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Transport Problems

Silesian University of Technology

Subject: Economics, Transportation, Transportation Science & Technology


eISSN: 2300-861X



VOLUME 13 , ISSUE 1 (March 2018) > List of articles



Keywords : strip fiberglass reinforcement, metal-fiberglass pipe, rupture strength coefficient

Citation Information : Transport Problems. Volume 13, Issue 1, Pages 69-79, DOI:

License : (CC BY 4.0)

Received Date : 03-June-2016 / Accepted: 12-March-2018 / Published Online: 24-March-2018



The problem of monolithic behavior of a metal pipe and fiberglass safety cage has been considered in the article. The prestressed case does not only decrease the deformability of a pipe on-load but it also protects metal from corrosion. The ability to withstand the arising stresses has been investigated for both strip fiberglass reinforcement and the whole construction. It has been shown that the deformability of fiberglass depends on the kind of binder. The maximum strength value has been obtained while gluing glass fibers with butvar-phenolic glue. The calculated rupture strength coefficient of strip fiberglass reinforcement and the analysis of monolithic behaviour of metal and reinforcement proved the precondition as to the plasticity of a developed material. The process of force transmission between a steel pipe and fiberglass at ductile stage has been analyzed in the article. While forecasting the work of a pipe on-load, it is necessary to take into account nonlinearity of metal-fiberglass pipe properties.

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