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  • Journal Of Ultrasonography


Original Paper

Echogenicity of benign adrenal focal lesions on imaging with new ultrasound techniques – report with pictorial presentation

Aim:The aim of the research was to assess the echogenicity of benign adrenal focal lesions using new ultrasound techniques.Material and method:34 benign adrenal masses in 29 patients were analyzed retrospectively. The examinations were conducted using Aplio XG (Toshiba, Japan) ultrasound scanner with a convex probe 1–6 MHz in the B-mode presentation with the combined use of new ultrasound techniques: harmonic imaging and spatial compound sonography. The size of the adrenal tumors, their

Rafał Z. Słapa, Anna A. Kasperlik-Załuska, Bartosz Migda, Maciej Otto, Katarzyna Dobruch-Sobczak, Wiesław S. Jakubowski

Journal of Ultrasonography , ISSUE 63, 368–376


Ultrasound image of the thyroid gland in obese children

Obesity as a disease of affl uence also affects younger children. Numerous observations suggest a link between excessive body weight and thyroid function disorders.Subclinical hypothyroidism has been diagnosed increasingly frequently in patients with obesity. A growing number of papers also point to morphological changes of the thyroidgland in the ultrasound examination in obese children. These reports mainly concern changes in echogenicity. The present paper discusses the most important

Józef Szczyrski, Wojciech Kosiak, Maria Korpal-Szczyrska, Małgorzata Myśliwiec

Journal of Ultrasonography , ISSUE 63, 423–428


Standards for the assessment of salivary glands – an update

particular emphasis on lesions indicating high risk of malignancy. In acute bacterial inflammation, the salivary glands appear as hypoechoic, enlarged or normal-sized, with increased parenchymal flow. The echogenicity is significantly increased in viral infections. Degenerative lesions may be seen in chronic inflammations. Hyperechoic deposits with acoustic shadowing can be visualized in lithiasis. Parenchymal fibrosis is a dominant feature of sialosis. Sjögren syndrome produces different pictures of

Piotr Zajkowski, Aleksandra Ochal-Choińska

Journal of Ultrasonography , ISSUE 65, 175–190


The usefulness of high-frequency ultrasonography in the preoperative evaluation of vulvar cancer – a case series

Michał Migda, Marian Stanisław Migda, Bartosz Migda, Marek Maleńczyk

Journal of Ultrasonography , ISSUE 79, 305–310


Imaging in dermatomyositis in adults and children

fractures of vertebral bodies or avascular necrosis secondary to steroid therapy, may also be diagnosed. Fig. 1. AP radiographs of the knees and ankles in a 16-year-old boy with DM: diffuse bone loss and diffuse soft tissue calcification characteristic of DM Ultrasonography On ultrasound, calcifications may be seen in the locations mentioned above with posterior shadowing. In the acute phase, some researchers noticed increased muscle thickness and decreased muscle echogenicity(11–14). However

Iwona Sudoł-Szopińska, Thibaut Jacques, Piotr Gietka, Anne Cotten

Journal of Ultrasonography , ISSUE 80, 36–42


Renal echotextural changes in Nigerian workers chronically exposed to petroleum-based liquid fuels

products; Abuse of illicit drugs; Cigarette smoking in the past three months; Recent use of herbal drugs; Positive HIV I and II Serology; Obesity defined as BMI >30 kg/m2 in males(14). Real-time gray-scale ultrasound of the kidneys was performed using Siemens Sonoline LX unit with a 3.5 MHz curvilinear transducer to assess renal echogenicity. Standard technique for scanning the kidney was followed as described by previous authors(17,18). All subjects were fasting for 6 hours before the examination

Angel-Mary C. Anakwue, Felicitas U. Idigo, Raphael C. Anakwue

Journal of Ultrasonography , ISSUE 80, 18–23


Differential diagnosis of fat-containing lesions in the inguinal canal using ultrasound

in the inguinal canal. Fat-containing lesions in the inguinal canal Lipomatosis of the spermatic cord In obese men, the spermatic cord shows uniform thickening, enhanced echogenicity and a large diameter (Fig. 4). During the Valsalva maneuver, a minor sliding may be observed, which should not be misinterpreted as a movable hernia(2). Fig. 4. Spermatic cord with fatty deposits in the inguinal canal in two sections (arrows) Retroperitoneal fat In many publications, the term “spermatic

Andrzej Smereczyński, Katarzyna Kołaczyk

Journal of Ultrasonography , ISSUE 78, 222–227


Ultrasonography of vulnerable atherosclerotic plaque in the carotid arteries: B-mode imaging

(in various configurations), including directional power Doppler, superb microvascular imaging; non-Doppler flow evaluation methods (B-Flow); spatial (volumetric) ultrasound; contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS); shear wave elastography (SWE). The three last techniques (i.e. volumetric ultrasound, CEUS and elastography) will be discussed in the next parts of this publication series. Types of atherosclerotic plaque The echogenicity of atherosclerotic plaque mainly depends on lipids in its core

Andrzej Fedak, Katarzyna Ciuk, Andrzej Urbanik

Journal of Ultrasonography , ISSUE 81, e135–e145

Original Paper

Grayscale ultrasound characteristics of autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease severity – an adult and pediatric cohort study

methods: The study group consisted of 81 patients diagnosed with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease, 35 adults and 46 children. Inclusion criterion for adults was the presence of at least 10 large cysts in each kidney; children included into the study had developed at least 1 large renal cyst in each kidney. The number of large cysts, echogenicity of kidney parenchyma, cortical thickness and presentation of cortex/medulla boundary were assessed with the use of Logiq E9 apparatus (GE

Marcin Strzelczyk, Michał Podgórski, Susan Afshari, Marcin Tkaczyk, Monika Pawlak-Bratkowska, Piotr Grzelak

Journal of Ultrasonography , ISSUE 69, 85–90


Is a fatty pancreas a banal lesion?

