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Multi Objective Optimization of Virtual Machine Migration Placement Based on Cloud Computing

How to improve the resource utilization of the cloud computing system has been one of the key content of the research of the cloud computing. The traditional multi-objective ant colony optimization was improved, studied the virtual machine live migration framework, combined with the elimination method to solve virtual machine migration and placement of multi-objective optimization problem, the load balanced specific strategies are integrated into the framework of a dynamic migration, simulation

Sun Hong, Tang Qing, Xu Liping, Chen Shiping

International Journal of Advanced Network, Monitoring and Controls , ISSUE 2, 120–129


Travelling narratives and images in times of migration

Introduction Migrant narratives and aesthetic practices influenced by experiences of exile and migration constitute a growing field in contemporary art and literature. Current trends in migration and globalisation have lead to an increase in travelling narratives, images and objects, and the production of aesthetic practices describing and problematising exile and migration, working in and through tradition. Migratory patterns and issues related to the protection of refugees and asylum seekers

Sigrun Åsebø, Anje Müller Gjesdal, Camilla Skalle

Borderlands , ISSUE 1, 1–11


Art and contemporary Irish emigrants: Aesthetics and networks of affect in David Monahan’s ‘Leaving Dublin’

simply had no job to which they needed commute. As is the case for most any Irishman, it was not the first time Monahan had said goodbye to friends leaving in search of jobs. His siblings—two brothers and a sister—all left during the global recession in the 1980s (Kenny 2011). This wave of migration, however, provoked a markedly different public response and David Monahan’s work provides a unique entry point for examining the changing experience of Irish emigration and its representation in the arts

Rachel L. Williams

Borderlands , ISSUE 1, 12–38

Research paper


statistics show but they are still one of the most important factors of domestic migration flows.

Justyna Wilk

Statistics in Transition New Series , ISSUE 2, 243–264


Understanding Singaporean migrants in South Australia

International migration to Australia is complex, with a number of factors contributing to those that stay and those who leave. Despite a sustained increase in the number of Singapore-born individuals in Australia, this population has generally been overlooked in studies on international migrants and settlement. Australia is no stranger to migrant populations, with almost half of Australia’s population comprising of immigrants or are children of immigrants (Hugo, 2014a). Immigrants are defined

Hannah Barbour

South Australian Geographical Journal , ISSUE 1, 1–9


Research and Implementation of Load Balancing Technology for Cloud Computing

This article selects load balancing system technology to analyze, combines the live migration technology of virtual machine, and studys the frame of virtual machine live migration as well as the mathematical model applied to concrete process of the migration. The article presents that the process of combining the specific strategies of load balance to the frame of live migration, that the simulation experiment and conclusion to this total process. The study takes Eucalyptus as experimental

Sun Hong, Wang Weifeng, Chen Shiping, Xu Liping

International Journal of Advanced Network, Monitoring and Controls , ISSUE 2, 17–28


Travelling toponymy: The contribution of place names to the textual representation of place and memory in Abdellah Taïa’s Une mélancolie Arabe

Introduction Narratives of exile and migration, i.e. situations that pose challenges to the representation of place and memory, raise important questions as to how people use language to make sense of their situation, to uphold bonds with home, and construe places of arrival and transit, and how memory is constructed in this process. An important strategy is the textualisation of space, i.e. the use of linguistic tools to represent the spaces through which one passes in a more meaningful

Anje Müller Gjesdal

Borderlands , ISSUE 1, 111–132

Research Article

Postembryonic Ventral Nerve Cord Development and Gonad Migration in Steinernema carpocapsae

S. carpocapsae individuals. Using synchronized in vitro cultures, we found that the gonad migration pattern in S. carpocapsae was distinct from both C. elegans and the Diplogaster nematode Pristionchus pacificus. The S. carpocapsae gonad arm migration was highly variable.

