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Case report | 13-September-2016

Contralateral adrenal metastasis from renal cell carcinoma with tumor thrombus in the adrenal vein:a case report

A 64-year-old woman presented with contralateral right adrenal metastasis with adrenal vein thrombus, which was diagnosed many years after left nephrectomy with adrenalectomy due to renal cell cancer. The patient underwent right adrenalectomy with adrenal vein tumor thrombectomy for treatment. The pathologic examination confi rmed metastatic clear cell carcinoma. The remote but existing risk of developing contralateral adrenal metastasis (CAM) after primary radical nephrectomy supports the idea

Sebastian Piotrowicz, Natalia Muśko, Mieszko Kozikowski, Łukasz Nyk, Andrzej Borówka, Jakub Dobruch

Journal of Ultrasonography, Volume 15 , ISSUE 63, 438–442

research-article | 09-September-2021

Shear wave elastography in optic neuritis: diagnostic accuracy of the optic nerve and adjacent fat tissue values

of the patients with ON was 38.44 ± 12.55 years, and the mean age of the healthy controls was 35.45 ± 11.33 years (p >0.05). The mean diameter of the optic nerves with neuritis (4.58 ± 0.23 cm) was significantly larger than that of the contralateral normal optic nerves (3.66 ± 0.58 cm) (p = 0.016) in ON patients and that of the normal optic nerves in the healthy group (3.54 ± 0.43 cm) (p = 0.019). There was no significant difference between the normal contralateral side of the ON patients and the

Mustafa Devran Aybar, Onder Turna

Journal of Ultrasonography, Volume 21 , ISSUE 86, 194–199

Short Communication | 06-February-2018

In vivo stimulation of locus coeruleus: effects on amygdala subnuclei

contralateral to LC electrical stimulation in vivo. Therefore, our study provides evidence that in vivo electrical stimulation of LC is able to activate the amygdala subnuclei as measured by c-fos expression.

Elisa Rodríguez-Ortega, Fernando Cañadas, Francisca Carvajal, Diana Cardona

Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis, Volume 77 , ISSUE 3, 261–268

research-article | 13-July-2021

Orthodontic treatment of a case with a congenitally missing maxillary canine and a malformed contralateral canine

maxillary permanent lateral incisors (peg-shaped) and incomplete root formation.18 Cho et al. reported 32 cases of congenitally missing maxillary permanent canines. Five cases presented with a microdontic upper lateral incisor and one case with a microdontic contralateral maxillary canine.17 Similarly, in the present case there was a congenitally missing upper permanent canine and a contralateral malformed canine presenting with a small crown. Conclusion Although rare, a permanent maxillary canine can

Ahmed I. Masoud, Feras H. Bindagji

Australasian Orthodontic Journal, Volume 37 , ISSUE 1, 121–127

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