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Article | 07-May-2018

Research and Implementation of the Key Technology of UAV Aerial Image Transmission

With the maturity of UAV technology, especially the cost of the four rotor unmanned aerial vehicle is decreasing, the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) will be a trend in the future. At the same time, because ZigBee has the characteristics of low cost, low speed and short transmission distance, we use ZigBee to achieve the transmission of image files between UAV and ground receiving system computers. This paper introduces the system design and software program module hardware node design, the first

Fan Yijun, Lai Yufeng

International Journal of Advanced Network, Monitoring and Controls, Volume 3 , ISSUE 2, 75–79

Article | 16-December-2013


Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR) is widely used in many practical engineering fields due to good stability margin and strong robustness. But there is little literature reports the technology that has been used to control the flying wing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). In this paper, aiming at the longitudinal static and dynamic characteristics of the flying wing UAV, LQR technology will be introduced to the flying wing UAV flight control. The longitudinal stability augmentation control law and

Yibo Li, Chao Chen, Wei Chen

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems, Volume 6 , ISSUE 5, 2155–2181

Article | 24-April-2018

Research on Image Denoising Adaptive Algorithm for UAV Based on Visual Landing

UAV autonomous landing refers to the UAV lands on only depending on airborne navigation equipment and flight control system, and ultimately achieves a safe landing. To achieve self-landing, UAV must have the ability to self-navigation and positioning, so that the high-precision visual navigation positioning technology is the key to achieve UAV self-landing technology.This paper concentrating on the noise effects on the pictures obtained during visual landing process of UAV, it has introduced

Pengrui Qiu, Xiping Yuan, Shu Gan, Yu Lin

International Journal of Advanced Network, Monitoring and Controls, Volume 2 , ISSUE 4, 114–117

Article | 01-September-2015


For the demand of the UAV autonomous path planning in dynamic thread environment, the three-dimensional path planning algorithm on-line of UAV based on Pythagorean Hodograph (PH) curve is put forward. According to the UAV's current flight state such as location and speed, and the interrupt point or the target’s state, a flyable path with continuous curvature is planed out online. The roles of the key parameters are analyzed and the range of the values are given. On this basis, the distribution

ZHANG Yi, YANG Xiu-xia, ZHOU Wei-wei, ZHAO He-wei

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems, Volume 8 , ISSUE 3, 1641–1666

Article | 07-May-2018

Research on the Key Technology of Survey Measurement Image Based on UAV

With the development of computer technology, especially the emergence of high resolution image sensor, aerial photogrammetry has played an important role in geological survey. Traditional aerial measurements are carried out by manned large aircraft, with a large volume of measured information and a wide range of shots. This method is suitable for large area operation, which is high and expensive for hardware site. UAV air measurement systems are usually used for small area measurements. The UAV

Ding Li, Chong Jiao

International Journal of Advanced Network, Monitoring and Controls, Volume 3 , ISSUE 2, 99–103

research-article | 01-July-2020

Sliding mode control design for the attitude and altitude of the quadrotor UAV

The quadrotor unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is an autopilot aircraft vehicle that is driven without a human pilot onboard. Previously, the quadrotors manufactured were of big sizes, which were highly costly and expensive. Fortunately and due to recent progress in the technologies in the batteries, electronics kits, mechanics, the quadrotors now manufactured are of small sizes, with affordable prices. In terms of the mathematical modeling of the quadrotor systems, the Newton–Euler method is the

Ahmed Eltayeb, Mohd Fua’ad Rahmat, Mohd Ariffanan Mohd Basri

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems, Volume 13 , ISSUE 1, 1–13

Article | 30-November-2018

Research and Realization on the key technology of Motion Image Matching Based on UAV

I. INTRODUCTION UAV is named quad-rotor aircraft or quad-rotor UAV [1], It is a four-propeller sky aircraft with cross-shaped propellers. The UAV can be used to take aerial photos or record video with an optical camera or miniature video recorder. UAV photography measurement system is established on the basis of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) mobile platform, it is a kind of advanced measurement technology to achieve high spatial resolution remote sensing image data, it is playing the very major

Yuri Shebzukhov, Wang Yubian

International Journal of Advanced Network, Monitoring and Controls, Volume 3 , ISSUE 4, 1–6

Article | 07-April-2018

UAV Dynamic Simulation Model Establishment Method Based on Simulink/Aerosim

Aiming at the problem of UAV dynamic modeling with high difficulty and poor timeliness, a UAV dynamic model based on Simulink/Aerosim rapid method is established in this paper. Based on the analysis of UAV system internal structure, using Simulink/Aerosim toolbox to build six degrees of freedom dynamic simulation model of unmanned aerial vehicle and the setting of relevant parameters and RTW environment configuration process is analyzed, finally, by analyzing the typical flight parameters of a

Chen GuoShao, Yang Sen

International Journal of Advanced Network, Monitoring and Controls, Volume 2 , ISSUE 1, 29–37

