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  • International Journal Advanced Network Monitoring Controls



A Method to Access a Decimal Network (IPV9) Resource

. You can access IPV9 network resources by simply setting the DNS Settings for the connection network. B. iPhone parameter setting Mobile phone model: iPhone XR, system: IOS13.5. 1)Click “Settings” on the desktop of the mobile phone to appear the setting interface. Click “Wireless LAN” in the interface. The interface appears as shown in Figure 12. Figure 12. Interface of wireless LAN Figure 2)Click the icon on the right of the connected WLAN, and the network setting interface appears, as shown

Guangzhou Liu, Fuya Yu

International Journal of Advanced Network, Monitoring and Controls , ISSUE 3, 36–46


The Design of QoS Guarantee Strategy Framework for Networked Control System

For networked control systems such as packet loss and delay of the basic problems, this article launches the research from the perspective of network scheduling optimization, build the QoS semantic model and service model for networked control, puts forward the multi-level QoS guarantee strategy deployment algorithm and QoS, QoS access algorithm components; On a class of networked control middleware prototype system of network resources to meet of components and component deployment simulation

Yang Weixia, Xu Fei, Wang Shaochang

International Journal of Advanced Network, Monitoring and Controls , ISSUE 2, 108–112



the inter-contact time and multi-hop neighbor information into consideration. In this paper, we first introduce a method to detect the quality of relation between pair of nodes accurately. Used the reliable relationships, social popularity is proposed to evaluate the social power of node in the network. SPBR makes the routing decisions based on the popularity, leading message closer to destinations with low hops of routing and network resources. Extensive simulations are conducted and the results

Youmei Song, Jianbo Li, Chenglong Li, Fushu Wang

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems , ISSUE 4, 1687–1709

Research Article

A Design of Gain-scheduled Congestion Controllers using State Predictive Observers

on a design technique of state predictive observer for linear time-delay systems. Thus it can be possible to embed the congestion controller in real networks by combining these methods. Firstly dynamical models of TCP/AQM are described as linear systems with self-scheduling parameters, which also depend on information delay. Here it is distinguishing to focus on constraints on the maximum queue length and TCP window-size, which are the network resources in TCP/AQM networks. And a design method of

Takehito Azuma, Masashi Uchida

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems , ISSUE 1, 208–219

Research Article

Training Data Compression Algorithms and Reliability in Large Wireless Sensor Networks

the reading from sensors is a severe drain in terms of network resources and energy consumption. In this paper we separate the task of comparative global analysis to a central coordinator and use a reference PMax which is a normalized probability of individual source which reflects the current lifetime reliability of the sensors calculated at the cluster heads which then is compared with the current global reliability index based on all the PMax of cluster heads. As this implementation does not

Vasanth Iyer, Garimella Ram Murthy, M.B. Srinivas

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems , ISSUE 4, 912–921

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