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UAV Dynamic Simulation Model Establishment Method Based on Simulink/Aerosim

Aiming at the problem of UAV dynamic modeling with high difficulty and poor timeliness, a UAV dynamic model based on Simulink/Aerosim rapid method is established in this paper. Based on the analysis of UAV system internal structure, using Simulink/Aerosim toolbox to build six degrees of freedom dynamic simulation model of unmanned aerial vehicle and the setting of relevant parameters and RTW environment configuration process is analyzed, finally, by analyzing the typical flight parameters of a

Chen GuoShao, Yang Sen

International Journal of Advanced Network, Monitoring and Controls , ISSUE 1, 29–37



This paper aims at improve the poor stability and the fluttering problems on picking apples for picking robot arm, we establish the dynamics model of Picking Robot Arm using Lagrange equation and divide the whole movement space of Picking Robot Arm into stretch area and picking area by analyzing the dynamic model. Making full using of the model, we put forward to the strategy based on the extension energy control and LQR Zone control. Furthermore, we solve the problem on ensuring the picking

Zhang Zhiyong, Huang Lvwen, Xu Yang, Zhang Xiaoting

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems , ISSUE 3, 1174–1200

Research Article

Change-point detection in CO2 emission-energy consumption nexus using a recursive Bayesian estimation approach

of the model descended to the lowest in the mid-1990s and attained the highest peak in early 2000. These changepoints can be attributed to the economic growth, regime changes, anthropogenic activities, vehicular emissions, population growth and industrial revolution in these countries. These results have implications on climate change prediction and global warming in both countries, and also shows that recursive Bayesian dynamic model with time-varying parameters is suitable for statistical

Olushina Olawale Awe, Abosede Adedayo Adepoju

Statistics in Transition New Series , ISSUE 1, 123–136



This paper has given the structure, operating principle, and force analysis of electric power steering (EPS) system aimed at a type of forklift. Combing with forklift operating characteristic, three variable power characteristics curve based on steering wheel torque, real-time speed, and load is designed, so is the three dimensional diagram of forklift power gradient by using fuzzy rule. The dynamic model of EPS system and two-degree-of-freedom linear model of forklift dynamics are established

Yan He, Benxian Xiao

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems , ISSUE 3, 1768–1785


Quadrotor Formation Inversion Control Method Based on Unit Quaternion

In this paper, the formation control problem of quadrotor is studied under ideal communication condition. The quadrotor has a complex mathematical model. First, the unit quaternion method is used to describe its dynamic model and kinematic model. It is decomposed into two independent subsystems of position and attitude. The tracking error model is established by introducing the error between the ture trajectory and the desired trajectory. And then appointing a member of formation as a pilot

Wang Zhongsheng, Yang Sen, Dong Hairui

International Journal of Advanced Network, Monitoring and Controls , ISSUE 1, 27–34



For the nonlinear vibration signal of stayed cables, a new particle filter algorithm is used in this paper. Firstly, nonlinear dynamic model of the stayed-cable and beam coupling system is dispersed in temporal dimension by using the finite difference method. So the discrete nonlinear vibration equation of any cable element is gotten. And secondly, a state equation of particle filter is fitted by least square algorithm from the discrete nonlinear vibration equation. So the particle filter

Ye Qingwei, Yuan Debin, Zhou Yu, Wang Xiaodong

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems , ISSUE 4, 940–956

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