Article | 07-April-2018

Quad-rotor UAV Control Method Based on PID Control Law

This paper studies on the dynamics model and control method of quad-rotor UAV for research. Firstly analyzes the dynamic characteristic of quad-rotor UAV and establishes the nonlinear dynamics model of quad-rotor UAV; and then applies the PID control to three channels of pitch, roll and yaw based on the established model, and the simulation results show that PID control is effective for the quad-rotor UAV control with the ideal conditions. Finally analyzes the results of PID control under the

Yang Sen, Wang Zhongsheng

International Journal of Advanced Network, Monitoring and Controls, Volume 2 , ISSUE 1, 83–89

Article | 07-May-2018

Fast Aerial UAV Detection Based on Image Segmentation and HOG-FLD Feature Fusion

In order to detect non-cooperative target UAV quickly and accurately, a novel method of UAV detection method based on graph theory and HOG-FLD feature fusion is presented in this paper. In order to avoid the time-consuming full search, the candidate areas of the UAV are obtained through the selective search of the image segmentation and the similarity, and the features are extracted through the method of gradient orientation histogram fusion FLD linear to train the SVM classifier with

Li Xiaoping, Lei Songze, Wang Yanhong, Xiao Feng, Penghui Tian

International Journal of Advanced Network, Monitoring and Controls, Volume 3 , ISSUE 1, 106–114

Article | 01-March-2016


The attitude angles of UAV, as the input parameters of the target localization process, influence the accuracy of geo-targeting. In order to improve the accuracy of target localization, this paper compensates the attitude angle errors of the UAV based on learning prediction compensation. Firstly, considering the airborne equipment and the metadata provided by the UAV, we combine rear intersection with GPS/INS to calculate the error of each platform and aircraft attitude angle. Then the error

Jialiang LIU, Wenrui Ding, Hongguang Li

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems, Volume 9 , ISSUE 1, 169–190

Article | 01-September-2014


Path planning of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is an optimal problem in the complex combat field environment. Teaching-Learning-Based Optimization (TLBO) algorithm is presented under the inspiration of the teaching-learning behavior in a classroom. In this paper, this algorithm is applied to design a path by the search angle and distance, by which a better path at higher convergence speed and shorter route can be found. Finally experimental comparison results show that TLBO algorithm is a

Guolin Yu, Hui Song, Jie Gao

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems, Volume 7 , ISSUE 3, 1310–1325

Article | 01-June-2016


In the area of image mosaic for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) applications, the problems of precision and time consumption have drawn many scholars’ attention. To address above two problems, a novel algorithm based on three-step registration and multi-thread processing is proposed in this paper. This method divides the image registration into three steps to improve the precision. Firstly, based on the SIFT features, the fast index mechanism k-d tree and the Euclidean distance are utilized to

Hongguang Li, Wenrui Ding, Yufeng wang

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems, Volume 9 , ISSUE 2, 1090–1109

Research Article | 15-February-2020

Automated Traffic Analysis in Aerial Images

In this work an automated traffic analysis in aerial image sequences recorded by an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has been developed, which provides the trajectories of the vehicles especially during overtaking. Methods of photogrammetry and image processing are used to detect the vehicles and to determine and track their positions. Camera calibration is necessary in order to transform image coordinates into world coordinates.

Tom Hößler, Tom Landgraf

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems, Volume 7 , ISSUE 5, 1–5

Research Article | 01-September-2017


Quadcopters are unmanned Ariel Vehicle (UAV), generally small helicopter that is lifted and propelled by four rotors. Initially they were used as toys, later they gained importance and recent research on multi-copters have received growing attention for military, agriculture, photography, surveillance, news, sports, search/rescue missions and much more. The widespread use of unmanned vehicles and its growing applications in various domains can be attributed to their ability to operate in

M. Manimaraboopathy, H. S. Vivin Christopher, S. Vignesh, P. Tamil selvan

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems, Volume 10 , ISSUE 5, 471–481

Article | 30-November-2018

Improvement and Realization of CamShift Algorithm Based MotionImage Tracking

I. INTRODUCTION Video tracking is the key technology for motion target object detection in dynamic sceneson UAV platform. It can be realized by two methods: one is based on target recognition technology, of which the core concept is frame-by-frame recognition algorithm for motion video to identify the target object and determine the target matching. The other is based on the detection technology of the moving object, of which the core concept is the active detection of the moving object, and

Wang Yubian, Yuri Shebzukhov

International Journal of Advanced Network, Monitoring and Controls, Volume 3 , ISSUE 4, 97–101

Research Article | 01-September-2017


Francesco Adamo, Gregorio Andria, Attilio Di Nisio, Carlo Guarnieri Calò Carducci, Aimé Lay-Ekuakille, Giuseppe Mattencini, Maurizio Spadavecchia

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems, Volume 10 , ISSUE 3, 646–672

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