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Inclusive practice for students with neurodevelopmental disorders in Sweden

for children and adolescents with NDDs in school is educational inclusion. It aims to achieve adaptation of the environment to the diverse prerequisites and needs of individuals, instead of demanding of individuals to cope with the challenges of a given context themselves exclusively (7). While many countries have transformed from a perspective that children with NDDs cannot be educated adequately in regular schools and require special school settings to that almost all children with NDDs should

Sven Bölte, Emma Leifler, Steve Berggren, Anna Borg

Scandinavian Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychology , 9–15


Estimating the population mean using a continuous sampling design dependent on an auxiliary variable

Continuous distribution of variables under study and auxiliary variables are considered. The purpose of the paper is to estimate the mean of the variable under study using a sampling design which is dependent on the observation of a continuous auxiliary variable in the whole population. Auxiliary variable values observed in this population allow to estimate the inclusion density function of the sampling design. The variance of the continuous version of the Horvitz-Thompson estimator under the

Janusz L. Wywiał

Statistics in Transition New Series , ISSUE 5, 1–16


What's in a word? Distinguishing between Habilitation and Re-habilitation

perceived that they were incapable of daily function (Rosen et al., 1977). This meant that they were restricted to developing independence skills and obedience: arguably the antithesis of Habilitation, despite encouraging independence. Public opinion during the turn of the twentieth century acknowledged that ‘intellectual disabilities’ could not be fully compensated for, despite specialist schooling. Individuals with developmental disabilities were institutionalized until 1920 to 1960, where inclusion

J. Hayton, D. Dimitriou

International Journal of Orientation & Mobility , ISSUE 1, 1–4


“The big wide world of school”: Supporting children on the autism spectrum to successfully transition to primary school: Perspectives from parents and early intervention professionals

deemed successful, when children feel secure and comfortable, are eager to attend school, develop academic and social skills, attain higher levels of independence, participate actively with peers and teachers, and experience a sense of wellbeing, belonging and inclusion (7). Influencing the successful transition to school is school readiness, a broad concept encompassing the skills and abilities a child needs to be successful at school, as well as the schools readiness for the child and the family’s

Nigel Chen, Scott Miller, Ben Milbourn, Melissa H. Black, Kathryn Fordyce, Gerdamari Van Der Watt, Tasha Alach, Anne Masi, Grace Frost, Madonna Tucker, Valsamma Eapen, Sonya Girdler

Scandinavian Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychology , 91–100

Original Paper

Difficulties in differentiating the nature of ascites based on ultrasound imaging

Transabdominal ultrasound not always allows to determine the nature of ascites based solely on its characteristics. Aim: The aim of the study was to present difficulties in determining the nature of ascites using transabdominal ultrasonography solely based on extra-organ lesions as well as, after the inclusion of the overall abdominal assessment and the clinical picture. Materials and methods: A total of 18 patients with non-neoplastic ascites and 62 patients with neoplastic ascites whose final

Andrzej Smereczyński, Katarzyna Kołaczyk, Elżbieta Bernatowicz

Journal of Ultrasonography , ISSUE 69, 96–100



Short description of higher education study programme creation and evaluation process is stated. The study pointed out the difficulties of up-dating study programmes in connection with innovative technology trends in the relevant field of knowledge. Blockchain technology and Internet of Things as emerging digitalization trends in logistics and transport are considered together with three relevant bachelor study programmes. The first proposal of innovation inclusion in study programmes is

Genadijs GROMOVS, Mika LAMMI

Transport Problems , ISSUE SE, 23–34

Research Article

How Prevalent Are Autistic Traits Among Children With Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder? A Qualitative Review of the Literature

articles met our inclusion and exclusion criteria and were included in this qualitative review.Only three scientific papers that met our a priori inclusion and exclusion criteria were identified. These articles described findings obtained from clinical samples and identified a prevalence of autistic traits among children with ADHD that ranged from 7% to 60%. As compared with children with ADHD without these traits, the presence of autistic traits in children with ADHD was associated with more severe

Mai Uchida, Stephen V. Faraone, Gagan Joshi, Andrea Spencer, Tara Kenworthy, K. Yvonne Woodworth, Joseph Biederman

Scandinavian Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychology , ISSUE 1, 33–40


The Missing Link: A Collaborative Approach to Early Childhood Orientation and Mobility

The current role of the Orientation & Mobility (O&M) instructor routinely involves working with young children (birth to 6 years). The inclusion of this population to the caseload of O&M instructors brings with it unique challenges. Young children’s primary means of learning comes in the form of play, yet O&M traditionally tends to focus on skill specific instruction. For young children who are blind or vision impaired the ability to move out into space independently and

Kylie Wells, Dip. Tchg., Grad. Cert. Ed. Studies, M. Spec. Ed.

