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Factors that Affect Adolescent Adherence to Mental Health and Psychiatric Treatment: a Systematic Integrative Review of the Literature

Although adherence to somatic treatment has been studied extensively, adherence to mental health treatment has not. In this study, the term treatment adherence is used to refer to adherence to medication regimes and other non-pharmacological recommended treatments as part of mental health and psychiatric care. Knowledge of factors connected to adolescents’ adherence to such treatment is fairly fragmented. Although treatment staff members are broadly aware of the factors that influence adherence

Ulla Timlin, Helinä Hakko, Raija Heino, Helvi Kyngäs

Scandinavian Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychology , ISSUE 2, 99–107

Research Article


The ability of Lactobacillus to adhere to the intestinal epithelium is one of the most important criterion in the selection of probiotic strains. Adherence allows microorganisms to survive and temporarily colonize the digestive system, which is necessary to induce beneficial effects on the host. Adhesion is a very complex, multistep process and, although there are many proposed theories, the exact mechanism is still not fully understood. A crucial role in the formation of the adhesive

Anna Paliwoda, Adriana Nowak

Postępy Mikrobiologii - Advancements of Microbiology , ISSUE 2, 196–204

Research Article

Is it possible to differentiate between pseudopneumoperitoneum and similar pathologies ultrasonographically?

, composed of 15 cases of pneumoperitoneum following laparotomy and of 14 cases following that symptom as a result of ulcer perforation – group 2 (in total n = 29). Moreover, the distance in millimeters of the gas surface reflecting ultrasounds from the parietal peritoneum was measured, the smoothness of the surface, parietal peritoneum enhancement at the place of gas adherence, gas continuity below the diaphragm with gas in the intestine located below the liver. Results Results Direct adherence of the

Andrzej Smereczyński, Katarzyna Kołaczyk

Journal of Ultrasonography , ISSUE 68, 30–35


Feasibility and acceptability of orientation and mobility instructors delivering the LiFE falls prevention program to older people with vision impairment.

, a community service organisation. Interviews with study participants showed engagement and adherence and there were positive trends in physical outcome measures supporting this program as a promising approach to enhance strength and balance, ultimately reducing the likelihood of falls in older people with vision impairment.  

Lisa Keay, Ph.D., MPH, Freya Saich, B.Health, Lindy Clemson, Ph.D., Lisa Middlemiss, B.PhysEd/Health Ed., M.Spec.Ed., Jacqueline Johnson, B.A., GradDip.Ed., M.Spec.Ed., Haley Tumanik, M.Spec.Ed., Jessica Taylor, B.Sc., M.Spec.Ed., Joanne Munro, B.AppSc (Physio), M.Hlth Sci (Edu), Ewa Borkowski, M.Spec.Ed., Frances Tinsley, DipOT, DipBusiness, M.Sc.

International Journal of Orientation & Mobility , ISSUE 1, 22–33


Acceptability of fall prevention strategies for older people with vision impairment

participate (Yardley et al. 2007). However, few studies have investigated how the attitudes of community-dwelling older people with vision impairment influence adherence to fall prevention programs. The current study aimed to investigate attitudes towards fall prevention interventions in community-dwelling older people with vision impairment. A qualitative approach (Vaismoradi et al. 2013) was used to examine the ways that two types of exercise-based fall prevention programs (The Otago Programme and Tai

Lisa Dillon, Patricia Duffy, Anne Tiedemann, Lisa Keay

International Journal of Orientation & Mobility , ISSUE 1, 1–9



Escherichia coli) responsible for urinary tract infections, as well as such E. coli strains (NMEC; Neonatal Meningitis Escherichia coli) that have a K1 capsule and cause meningitis in newborns [20, 38]. DEAC strains are an extremely heterogeneous group of potentially pathogenic E. coli, which are characterized by their diffuse adherence to epithelial cells, regardless of the type of adhesins produced from the Afa/Dr family of adhesins (Fig. 1). Fig. 1. Diffuse adherence to a human laryngeal carcinoma HEp

Michał Turniak, Beata Sobieszczańska

Postępy Mikrobiologii - Advancements of Microbiology , ISSUE 2, 143–152


Anti-Salmonella Potential of New Lactobacillus Strains with the Application in the Poultry Industry

