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Transport Problems

Silesian University of Technology

Subject: Economics, Transportation, Transportation Science & Technology


eISSN: 2300-861X



VOLUME 15 , ISSUE 4, Part 2 (December 2020) > List of articles


Stefan SEDIVY * / Zuzana FLORKOVA / Gabriel GASPAR / Juraj DUDAK / Peter FABO

Keywords : cost; economy; innovation; pavement; winter road operation

Citation Information : Transport Problems. Volume 15, Issue 4, Part 2, Pages 253-264, DOI:

License : (CC BY 4.0)

Received Date : 21-May-2019 / Accepted: 08-December-2020 / Published Online: 31-December-2020



In general, it can be presented that winter road maintenance costs are rising due to increasing mobility, rising of salaries, and technological needs. For this reason, it is necessary to bring innovations into these processes. The greatest space is in the area of weather forecasting, which is a trigger for maintenance activities in the form of reducing black ice or snow removal. Road administrators use predictive services as a standard to obtain critical atmospheric temperature and weather data in advance. From the point of view of transport safety, the need to obtain predictive temperature data on the road surface is also important. These must also be obtained largely by knowing the temperature trends inside the road structure. The article presents the direction of our own research activities, whereas it focuses on the philosophy of research, justification of the idea, the introduction of research procedures, and the presentation of partial results.

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