International Journal of Orientation & Mobility , ISSUE 1, 57–61



The utilization of pozzolanic materials like metakaolin (MK) in cement mortar and concrete is growing in construction industry all around the world to reduce the CO2 release into the atmosphere and reduce energy consumption. This study instigates the performance of concrete containing locally developed metakaolin in terms of workability, unit weight, compressive strength, ultrasonic pulse velocity and drying shrinkage of concrete. The Portland cement (PC) is replaced by inclusion of developed

Abdullah SAAND, Manthar Ali KEERIO, Daddan khan BANGWAR

Architecture, Civil Engineering, Environment , ISSUE 2, 115–122



Janusz Wywiał

Statistics in Transition New Series , ISSUE 3, 411–428


Analysis of the stability of alanine aminotransferase (ALT) levels in donor samples

72 hours (1.45 IU/L) was statistically significant, it was of little practical significance. For example, based on the frequency distribution of the 311 RT samples from this study, and using a cut-off value of 69 IU/L, only one unit of blood would have been eliminated based on the difference between time zero and 72 hours. It was concluded that RT would be the storage of choice for 72 hours, since the tendency of ALT levels to decrease during storage at 4°C could make possible the inclusion

Susan S. Todoroff

Immunohematology , ISSUE 1, 18–21


New Look on Antifungal Activity of Silver Nanoparticles (AgNPs)

et al. 2010). The progress in research led to the inclusion of nanoparticles as biocides in a large number of consumer products: chemicals, cosmetics, clothing, water filters, and medical devices (Kokura et al. 2010; Metak and Ajaal 2013; Zarschler et al. 2016). The application of AgNPs as a contrast agent for mammography and micro-computed tomography for the ear imaging is based on their electric properties (Anil Kumar et al. 2007; Zou et al. 2015; Zhang et al. 2016b; Lee and Jun 2019). Despite


Polish Journal of Microbiology , ISSUE 4, 515–525


Treatment of subarachnoid haemorrhage complicated by hyponatraemia

Jordyn A Butler

Australasian Journal of Neuroscience , ISSUE 2, 1–5



) multidimensional index of local deprivation composed of eleven domain-scales. The spatial multilevel modelling has been extended by an attempt to assess what effect spatial interaction has on cross-level relationships. Its inclusion in the discussion with which this paper concludes seems recommendable, as it indicates the need for more systematic efforts towards a spatially-integrated approach to this kind of modelling problems.

Włodzimierz Okrasa, Dominik Rozkrut

Statistics in Transition New Series , ISSUE 4, 167–179

Research paper


conducted among employees of statistical offices and academics from universities involved in SAE research. A further issue is inclusion of SAE in the EMOS project (European Master in Official Statistics). The survey is extended with information collected by monitoring of trainings and projects organized by the leading centres dealing with SAE. The results obtained are related to a similar survey within Eurostat project: ESSnet on Small Area Estimation, which was conducted in 2010. The study includes

Elżbieta Gołata

Statistics in Transition New Series , ISSUE 4, 611–630



aging-related professionals and experts. Then, the resulting data were imported into SPSS22 software and analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. FINDINGS: The results indicated that, among 8 indices of age-friendly city including open spaces and buildings, transportation, housing, social participation, respect and social inclusion of the elderly, citizen participation and employment of the elderly, communication and information facilities, as well as health and local services


Architecture, Civil Engineering, Environment , ISSUE 3, 35–51

Research Article

Parametric prediction of finite population total under Informative sampling and nonignorable nonresponse

In this paper, we combine two methodologies used in the model-based survey sampling, namely the prediction of the finite population total, named T, under informative sampling and full response, see Sverchkov and Pfeffermann  (2004), and the prediction of T with a noninformative sampling design and the nonignorable nonresponse mechanism, see Eideh (2012). The former approach involves the dependence of the first order inclusion probabilities on the study variable, while the latter involves

Abdulhakeem Eideh

Statistics in Transition New Series , ISSUE 1, 13–35


MIMA-9, a valuable antibody for screening for rare donors

and thereby conserve rare antisera. Inclusion of anti-mouse IgG in gel cards allowed for rapid screening. MIMA-9 is also a useful reagent to type RBCs with a positive direct antiglobulin test. This antibody is available to donor screening laboratories at no cost for this specific use.