Hung Xuan Bui, Nathan E. Schroeder

Journal of Nematology , ISSUE 1, 27–32

Research Article

Hierarchy in Mixed Relation Networks: Warfare Advantage and Resource Distribution in Simulated World-Systems

Building on world-systems theory, simulation models of 5-line intersocietal networks were generated in an effort to understand systemic power hierarchies. The societal nodes were exclusively connected by three types of interaction: migration, warfare, and unequal trade. These networks can be considered “mixed relation” networks due to the ways in which these types of ties combine positive and negative sanction flows. Insights from elementary theory were employed to understand how

Jacob Apkarian, Jesse B. Fletcher, Christopher Chase-Dunn, Robert A. Hanneman

Journal of Social Structure , ISSUE 1, 1–17

Research Article

South African migrants in Australia: an overview

South Africa is a top migrant source country in Australia and has ranked among the top 10 source countries for settler arrivals since the mid-1990s. It stands out in this list as the only country, besides New Zealand, which is not in Europe or Asia, and one that has received little research attention. Yet South Africans form a major migrant group in Australia; and the drivers of their migration and settlement experiences offer important insight into these processes. This paper presents an

Romy Wasserman

South Australian Geographical Journal , ISSUE 1, 17–28


The quest for identity through bodily pain: Female abjection in the literary work of Igiaba Scego

, but her texts do present and problematise issues connected with migration and the migrant’s position, thus destabilising the antithetical concept of the relationship between here and there, between the culture of origin and that of destination and the conception of purity and unity. Therefore, I will state that her writing exemplifies the description of migrant literature as advanced by the literary critic Carine Mardorossian, which is that of a ‘cosmopolitan, transnational, and hybrid vision of

Camilla Skalle

Borderlands , ISSUE 1, 64–87


Stitching the cloths of serial migrant life: The quilts of Barbara James

values. The three worlds I have found to be especially salient in research both on sites of social interaction and migration are those of proximity, rationality and charisma (Ossman 2003). These ‘worlds’ are not separate cultures or spheres of activity or fields of practice, or ‘scapes’ defined by particular activities, or worldviews, (Appadurai 1996; Bourdieu 1977; Ossman 1998, 2013). They are instead defined by the patterns of social interaction they teach and the practices and values these forms

Susan Ossman

Borderlands , ISSUE 1, 88–110


Il volo: Wim Wenders’ short documentary on hybrid space in Calabrian shrinking cities

, Il volo’s Backstage does highlight the successful integration of the immigrants into the village of Badolato, a model from which the newly arrived immigrants as well as the Calabrians benefited.3 Compared to the fiction film, which focuses majorly on the obstacles of the migration process, the making-of dwells on the economic-cultural activities and expressions, such as the finely-woven fabrics by migrant women who adopted traditional Calabrian techniques. To that goal, Wenders shows and comments

Inge Lanslots

Borderlands , ISSUE 1, 133–145


Time in the shelter: Asylum, destitution and legal uncertainty

the category of asylum seeker in the public imaginary—not only provides an important background insight into how the mutually reinforcing domains of political discourse and policy shape the ‘time politics of asylum’, but also how border regimes more widely produce states of chronic uncertainty among irregular migrants (Cohen 2011). The Immigration Line In his discussions on contemporary migration and mobility in the UK the sociologist Les Back has turned his attention to the Lunar House tower

Mark Justin Rainey

Borderlands , ISSUE 2, 138–164

Research Article


Voltage and frequency control is very important especially to face the migration from conventional to smart grid. In conventional way, voltage and frequency are regulated from the main power plant. However, in a smart grid system, the controller can be distributed into sub-system. A microgrid as a key sub-system must have independent control especially in islanded or stand-alone mode. This paper presents an approach named Integral-Proportional Derivative (I-PD) to control the three-phase

S. D. Panjaitan, R. Kurnianto, B.W. Sanjaya, M. C. Turner

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems , ISSUE 4, 935–954

Research Article

High Mitochondrial Genome Diversity and Intricate Population Structure of Bursaphelenchus xylophilus in Kyushu, Japan

, clearly classified into two clades. Haplotype diversity was 0.83, evidencing a remarkable high diversity within Kyushu. The high genetic differentiation among the 12 populations (0.331) might be due to past invasion and expansion routes of PWN in northeastern and southeastern Kyushu. The distinct genetic composition of populations within the northwestern, central western, and southwestern Kyushu seems to be mostly related to the extinction of pine forests and long-range migration of PWN due to human

Hanyong Zhang, Erika Okii, Eiji Gotoh, Susumu Shiraishi

Journal of Nematology , ISSUE 3, 281–302



The Swarm Intelligence is a new and modern method employed in optimization problems. The Swarm Intelligence method is based on the en masse movement of living animals like birds, fishes, ants and other social animals. Migration, seeking for food and fighting with enemies are social behaviors of animals. Optimization principle is seen in these animals. The Artificial Fish Swarm Optimization (AFSA) method is one of the Swarm Intelligence approaches that works based on the population and

