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Research Article | 27-February-2017

Outcome-based contracting for human services

This review examines the evidence of the effect of government-funded outcome-based contracts in public human services. Outcome-based contracts in public human services are defined as those where some proportion of payment is triggered by some measure of change in the lives of clients. There is a lack of evidence comparing outcome-based contracts for public human services with other means of funding. There is also little evidence comparing the effect of payment on the basis of one measure of

Emma Tomkinson

Evidence Base, Volume 2016 , ISSUE 1, 1–20

Article | 17-February-2021

An outcome-based review of an accredited Specialist in Blood Banking (SBB) program: 25 years and counting

and Guidelines adopted by the AABB and CAAHEP.2 To ensure meeting these rules, inspectors representing AABB and CAAHEP assess SBB programs on a routine basis. The curriculum must adhere to the Standards and Guidelines, and each SBB program then develops teaching methods that address the three domains of learning and provides evidence of competency by students.2 On an annual basis, each program is required to complete and submit a report to the accrediting body.1 This report is outcome-based

K.M. Byrne, T.D. Paige, W.A. Flegel

Immunohematology, Volume 36 , ISSUE 1, 7–13

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