Edith Tossas, Ragnhild Øyen, Gregory R. Halverson, Harry Malyska, Marion E. Reid

Immunohematology , ISSUE 2, 43–45

Original Paper

Grayscale ultrasound characteristics of autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease severity – an adult and pediatric cohort study

methods: The study group consisted of 81 patients diagnosed with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease, 35 adults and 46 children. Inclusion criterion for adults was the presence of at least 10 large cysts in each kidney; children included into the study had developed at least 1 large renal cyst in each kidney. The number of large cysts, echogenicity of kidney parenchyma, cortical thickness and presentation of cortex/medulla boundary were assessed with the use of Logiq E9 apparatus (GE

Marcin Strzelczyk, Michał Podgórski, Susan Afshari, Marcin Tkaczyk, Monika Pawlak-Bratkowska, Piotr Grzelak

Journal of Ultrasonography , ISSUE 69, 85–90

Mini Review

The Role of Staphylococcus aureus in Secondary Infections in Patients with Atopic Dermatitis (AD)

barrier contributing to a chronic inflammation of the atopic skin lesions. The S. aureus species also releases proinflam­matory proteins, including enzymes that cause tissue damage. When initiating treatment it is particularly important to properly assess that the onset of the secondary bacterial infection is caused by S. aureus and thus justifying the inclusion of antibiotic therapy. Depending on the severity and extent of the staphylococcal infection, topical antibiotics are used, usually

Aneta Buda, Jacek Międzobrodzki

Polish Journal of Microbiology , ISSUE 3, 253–259


Agricultural intensification and urbanization negatively impact soil nematode richness and abundance: a meta-analysis

, pots, or greenhouses; studies expressing abundance of nematodes as relative abundance instead of absolute abundance; and studies reporting data for total free-living nematodes instead of each trophic group. Among the 1,613 articles, 598 relevant articles that contained data on richness and abundance of nematodes in different ecosystems were selected by examining titles and abstracts. Among the 598 articles, 111 articles (Supplementary Material) met the inclusion criteria and were selected for data

Satyendra K. Pothula, Parwinder S. Grewal, Robert M. Auge, Arnold M. Saxton, Ernest C. Bernard

Journal of Nematology , 1–17


The use of a probe stabilizer to reduce musculoskeletal overload of ultrasound operators in routine diagnostic echocardiographic imaging

transthoracic echocardiography. A good apical acoustic window with clear endocardial border definition was a prerequisite for inclusion. Transthoracic echocardiography In the Catharina Hospital a Philips EPIQ 7 ultrasound system was used with a X5-1 transducer. The iRotate function was used, which made it possible to electronically rotate to the standard apical four, two, and three chamber views. In the Deventer Hospital a GE Vivid E9 ultrasound system was used with a M5S transducer. Standard apical views

Sjoerd Bouwmeester, Marloes de Kleijn, Jan van Wijngaarden, Patrick Houthuizen

Journal of Ultrasonography , ISSUE 78, 193–197


Frequency of thrombocytopenia associated with gentamicin therapy

antibodies (GAPAs) in our institution. Adult patients who received gentamicin from 1/1/98 to 7/31/98 were eval­uated for inclusion in the study. Testing for the presence of GAPAs was performed if the patient had a decrease in platelet count while receiving gentamicin or if the platelet count increased or decreased within 3 days of the last gentamicin therapy. Patients receiving gen­tamicin without development of thrombocytopenia were tested as controls. During the study period, 926 patients

Miriam Fogg Leach, James P. AuBuchon

Immunohematology , ISSUE 4, 167–170


The use of ultrasound-guided platelet-rich plasma injections in the treatment of hip osteoarthritis: a systematic review of the literature

and Allied Health and Allied and Complimentary Medicine databases. The Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis methodology guidance was employed and a quality assessment was performed using the Jadad score. Results: Three randomised clinical trials met the inclusion criteria and were included for analysis. All three trials were of good quality based on the Jadad score. A total of 115 patients out of 254 received platelet-rich plasma injections under ultrasound guidance