Mehdi Neshat, Ali Adeli, Ghodrat Sepidnam, Mehdi Sargolzaei, Adel Najaran Toosi

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems , ISSUE 1, 108–148


Inferring Genome-Wide Gene Regulatory Networks with GPU or CPU Parallel Algorithm

Expression of gene block, with the GPU parallel thread structure characteristic calculation, according to the structural characteristics of GPU thread design of double parallel mode, and the use of texture cache memory to achieve high efficiency; on the basis of CPU two level cache capacity of basic blocks further subdivided into sub blocks to improve the cache hit rate, the technology to reduce the number of memory accesses the use of data, reduce the thread migration in the core between the

Ming Zheng, Mugui Zhuo, Shugong Zhang, Guixia Liu

International Journal of Advanced Network, Monitoring and Controls , ISSUE 3, 15–19


Characterization of Lilium longiflorum cv. ‘Nellie White’ Infection with Root-lesion Nematode Pratylenchus penetrans by Bright-field and Transmission Electron Microscopy

involving both root epidermis and cortical cells. Degradation of consecutive cell walls resulted in loss of cell pressure, lack of cytoplasmic integrity, followed by cell death along the intracellular path of the nematode’s migration. Pratylenchus penetrans was never seen in the vascular cylinder as the layer of collapsed endodermal cells presumably blocked the progression of nematodes into this area of the roots. This study presents the first detailed cytological 


Journal of Nematology , ISSUE 1, 2–11


A Disparateness-Aware Scheduling using K-Centroids Clustering and PSO Techniques in Hadoop Cluster

, and network time. By integrating these three parameters, the optimized fitness function is employed for Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) to select the computing node. Failure may occur after completion of the successful execution in the network. To improve the fault tolerance service, the migration of the cluster is focused on the particular failure node. This can recomputed the node by PSO and the corresponding optimal node is predicted. The experimental results exhibit better scheduling length

E. Laxmi Lydia, M.Ben Swarup

International Journal of Advanced Network, Monitoring and Controls , ISSUE 2, 34–46

Research paper

Surgical injury-induced early neocortical microvascular changes and characteristics of the cells populating the peri-lesion zone

remodeling of brain parenchyma, including the presence of multiple cell types of immature phenotypes. The latter, as shown by a variety of light and electron microscopy techniques, included endothelial cell precursors as well as nestin-positive immature neural cells of astrocytic or non-glial characteristics. However, there was no evidence of in situ neurogenesis or a considerable migration of cells from SVZ. The centers of the said repair processes were capillary blood vessels connected with basal

Dorota Sulejczak, Stanisław J. Chrapusta, Wojciech Kozłowski, Małgorzata Frontczak-Baniewicz

Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis , ISSUE 2, 125–141

Case report

Leptomeningeal Carcinomatosis: Cerebral spinal fluid tumours.

. Leptomeningeal Carcinomatosis spreads to the meninges, the outer covering of the brain and spinal cord, directly migrating into the cerebral spinal fluid (CSF), arachnoid and pia mater. This migration of tumour cells occurs throughout the arachnoid vessels or choroid plexus into the surrounding outer layers extending into the CSF. On entry into the CSF, tumour cells are infiltrated in a diffuse or multifocal manner where the leptomeninges cover the surface of the brain and spinal cord. This covering causes

Megan Stone

Australasian Journal of Neuroscience , ISSUE 2, 11–14

Case report

Clinical report: a rare co-occurrence of tuberous sclerosis complex and Rett syndrome in a girl with mental retardation, epilepsy and autism

started which were readily controlled with carbamazepine. Cerebral cortical and subcortical tubers, cerebral white-matter radial migration lines and subependymal nodules on brain MRI together with hypomelanotic macules suggested the presence of TSC. Diagnosis was confirmed at age of 3 years by a heterozygous mutation c.5161-2A>G in TSC2 gene on chromosome 16p13. But the rude regression of psychomotor development and speech, autistic features alongside with characteristic hand-wringing stereotypes

Elena Belousova, Vladimir Sukhorukov, Marina Dorofeeva, Lev Shagam, Dmitrii V. Vlodavetz

Journal of Epileptology , ISSUE 1-2, 47–51

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