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original-paper | 26-August-2020

Determining Risk Factors for Dengue Fever Severity in Jeddah City, a Case-Control Study (2017)

other co-morbidities as predictors for disease severity. For instance, a case-control study conducted by Pang and coworkers (Pang et al. 2012) in Singapore in 2007–2008 stated that diabetes (AOR = 1.78; 95% CI: 1.06–2.97), and diabetes with hypertension (AOR = 2.16; 95% CI: 1.18–3.96) were independently associated with dengue hemorrhagic fever. A meta-analysis published in 2015 (Htun et al. 2015) that analyzed five case-control studies, which compared the prevalence of diabetes among patients with


Polish Journal of Microbiology, Volume 69 , ISSUE 3, 331–337

Research Article | 30-November-2015

Injury Patterns among Individuals Diagnosed with Infantile Autism during Childhood: A Case-Control Study

Svend Erik Mouridsen, Bente Rich, Torben Isager

Scandinavian Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychology, Volume 4 , ISSUE 2, 88–95

research-article | 30-November-2020

Psychiatric morbidity in children and adolescents with dermatological disorders

Dilşad Yıldız Miniksar, Özlem Özel Özcan, Hülya Cenk, Yelda Kapıcıoğlu, Ayşegül Polat

Scandinavian Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychology, Volume 9 , 1–8

Research Article | 30-November-2015

Are Autistic Traits in Youth Meaningful? A Replication study in Non-referred Siblings of Youth with and without Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

aim of the current study was to assess the prevalence and implications of ATs in a non-referred population of siblings of probands with and without ADHD.Participants were non-referred siblings of probands with ADHD (N = 257) and control probands (N = 234) of longitudinal, case-control family studies conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital. Assessments included measures of psychiatric, psychosocial, educational, and cognitive functioning. The presence of significant ATs was operationalized

Joseph Biederman, Maura Fitzgerald, Stephen V. Faraone, Ronna Fried, K. Yvonne Woodworth, Alexandra Saunders, Kristina Conroy, Gagan Joshi

Scandinavian Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychology, Volume 4 , ISSUE 2, 77–87

original-paper | 28-June-2019

Fertility outcome after saline sonography guided removal of intrauterine polyps in women with unexplained infertility

Rubina Izhar, Samia Husain, Suhaima Tahir, Sonia Husain

Journal of Ultrasonography, Volume 19 , ISSUE 77, 113–119

research-article | 30-November-2018


months. Additionally we assessed the corresponding risks of all melanoma (invasive and in situ) in the above scenarios, but this was not the primary outcome because of the likely influence of detection bias on risk of in situ disease. METHODS Study Population We conducted a case-control study nested within a cohort of male commercial pilots in Australia (there were too few female pilots for meaningful analysis, and so they were excluded a priori). The cohort and data source have been described in

Jean Claude Dusingize, Catherine M. Olsen, Kyoko Miura, Ian Hosegood, Rick Tinker, Ken Karipidis, Adèle C. Green

Journal of the Australasian Society of Aerospace Medicine, Volume 11 , 1–7

research-article | 15-June-2020

Cervical stenosis and pregnancy rate after ultrasound guided cervical dilation in women undergoing saline infusion sonography

. Strengths and limitations Our study shows the importance of a full assessment of a couple before labelling them as having unexplained subfertility. Around 10.7% women had cervical stenosis and dilation led to conception in 70.54% of them. Another major strength is its case control design and extended follow up. The major limitation of the study is the fact the single centre design; therefore generalizability of results in other populations needs to be verified with further larger multicentre trials

Journal of Ultrasonography, Volume 20 , ISSUE 81, e116–e121

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