. We investigated their survival in bile salts and low pH, antibiotic resistance, aggregation properties, and adherence to polystyrene and Caco-2 cells. The safety of the application of the strains was verified by the cytotoxicity test, and their effectivity was assessed by the competition assay and by the measurement of their antagonistic activity towards Salmonella strains. Experimental Materials and Methods Bacterial strains. Three strains of Lactobacillus sp.: L. rhamnosus LOCK 1131, L


Polish Journal of Microbiology , ISSUE 1, 5–18

Case report

Postpartum acute hemolytic transfusion reactions associated with anti-Lea in two pregnancies complicated by preeclampsia

Lewis blood group antibodies, which are mostly naturally occurring and considered clinically insignificant, have rarely been documented as a cause of acute hemolytic transfusion reactions (AHTRs). This report presents two cases of AHTRs caused by anti-Lea occurring in postpartum black females (one group B, one group AB) whose pregnancies were complicated by preeclampsia. Neither anti-Lea was detected by automated solid-phase red cell adherence technology in pre-transfusion testing. Therefore

Marcia Marchese

Immunohematology , ISSUE 3, 114–118

Original Paper

Prevalence of Biofilm Formation and Wide Distribution of Virulence Associated Genes among Vibrio spp. Strains Isolated from the Monastir Lagoon, Tunisia

In the current study, 65 Vibrio spp. were isolated from the Monastir lagoon water, were characterized phenotypically and genotypically. In addition, we looked for the presence of three Vibrio parahaemolyticus virulence genes (tlh, trh and tdh) and ten Vibrio cholerae virulence genes (ctxA, vpi, zot, ace, toxR, toxT, tosS, toxRS, tcpA and cpP). We also investigated the antibiotic susceptibilities and the adherence ability of the identified strains to abiotic material and to biotic surfaces. The

Badreddine Mechri, Amel Medhioub, Mohamed Nejib Medhioub, Mahjoub Aouni

Polish Journal of Microbiology , ISSUE 3, 307–318


How to recognize and resolve reagentdependent reactivity: a review

Gavin C. Patch, Charles F. Hutchinson, Nancy A. Lang, Ghada Khalife

Immunohematology , ISSUE 3, 96–99


School leaders’ perceptions on comprehensive school counseling (CSC) evaluation processes: Adherence and implementation of the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model

. Elam et al. (2019) found that school counselors experienced evaluation by principals to be largely ineffective and unhelpful in the implementation of and adherence to ASCA standards within their jobs. Inappropriate expectations for evaluations, along with the imbalance of power between principals and counselors, may cause undue stress and pressure on the school counselor to meet sometimes unfair or even unethical expectations (for example, performing duties for which they are not trained, or being

Rachel Louise Geesa, Nicholas P. Elam, Renae D. Mayes, Kat R. McConnell, Kaylee M. McDonald

Journal of Educational Leadership, Policy and Practice , 1–19


Analysis of the Amino Acid Sequence Variation of the 67–72p Protein and the Structural Pili Proteins of Corynebacterium diphtheriae for their Suitability as Potential Vaccine Antigens

) are poorly understood, especially how they jointly participate in the adherence to the host cells and in the colonization of these cells during bacterial infection. Initially, the 67–72p adhesive protein was described as a ligand responsible for the adherence of C. diphtheriae to human erythrocytes (Colombo et al. 2001). Later, the participation of this protein in the adherence of bacteria to HEp-2 cells was described (Hirata et al. 2004). The presence of the 67–72p protein has been confirmed in C


Polish Journal of Microbiology , ISSUE 2, 233–246


A Caucasian JK*A/JK*B woman with Jk(a+b–) red blood cells, anti-Jkb, and a novel JK*B allele c.1038delG

The Kidd blood group on the red blood cell (RBC) glycoprotein urea transporter-B has a growing number of weak and null alleles in its gene SLC14A1 that are emerging from more widespread genotyping of blood donors and patients. We investigated a 64-year-old Caucasian woman of Polish-Czech descent who developed anti-Jkb detected in solid-phase RBC adherence testing within 12 days after 7 units of RBCs were transfused. Her RBCs subsequently typed Jk(a+b–) by licensed reagents and human

Glenn Ramsey, Ricardo D. Sumugod, Paul F. Lindholm, Jules G. Zinni, Jessica A. Keller, Trina Horn, Margaret A. Keller

Immunohematology , ISSUE 3, 91–95

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