. Pancreas adiposis is best defined in Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging. However, a series of works proved the usefulness in the diagnostics of that pathology of transabdominal and endoscopic ultrasonography. In that method, the degree of adiposis was based on the comparison of echogenicity of the pancreas and the liver, renal parenchyma, spleen and/or retroperitoneal adipose. Recently, the evaluation was expanded by the evaluation of the degree of pancreatic adipose with the pancreas

Andrzej Smereczyński, Katarzyna Kołaczyk

Journal of Ultrasonography , ISSUE 66, 273–280

Pictorial Review

Acrania-exencephaly-anencephaly sequence phenotypic characterization using two- and three-dimensional ultrasound between 11 and 13 weeks and 6 days of gestation

essay. The main diagnostic ultrasound features of the disease may be characterized by findings of acrania with increased amniotic fluid echogenicity; “Mickey-Mouse” bi-lobular face, cystic, elongated, irregular and overhanging head morphology. Lightening techniques have also been added to 3D ultrasound to enhance anatomical details. Moreover, discordant amniotic fluid echotexture in the setting of twin pregnancies may be the first sign of acrania-exencephaly-anencephaly sequence. Extracranial

Eduardo Félix Martins Santana, Edward Araujo Júnior, Gabriele Tonni, Fabricio Da Silva Costa, Simon Meagher

Journal of Ultrasonography , ISSUE 74, 240–246


The use of high-frequency ultrasonography in the assessment of selected female reproductive structures: the vulva, vagina and cervix

layers in millimeters and determining the echogenicity in the number of pixels(5). High-frequency ultrasonography has proven useful in dermatology, esthetic medicine and cosmetology, which has been confirmed in various publications(6–10). The application of this imaging modality in gynecology was described for the first time by Migda et al., who evaluated the structure of the vulvar skin and described the anatomy in HFUS(11). The aim of this report is to present ultrasound description of the vulvar

Marian Stanisław Migda, Michał Migda, Rafał Słapa, Robert Krzysztof Mlosek, Bartosz Migda

Journal of Ultrasonography , ISSUE 79, 261–268

Original Paper

Shear wave elastography in medullary thyroid carcinoma diagnostics

Aim:The aim of the study was to assess the clinical usefulness of SWE in medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC) diagnostics.Materials and methods:A total of 169 focal lesions were identified in the study group (139 patients), including 6 MTCs in 4 patients (mean age: 45 years). B-mode ultrasound and SWE were performed using Aixplorer (SuperSonic, Aix-en-Provence), with a 4–15 MHz linear probe. The ultrasound was performed to assess the echogenicity and echostructure of the lesions, their margin, the

Katarzyna Dobruch-Sobczak, Anna Gumińska, Elwira Bakuła-Zalewska, Krzysztof Mlosek, Rafał Z. Słapa, Paweł Wareluk, Agnieszka Krauze, Agnieszka Ziemiecka, Bartosz Migda, Wiesław Jakubowski, Marek Dedecjus

Journal of Ultrasonography , ISSUE 63, 358–367

Original Paper

Doppler ultrasound appearance of neck tumors

flow. Venous malformations presented as irregular, hypoechoic spaces with venous blood flow, easily compressed by the probe. Extracranial carotid artery aneurysms were hypoechoic, well-defined spaces, which presented with slow internal, turbulent flow on Doppler study, and showed continuity with the carotid artery. Conclusions: Doppler ultrasound allows to visualize features characteristic for certain neck tumors. Solid or cystic structure, echogenicity, localization, as well as internal flow

Anna Szymańska, Marcin Szymański, Wiesław Gołąbek, Anna Drelich-Zbroja, Tomasz Jargiełło

Journal of Ultrasonography , ISSUE 73, 96–102


intra-abdominal fat, reflection patterns, localization, ultrasound, diagnostic criteria

experience, it has been demonstrated that the adipose tissue in the abdominal cavity has variable echogenicity, which primarily depends on the amount of extracellular fl uid and the number of connective tissue septa, i.e. elements that potentiate the number of areas that refl ect and scatter ultrasonic waves. The normal adipose tissue presents itself on a broad gray scale: from a hyperechoic area, through numerous structures of lower refl ection intensity, to nearly anechoic

Andrzej Smereczyński, Katarzyna Kołaczyk, Elżbieta Bernatowicz

Journal of Ultrasonography , ISSUE 62, 318–325

Case report

Capillary hemangioma of the testis. A case report of a rare benign tumor

ultrasound scan of the scrotum revealed a lesion located in the upper pole of the left testis, 24 mm in diameter with slightly decreased echogenicity and irregular contours, which suggested infiltration of the tunica albuginea of the testis. Color and power Doppler scans demonstrated a dense network of blood vessels and increased blood flow in the lesion described. In addition, 3D ultrasound scan images were obtained, which allowed for a thorough determination of the topography of the lesion. No

Waldemar Białek, Sławomir Rudzki, Lech Wronecki

Journal of Ultrasonography , ISSUE 64, 87–93

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