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Article | 01-December-2016


Digital image watermark has been studied as object. It analyzed the typical digital watermark algorithms based on the space domain and transform domain and key researched watermarking algorithm based on discrete wavelet transform. It has designed and improved blind watermarking algorithm and color image watermarking algorithm. Finally, based on the two improved watermarking algorithm, it has designed a dual watermarking algorithm. Both are separated but related. It authenticates dual

Fang Yinglan, Han Bing, Zhang Yongmei, Tian Lin

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems, Volume 9 , ISSUE 4, 2167–2185

Research Article | 01-June-2017


Watermarking is an advanced technology that identifies to solve the problem of illegal manipulation and distribution of digital data. It is the art of hiding the copyright information into host such that the embedded data is imperceptible. The covers in the forms of digital multimedia object, namely image, audio and video. The extensive literature collected related to the performance improvement of video watermarking techniques is critically reviewed and presented in this paper. Also

B. Sridhar

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems, Volume 10 , ISSUE 2, 387–406

Article | 08-April-2018

A DCT Domain Image Watermarking Method Based on Matlab

In the text, A method of image watermarking based on DCT (Discrete Cosine Transform) domain algorithm is proposed and verified in experiment by Matlab. The experimental result shows that the current method can achieve embedding with sound robustness and invisibility. From the experimental results, the quality of the watermarked image is almost no decline relative to the original.

Wu He-Jing

International Journal of Advanced Network, Monitoring and Controls, Volume 2 , ISSUE 2, 38–45

Article | 01-June-2016


Aiming at the shortcomings of existing reversible watermarking for image authentication, such as poor ability of tamper detection and localization, and low attention of reconstruction after tampering, a reversible watermarking authentication algorithm based on compressed sensing for color image was proposed. On the side of the sender, the original image has been divided into blocks and carried out compressed sensing to generate image hash which works as the watermark information, and was

Dong Ruihong, Zuo Hangzhou, Zhang Qiuyu, Wu Dongfang

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems, Volume 9 , ISSUE 2, 1073–1089

Article | 08-April-2018

Image Watermarking Encryption Scheme Based on Fractional Order Chaotic System

Now the chaotic system and wavelet transform are more and more widely used in the watermarking technology. At the same time, the fractional order chaotic system has more complex dynamic characteristics than the integer order system. So a new image watermarking scheme based on the fractional order Chen chaotic system and discrete wavelet transform is proposed. Chaotic sequences generated by chaotic system are used to encrypt the watermark image, and the processed watermark information is

Dawei Ding, Zongzhi Li, Shujia Li

International Journal of Advanced Network, Monitoring and Controls, Volume 2 , ISSUE 2, 79–89

Article | 01-March-2015


In view of dual watermarking algorithm for dual two value image watermarking, the watermark information there is a gray image watermarking in the expression is obviously insufficient. The proposed embedded in the carrier image on the dual watermark includes a two watermark image and a gray image watermarking algorithm, the persuasive power while maintaining the original two values of the watermark robustness at the same time, improve the watermark information. In order to balance the robustness

Zhu Yuefeng, Lin Li

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems, Volume 8 , ISSUE 1, 199–219

Research paper | 10-April-2013

Image Quality Assessment Method for Underwater Acoustic Communication Based on Digital Watermarking

This paper proposes a method of reduced-reference image quality assessment based on watermarking algorithm in underwater acoustic channel. By embedding the watermark image into the original one, then delivering the combined image through the channel distortion, the same channel distortion would be exposed to the original and the watermark image. In the receiver,we use the blind extraction methods to recover the watermark image and use the watermark degradation to evaluate the quality of the

YUAN Fei, YE Zheng-Shan, LIN Cong-Ren, CHENG En

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems, Volume 6 , ISSUE 2, 752–771

Article | 01-June-2015


Steganography refers to the technique of concealing secret information into another cover-media, such as audio, video, image and text in such a manner that the very existence of the information is camouflaged while secret is kept from the knowing of attacker. Watermarking is closely related to Stenography except that it hides information in cover object. Watermarking usually serves the purpose of copyright protection and ownership authentication, for example, watermarking can hide a stego-image

Hamdan Lateef Jaheel, Zou Beiji, Ahmed Lteef Jaheel

International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems, Volume 8 , ISSUE 2, 1011–1030

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