonography , ISSUE 63, 368–376

Case report

Effectiveness of the Sitting Position Without Back Support

Purpose: In the field of neuroscience nursing in Japan, the “sitting position without back support” (SB) has promoted earlier ambulation, improved level of consciousness, and prevented disuse syndrome in patients with disturbance of consciousness and impaired mobility. This research was conducted with the aim of examining if respiratory function improved using SB on acute patients on ventilation in ICU. Method: The research design involved daily administration of

Nobuko Okubo

Australasian Journal of Neuroscience , ISSUE 1, 31–39


Intraspecific variation in phenotypic and phylogenetic features among Pratylenchus penetrans isolates from Wisconsin, USA

, Vernon Co. Vernon-a soybean Pp1 MT527050 MT528232 USA, Wisconsin, Waushara Co. Waushara-c kidney beans Pp1 MT527017 MT528188 USA, Nebraska, Otoe Co. – apple Pp1 MK877987b – USA, Nebraska, Phelps Co. – corn Pp1 MK877993b – Japan, Chiba CA193a wild carrot Pp1 KY817024a EU130857c The Netherlands, Zoetermeer T181a grasses Pp1 KY817007a Colombia, San Vicente T666a cape gooseberry Pp1 KY816982a KY828351a Colombia, San Vicente T677a cape gooseberry Pp1 KY816981a KY828350a

Kanan Saikai, Ann E. MacGuidwin

Journal of Nematology , 1–17

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