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  • Journal Of Ultrasonography


Original Paper

The feasibility of using high-resolution ultrasonography to assess ulnar nerve in patients with diabetes mellitus

-resolution ultrasonography may be helpful in the early diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy in diabetic patients.

Jun Chen, Chun-Lei Wang, Shan Wu, Shan He, Jun Ren

Journal of Ultrasonography , ISSUE 70, 160–166

Original Paper

Correlation of findings in clinical and high resolution ultrasonography examinations of the painful shoulder

Objective: High resolution ultrasonography is a non-painful and non-invasive imaging technique which is useful for the assessment of shoulder pain causes, as clinicalexamination often does not allow an exact diagnosis. The aim of this study was to compare the fi ndings of clinical examination and high resolution ultrasonographyin patients presenting with painful shoulder. Methods: Non-interventional observational study of 100 adult patients suffering from unilateral shoulder pain

Raphael Micheroli, Diego Kyburz, Adrian Ciurea, Beat Dubs, Martin Toniolo, Samuel Pascal Bisig, Giorgio Tamborrini

Journal of Ultrasonography , ISSUE 60, 29–44


Sonographic assessment of the anatomy and common pathologies of clinically important bursae

adventitial bursa that can form after birth as a result of chronic friction, usually in people wearing tight shoes(29). Fig. 20. Deep retrocalcaneal bursitis (*) in a patient with insertional Achilles tendinopathy (arrows). The Achilles tendon is swollen, with disrupted fibrillar pattern and calcifications near the insertion. C-calcaneus Conclusion High-resolution ultrasonography has many advantages in the imaging of the musculoskeletal system, including the imaging of the bursae, compared to other

Slavcho Ivanoski, Violeta Vasilevska Nikodinovska

Journal of Ultrasonography , ISSUE 78, 212–221


High-resolution ultrasonography of the sural nerve in diabetic peripheral neuropathy

and non-diabetic subjects using high-resolution ultrasonography; To examine bilateral sural nerve conduction in diabetic patients and non-diabetic controls; To correlate the sural nerve ultrasonography findings with nerve conduction studies in patients with diabetes mellitus and non-diabetic controls. Materials and methods Study design This cross-sectional, case-control study was conducted among 60 patients attending an outpatient department (OPD) or admitted to a tertiary care hospital in

Kunwar Pal Singh, Kamlesh Gupta, Nilanshu Kataria, Vijinder Arora, Nimisha Nagpal

Journal of Ultrasonography , ISSUE 81, e83–e89

Original Paper

Comparison of high resolution ultrasonography with clinical findings in patients with ankle pain

Abstract Aim: The aim of this study was to investigate the diagnostic accuracy of high resolution ultrasonography for the assessment of painful ankle joint as compared with the clinical findings. Material and Methods: A prospective study was conducted on 136 patients having history of ankle pain and referred to the Department of Radiodiagnosis and Imaging for ultrasonography. Statistical analysis: Comparison of ultrasonography findings and clinical findings was done using McNemar Test. Results

Kunwarpal Singh, Chuni Lal Thukral, Kamlesh Gupta, Avtar Singh

Journal of Ultrasonography , ISSUE 75, 316–324

Research Article

High resolution ultrasonography of the tibial nerve in diabetic peripheral neuropathy

Kunwarpal Singh, Kamlesh Gupta1, Sukhdeep Kaur

Journal of Ultrasonography , ISSUE 71, 246–252

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