Mohammed Ali, Ahmed Mohamed, Hussam Elamin Ahmed, Ajay Malviya, Ismael Atchia

Journal of Ultrasonography , ISSUE 75, 332–337



% confidence intervals (Cis) to estimate the association between flying hours and melanoma development, adjusting for age and state of residence as potential confounders. We also modelled flying hours as a linear term and calculated risk of melanoma per 100-hour increments of total flying hours. The primary outcome was invasive melanoma, and we performed sensitivity analyses by repeating the above analyses after the inclusion of cases with in situ melanoma. All statistical analyses were carried out using

Jean Claude Dusingize, Catherine M. Olsen, Kyoko Miura, Ian Hosegood, Rick Tinker, Ken Karipidis, Adèle C. Green

Journal of the Australasian Society of Aerospace Medicine , 1–7

Case report

Anti-Kpa–induced severe delayed hemolytic transfusion reaction

should be considered for inclusion in the antibody screening cells.

Ranie Koshy, Bhishma Patel, Jonathan S. Harrison

Immunohematology , ISSUE 2, 44–47


Value of ultrasonography in the diagnosis of polycystic ovary syndrome – literature review

healthy women, the inclusion of this sign to the diagnostic criteria of polycystic ovary syndrome is still questioned. The developmentof new technologies has an undoubted infl uence on the percentage of diagnosed polycystic ovaries. This process has caused an increase in the percentage of polycystic ovary diagnoses since the Rotterdam criteria were published. It is therefore needed to prepare new commonly accepted diagnostic norms concerning the number of ovarian follicles and the standardization of

Michał Bachanek, Nebil Abdalla, Krzysztof Cendrowski, Włodzimierz Sawicki

Journal of Ultrasonography , ISSUE 63, 410–422


Validation of the Polish version of the Neurological Disorders Depression Inventory for Epilepsy (P-NDDI-E)

(Tadokoro et al., 2012), Germany (Metternich et al., 2012) and Greece (Zis et al., 2013). The aim of this study was to validate the Polish version of the NDDI-E scale. MATERIAL AND METHODS The consecutive 257 persons with epilepsy (PWEs), who fulfilled inclusion and exclusion criteria, were recruited by physicians with specialization of neurology and epileptology in the period from Nov. 10, 2016 to Feb. 28, 2017 during their routine outpatient visits. The following epilepsy treatment centers were

Bartłomiej Gmaj, Jerzy Majkowski, Jan Szczypiński, Joanna Jędrzejczak, Beata Majkowska-Zwolińska, Marcin Wojnar, Jacek Gawłowicz, Piotr Januszko, Sung Pa Park, Ewa Nagańska, Simon Ziemka, Dorota Wołyńczyk-Gmaj

Journal of Epileptology , ISSUE 1-2, 59–64


Policy implications of the extent, nature and effects of young people’s exposure to alcohol promotion in sports-related contexts

representing modifications of the existing systems to those involving a complete restructure to replace existing codes with alternative forms of regulation. These recommended approaches are summarised below, listed in order of least to most restrictive. System modification options Options for enhancing current systems of alcohol promotion restrictions include: 1) strengthening the provisions of existing codes; 2) extending the codes through the inclusion of additional provisions; and 3) changing code

Simone Pettigrew, Hayley Grant

Evidence Base , ISSUE 2, 62–78


Is pneumoperitoneum the terra ignota in ultrasonography?

;between the diaphragm and the liver (Chilaiditi syndrome). It seems that the inclusion of a US examination to the E-FAST method in order to detect free gas in the peritoneal cavity is justifi ed since it is a sign of gastrointestinal perforation in numerous cases, andis clinically as relevant as the presence of free fluid. 

Andrzej Smereczyński, Katarzyna Kołaczyk

Journal of Ultrasonography , ISSUE 61, 189–195

Original Paper

Usefulness of ultrasonography in the diagnosis of hematoma after primary hip arthroplasty

: Inclusion criteria: coxarthrosis. Exclusion criteria: primary and secondary coagulopathy, renal or hepatic failure and history of venous or arterial thrombo­sis. In total, 90 patients were enrolled. Methods: The study was prospective. The patients were assigned into groups in accordance with simple randomization. On the third day post-surgery, an ultrasound examination was conducted in all patients. Results: Deep infection was found in two patients with suction drainage. Hematoma was almost twice

Jerzy Białecki, Paweł Bartosz, Wojciech Marczyński, Jan Zając

Journal of Ultrasonography , ISSUE 70, 149–153


The role of ultrasonography in the diagnosis of occult scaphoid fractures

effusion and scapho-trapezium-trapezoid effusion. Quality assessment was performed using the methodological index for non-randomized studies scoring system. Results: 6 non-randomized control studies met the inclusion criteria. Collectively, these included 236 patients with a mean age ranging from 18 to 41.2 years. The quality of these articles ranged between moderate and high based on the methodological index for non-randomized studies score. The mean sensitivity was 88.95% (standard deviation 10.03

Mohammed Ali, Mujtaba Ali, Ahmed Mohamed, Syed Mannan, Farshid Fallahi

Journal of Ultrasonography , ISSUE 75, 325–331

Research Article

Responses of Anastrepha suspensa, Diachasmimorpha longicaudata, and Sensitivity of Guava Production to Heterorhabditis bacteriophora in Fruit Fly Integrated Pest Management

infested guavas were treated with increasing Heterorhabditis bacteriophora infective juvenile (IJ) concentration or rate (0, 25, 50, …, 1,600 IJs cm−2) in field trials to measure the optimum IJ rate and then examine sensitivity of producing guavas to inclusion of Heterorhabditis bacteriophora in Caribfly IPM plans. Relative survival of Caribfly in treatments significantly decreased with increasing IJ rate from 0 to 100 IJs cm−2. Similarly, probability of observing large numbers of parasitoid wasps

William K. Heve, Fahiem E. El-Borai, Evan G. Johnson, Daniel Carrillo, William T. Crow, Larry W. Duncan

Journal of Nematology , ISSUE 3, 261–272


Effect of adding a capsule with activated charcoal to abdominal ultrasound preparation on image quality

Ahmed Abdul Jabar, Ibrahim Abbas, Nabeel Mishah, Mohammed Wazan, Motaen Tomehy

Journal of Ultrasonography , ISSUE 80, e12–e17


Method-specific and unexplained reactivity in automated solid-phase testing and their association with specific antibodies

for 2 years using two automated solid-phase instruments that used the same three-cell antibody detection test. Antibody identification was performed with solidphase panels supplemented with a polyethylene glycol tube method as needed. Of the 1934 (5%) samples with a positive antibody detection test, 29 had unavailable work-up data, leaving 1905 (98.5%) samples eligible for inclusion in the study. The data revealed the following: Ab only 999 (52.4%); UR only 429 (22.5%); Ab and UR 227 (11.9%); NS

Mary E. Harach, Joy M. Gould, Rosemary P. Brown, Tricia Sander, Jay H. Herman

Immunohematology , ISSUE 3, 93–97


A simple screening assay for the most common JK*0 alleles revealed compound heterozygosity in Jk(a–b–) probands from Guam

screening assay was cost-efficient when compared with DNA sequencing costs. Furthermore, selection of the more common JK*0 mutations was a practical approach that resulted in rapid identification of the genetic bases behind the Jk(a–b–) phenotypes in this unusual family. Although an obvious target for eventual inclusion into high-throughput genotyping platforms for clinical diagnostic services, current systems are very limited. Our approach provides a simple and inexpensive method for the

Elisabet Sjöberg Wester, Julia Gustafsson, Beverly Snell, Peggy Spruell, Åsa Hellberg, Martin L. Olsson, Jill R. Storry

Immunohematology , ISSUE 4, 165–169


Developing the multi-professional clinical academic workforce in Australia and New Zealand: a scoping review

”, “Australasian”, “Australasia”, “Queensland”, “Victoria”, “New South Wales”, Northern Territory”, and “Tasmania”. Database subject heading terms (MeSH) relating to the countries of interest were used in addition to keywords in the Medline and CINAHL searches. Following database searching, reference lists of potentially eligible studies were searched for additional studies and selected websites were searched for relevant empirical grey literature. Eligibility Papers eligible for inclusion in the review were

Alexandra Edelman, Robin Gauld, Pavel V. Ovseiko, Richard B. Murray

Evidence Base , ISSUE 1, 1–27


A review of ultrasonographic methods for the assessment of the anterior cruciate ligament in patients with knee instability – diagnostics using a posterior approach

AimThe purpose of the study was to improve the ultrasonographic assessment of the anterior cruciate ligament by an inclusion of a dynamic element. The proposed functional modification aims to restore normal posterior cruciate ligament tension, which is associated with a visible change in the ligament shape. This method reduces the risk of an error resulting from subjectively assessing the shape of the posterior cruciate ligament. It should be also emphasized that the method combined with other

Tomasz Poboży, Maciej Kielar

Journal of Ultrasonography , ISSUE 66, 288–295

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